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    Westerly Marine is shutting down

    She should also be described as a Expedition ship with her aluminum hull, 3 crash bulkheads and many redundant systems. She was abandoned off Cape Hatteras in a 2008 storm which sunk a Little Harbor. Illusion survived on her own and washed up on Wrightsville Beach with only a bent rudder. In 2015 her rig was broken by a shipyard so now she has a Hall carbon spar and all dynema running rigging. She is plenty fast on a reach, but you can't tack her without rolling up a sail.
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    Westerly Marine is shutting down

    To Bob Perry: This is a love note from the owner of x-Illusion...your 63 (67) aluminum cutter built by Howdy Baily and now named Dancin' Bare V. I've had the privilege of owning her for 1.5 years and could not be more impressed with her design, seakindlyness, craftmanship and pedigree. I love her, and respect her. We cruise and race her. The results have been poor, but the food and fun extraordinary. Anyone else get to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm during the Lauderdale to Key West Race? Thanks Bob for all you do, and creating perfect proportions on this mini-mega yacht. Jeff Lichterman jlichterman@yahoo.com