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  1. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    His third gold win in Sydney is also worth to remind. The final was a matchrace against the germain boat, skippered by Jochen Schümann. It was an incredible exiting, close race, especially from the last 100m before second top mark, and the final down wind leg to the finish. But it was the manouver at the very final line that gave him the victory! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITZfqHVMvk0
  2. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Youre welcome. In my mind, the croatian sportsmanship was the most extraordinary. We should all learn from that.
  3. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    I guess you talk about Jonas Warrer and Martin Kirketerp in Beijing 2008. (Unfortunately I can only find videos with danish speaking). http://sejlernews.dk/sejlsporten-blev-brugt-som-optakt-til-oscars-festen/ (BTW; Jesper Bank, who speaks as their coach, is 3x gold winner in Soling) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tHGeFYmbNI As a pasionate danish sailor, this is absolutely one of my best memories. Jonas Warrer and Martin Kirketerp practically already won the gold after the qualifying heats, so the medal race should be a pure walk over. They only had to finish 9 out of 10 in the medal race, to win gold, but they broke the mast on the way out of the harbour. The croatian boat stood ready for sailing, but the croatian did not qualify for the medal race, so the danes paddled their way back to the pier, took the croates boat (without asking), and headed out to pass the start line 1 minute late. The croates was friendly and accepted it, because they think the danes deserved that chance (I never forget Croatia for this!) On the second video (use the Youtube-link), you see the danes passing the start line - 1 minute late! - in the croatian boat. They catch up the fleet, and win 2-3 positions - then capsice just a few metres before the finish line - but they raise the boat and finish, just in time to win gold. The race continued in the court roomes - but thats all history; the danes kept the gold.
  4. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    I really wonder what makes you think anyone here need you to tell them where to go. Is it the glue?
  5. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    These years its all about recycling .... so the japanese collect their used chewing gum to make condoms to the chinese. .... and the chinese collect their used condoms to make chewing gum, to the Japanese.
  6. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    of what ?
  7. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    So we are different ..... I got nothing to hide
  8. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Absolutely! Here you got a few in advance:
  9. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Do you need one?
  10. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Too bad - because they obviously bring you a new update every time a boat run into a cloud. This time Brunel.
  11. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Or 'more'. Last update they was slowest in the fleet.
  12. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    From VOR's race blog.
  13. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    What have they smoked out there?
  14. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    No - it's a winch, disguised like a dog.
  15. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Doesn't seems like. TWS 9-10 kn, TWD 270-290 constantly since before the first jibe. Maybe they just checked whether the wind speed increased significantly, if the increased the distance from the islands.