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  1. Possible to set up an offshore course for the big boats and is there mooring space with sufficient depth for supermaxis or?
  2. Yeah...I am thinking they move it to BISCUITS BAY and call it warm enough...(Biscayne)
  3. We have a LOT of teams we do gear for that previously had done Key West Race Week year after year. Many of them are now making the leap to do the Caribbean circuit instead. What is your team doing instead of KWRW for 2018? It all starts with THIS.
  4. That is a super fun battle flag image. Drop me a note, I will get you a deal. I freaking HATE thieves.
  5. As it turns out my doctor is looking to take a year off next year. $350,000-ish catamaran for cruising the Caribbean for 9-12 months. Older but refitted with new engines preferred. What ya got?
  6. I agree on Locomotive. Had their foot on the gas 24/7.
  7. Right? Now looking more like they will be finishing right after lunch this afternoon HST.
  8. The really fast boats in this year's TransPac should finish in the next 48 hours. If the gradient holds together I am thinking around sunset tomorrow evening. (Monday Night). Could be a little sooner...come on Artie Means (Navigator) go win this thing! http://islandsrace.com/images/news/mightymerloe.png
  9. Yes, I think it will eventually. Hope it is sooner rather than later. Three year study currently underway...
  10. Hoping for a tad less lightning this year. For anyone that still needs team crew shirts/shorts (Or both) there is still time to order and receive for the race. Camet, Henri Lloyd and Gill shorts available. If you have rodered from us before, just email your desired shirt color/sizes/qtys and we'll make it happen. No rush charges either. http://www.dryuv.com/saoct.htm
  11. Actually....I am an idiot. Someone just pointed out that it was published on April 1. Duhhhh. April Fools a few months late.
  12. By August of 2018 the breakwall that has stood for 70+ years is set to be GONE opening up Long Beach to better surf, cleaner water and undoubtedly some changes to how regattas are run in this So Cal basin. http://www.localizelb.com/?p=106
  13. Sales tax here is CA went up again today and will go up again October 1. For store like West Marine's flagship store in Long Beach this means that if you order it mail order from an out fo state company you will save more than 10% (Sales tax) right off the top Oct 1. Premium Team and Event gear at affordable prices. DryUV, Inc Premium Team and Event gear at affordable prices. http://www.dryuv.com/saoct.htm
  14. Fritz Coleman...That's funny. I think I would have more luck with Dr. George Fischbeck...At least he is in touch with the BIG GUY regularly. Everything is right on schedule. 11-19 Friday. More lefty early than usual but then a righty late. Saturday and Sunday looking lovely as well.
  15. Made some phone calls. 10-18 knots this weekend in Long Beach. More lefty than usual. Have fun!