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    Southern Spain, moving to Canaries by 22/01/18
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    Eco action, workers/housing coops, alt currencies, common ownership, yada yada. quite like singing.
  1. Hi, i'm a novice sailor about to leave the Canaries for Guadeloupe on 31st Jan, from where i'll be looking for the next ride up to the US - guess arriving 21st Feb- end of Feb. I did my RYA competent crew in Sep 2016 in the Solent, and this trip will be with a 4-person crew on a 10.2m monohull/twinkeel, expecting to arrive late Feb. Can contribute to costs, USD10/day or negotiable. Obvs I'll be offline til I arrive, so don't expect a quick reply, though i'll be v happy to have something to reply to! More info about me in this other post (below)
  2. Hanging out in the Canaries now, if anyone else is here and wants to meet up, let me know. Happy to be an extra pair of hands for any maintenance you need help with. I imagine i'll be here for some time ;-)
  3. The zealotry only flourishes when watered with mutual enthusiasm, it dies back if not. I just got overexcited that i was on a forum of self-identifying anarchists and thought others on here might be interested. If not, i can cook, clean and pay up to £700 and be a reasonably behaved adult with 25 years of communal living, problem-solving and getting along with people who know more than i do.
  4. thanks Lioness, fingers crossed :-)
  5. Good point - my budget is around 700 Euros/850 USD, though obviously would love to spend less - ideally £10/day. And sadly, if i spend a long time staying in hostels, that'll start to eat into my sailing budget. On the other hand, if anyone can get me any paid lecturing gigs in the US/Canada, that'll help!
  6. Hi folks, I'm not gonna lie, I have barely any sailing experience, but i got my RYA comp crew with the Sailboat Project workers coop in The Solent in Sep 2016. I'm a UK cooperator who doesn't fly, on a mission to make links between radical workers coops and housing coops/communities in the UK/Spain/US and spread the FairCoin cryptocurrency love and bringing info about various secure/non-corporate online doodahs, which i'm keen to share/teach. I've been learning about social currencies and the mechanisms and pitfalls of developing economies outside capitalism. I eat anything, but i've got 20 years experience cooking vegan for a houseful of people. But i still need to learn how to catch and prepare fish. Anyone wants to know more about my project, see here: In Spain now, ferry arrives in Gran Canaria 22nd Jan 18, then i'll be dockwalking. And at some stage, August-October 2018 i'll be looking for a trip back to the UK from somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard, ideally north of the hurricane zone ;-) Any tips, connections, introductions at all, including to anarchists/radical coop folk in the Canaries / Cape Verde / Caribbean would be appreciated. Got my profile up on a bunch of mainstream sites, but would obviously love to sail with people with mutual interests.