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  1. Misbehavin'

    They're Dreaming

    It reminds me of the videogame The Sims.
  2. Misbehavin'

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    Interesting, I've never seen a Bianca with red stripes nor without the two-colour striping.
  3. Misbehavin'

    Coolboats to admire

    Eat your heart out, Wally Yachts.
  4. Misbehavin'

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Does anybody have experience with these? https://haswingmotors.co.uk/home/ultima-3/
  5. Misbehavin'

    What is this?

    Trimaran or monohull? You decide.
  6. Misbehavin'

    1) Wreck boat 2) go Social 3) Profit!

    No clue at all.
  7. Misbehavin'

    Coolboats to admire

    I can't decide between these two beauties today. Luffe 3.6 Or Luffe 40.20
  8. Misbehavin'

    Android app to track and record boat speed

    It shows here all the time, what browser are you using?
  9. Misbehavin'

    Seamanship games, for kids

  10. Misbehavin'

    Lifeline Stanchions

    Don't forget the wire sheets.
  11. Misbehavin'

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Reading this thread, I'm reminded of the famous quote from Paul Elvstrøm: “You haven't won if, in doing so, you have lost the respect of your competitors.”
  12. Misbehavin'

    Youth America's Cup

    Awesome, looking forward to some videos of it.
  13. Misbehavin'

    Seascape 27

    So, any news?
  14. Misbehavin'

    Sailors Powerboat

    Not as classy as their older ones.
  15. Misbehavin'

    Cruise ship making - timelapse

    I don't know what's worse, the construction of floating hotels or the scrapping of ships in general on beaches.