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  1. Marcomooring

    Reviews of Marinas worldwide in one app!

    Thanks for your post! We are wroking on an option that allows you to download data of selected areas. Like the area that your are sailing. Indeed the number of the boss is the best to have, but second best would be reviews of other visitors right? Or do you think that other type of information is more relevant to have? Curious to know what you think. If you want, you can try the app on
  2. Marcomooring

    Reviews of Marinas worldwide in one app!

    My wife says I lack a lot of things.......not sure what you mean though with traditional offerings. Sure I want to try again. How?
  3. Hi all! Together with my 4 good friends and sailing enthusiasts we are always looking for memorable sailing experiences. During our trips on the Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, and sailing around the Canary Islands and Thailand, we found that there was no simple way to have the essential info about marinasand anchorages at hand. Review, great anchores etc. We decided to create it ………………….a free app that helps you find that hidden gems and get the most out of your next sailing experience! We are still in development phase (iOS app) and we are learning every day. This is your chance to work with us to influence how the app will look and perform. If you want to participate, please visit follow the instructions and let us know what you think. Thanks a million! The Moorspots team