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  1. John Cali

    Farr 3,7

    Fresh One about to come out of the garage in Oceanside, California.
  2. John Cali

    how fast is it?

    Bingo: google image search for airflow over bow of boat...some interesting stuff. I think FarEast have built some foil effects into the bow of one of their boats, trying to direct the wind onto the sail properly.
  3. John Cali

    how fast is it?

    Love the chine, reminds me of windsurfing for years in sub-planing conditions, using my hard-chined sailboard, keeping the board (chine) level to the water to maximize chance of getting to plane. Like A-Cats, with hulls canted out to be as functional as possible when sailing, not sitting still. Looks weird initially but love how sailing is exponentially evolving. Flat surface for crew to sit on, yeah. Less hobby horsing with the bow config., more laminar, less energy lost, more comfort to crew. Sweet carbon boom, reminds me of a Finn. Surprised there isn't a rotating foiled mast.
  4. John Cali

    Random Pic of my Fareast 23R

    What are they rating PHRF? How does it point?