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  1. DryArmour

    From the Mythical Front Page...UPF 50 Under $12?

    The TS755LS are not UPF rated but are 3.8oz 100% moisture wicking polyester and do come in titanium ($12.99ea small through XL not including prints. Please add $3 per "X" above XL). The UPF 50+ Pro-Tech are also on sale in titanium. $24.97 INCLUDING and left chest logo when you order 8 or more.
  2. DryArmour

    From the Mythical Front Page...UPF 50 Under $12?

    All over dye sublimation is also available including engineered prints. Drop me a note if you would like to see an example.
  3. DryArmour

    From the Mythical Front Page...UPF 50 Under $12?

    We dye sublimated the first batch over the weekend and they came out great! The material doesn't have that slimy feel and this is definitely my new favorite shirt. Hard to beat for under $12 with UPF 50 certified protection.
  4. For a limited time we have amazing deals on our brand new UPF 50 tech shirts for under $12 in long sleeve right now (Limited time offer). New for 2020 we also carry the full line form Helly Hansen, Gill, and Camet along with more than 12,000 items in the apparel realm. Our art staff will create your artwork either for free (Most designs) or very reasonably for more complex projects. Please contact us for a quote asap before the 2020 pricing kicks in later this month. Custom Dye Sub Team Pinnies Polos Tee Shirts Tech Shirts Hats-Beanies Custom Neck Gaiters (BUFFS) UPF 50+ Pro-tech premium long sleeve, short sleeve shirts and hoodies. THE FASTEST SHIRTS AVAILABLE. Complete standard team apparel and bags can be found here. For decoration we offer screen printing, dye sublimation, and embroidery. We also have a Helly Hansen certified decoration department available for tech goods on all HH products. Email us or call TOLL FREE- 1-888-379-7447 ext 2. Pro-Tech long sleeve collage.pdf
  5. I REALLY* appreciate this intel guys. Clean - I would call you but I don't know the right questions to ask.
  6. YOU* SIR are the F*CKING MAN. Thank you!
  7. I have some long time friends delivering a boat to the Caribbean from Cabo San Lucas at the moment. They are closing in on the coastline of Guatemala now and trying to avoid a rough sea state and high winds as they make passage toward the Panama Canal. NE winds are supposed to come up over night to the high twenties. Is there any diurnal wind pattern for this coastline or is it strictly cyclonic-ally driven pressure? Timing- Guatemala now. Nicaragua border at daybreak tomorrow Costa Rica -Monday at daybreak. Please give whatever local knowledge you can in your replies. Thank you.
  8. DryArmour

    Minneys Closed

    Jib is a great guy and always fair.
  9. DryArmour

    Minneys Closed

    Sad to see this. Been going there for 30 years +. Was a great used sail resource when manufacturers jacked up their prices by 50-75-100+%.
  10. DryArmour

    Ranger "R" logo font?

    Thank you Ed. Very kind of you to point people to us. We can usually create or recreate a design for FREE if people are placing an order for apparel, battle flags etc. People can reach me at: Mark@dryshirt.com or MrMichaelsen@gmail.com
  11. DryArmour

    Do You GAMBLE? Freaking classic video

    If you have been at this game long enough you find yourself on both sides of that coin. There are some crazy MotherF*ckers I wouldn't get back on a boat with offshore.
  12. DryArmour

    Do You GAMBLE? Freaking classic video

    I just loved the choice to tell the story from the boat's POV. Merry Christmas everyone...
  13. DryArmour

    Do You GAMBLE? Freaking classic video

    Of course there is... CLICK HERE
  14. Climbing the mountain that is the TransPac with a great sense of humor. Well done guys. 12, worthwhile minutes.