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    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Set the Wayback machine to circa 1990s... Engineer Dangerous Dan (Pelton) of Santa Cruz, CA was working aboard W.N. Ragland, of which, I got a tour - but that's not the point of this post.. The story Dangerous Dan told me of how he came to be employed with Charlie aboard W.N. Ragland is every bit the adventure of Dangerous Dan. in 1987, I lived aboard a small wooden boat called an Acorn (named Sebago (Doria?), hull #11, teak decks, 19' LOD, 22' LOA, sweet wine glass transom, just enough room to sit up and play guitar - I play classical guitar). Having to bail out of Santa Cruz - an adventure so many of us experience - Dan helped me sell my little Acorn (to a local drug dealer - I called them Travel Agents) and I promised to give Dan (who was living on a 30' double-ender with about 5' of cutty cabin and 25' of all business fishing platform) a kick down... but I never could find him before I had to leave town, so I left him a pretty nice 10-speed bike. Next I saw Dan, he said shortly there after, he lost his girlfriend, his brother had lost his job so he took his new toy 5-0-5, put it in his brother's pickup truck. They ventured down to the top of the Sea of Cortez - sold the truck. Sailed down Baja and got a lot of press as they ventured down the coast. People would show up expecting them, often with food. They got to Cabo, sold the 5-0-5. Dan's brother first talked to Charlie who found out W.N. Ragland was home port in Half Moon Bay, which is where Dan had his 30' on a mooring and Charlie was looking for an Engineer - which Dan is pretty good with a wrench (not so good with a paint brush as Charlie's wife put it). Dan' brother tried to convince Dan to take the job but Dan, rolling in cash, wanted nothing of it... well, maybe he'd go look at the boat... well, maybe if they need someone to help them venture north... (personally, I believe it was the girl working aboard W.N. Ragland, who was great with a paintbrush, that caught Dan's eye). Charlie apparently convinced Dan to take the job and Anchor's aweigh! As Dan was showing me the DX7 in the Nav Station of W.N. Ragland and the pipe organ in the forepeak, he told me about the visits from many great artists and much music made. Years later, I asked around for Dan in Half Moon Bay and a good friend of his told me Dangerous Dan was involved in a serious fishing vessel accident in the Channel Islands. No one was saved. However, the friend did make a point to say that Dangerous Dan's body was never found. Raising a toast to Dangerous Dan. A good friend and one of the many wrights W.N. Ragland has had under her care. Having dismasted twice myself, this article caught my eye... but dismasting twice in 1 shot? .. I really need to step up my game! Live Dangerously my friends!