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  1. Would anyone like a deal on an all over print team shirt in exchange for feedback?
  2. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Salt water does bad things the drywall, conduit, foundation, strappings. It may now be a tear down.
  3. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    155 sustained. Gusting 185-190. No joke...
  4. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Sorry to hear that. That may be a fatal decision...
  5. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    919mb and dropping....
  6. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Effectively a 60 mile wide F3-F4 tornado. Biblical.
  7. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    I would expect catastrophic damage to just about all infrastructure in that area.
  8. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    UPDATE-150 sustained. G 180. 923MB. Still increasing...15-30 minutes to landfall. Catastrophic.
  9. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Michael continues to ingest dry air from the SW quadrant from time to time. I think this is continuing to limit the rapid intensification we might otherwise be seeing. If he can seal off that SW quadrant from shear/dry air we should see a truly rapid intensification period. Good thoughts for all of my friends in the panhandle. Prepare early, leave town if you are in the storm surge zones.
  10. DryArmour

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    I think that the track shown above is a tad left of the eventual track. Apalachicola and Carribelle are more likely to see the severe effects. The only things slowing the intensification for now are slight westerly shear and some topographical friction with western Cuba. Once the system clears western Cuba, the shear is forecast to relax and Michael should ramp fast to a Major Hurricane. The final peak intensity may be a tad underdone by the models. More later...
  11. DryArmour

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    It had to be the awesome crew apparel...
  12. Lots of fun new designs are now in process from folks taking advantage of the deal yesterday and today. To clarify: We will create original artwork for FREE if you need us to (Limit three hours of art time). Including a left chest print the UPF 50+ Pro-Tech in long or short sleeve are under $25. You can add a sleeve print for $5ea and/or a large format back print for $7ea. Here are a few examples of artwork for you to consider: CLICK HERE
  13. best of the best October is Crew Appreciation Month – The Best Crew deal is back…. They show up on time, give it their all and rarely complain. You have had a great year on the water and want to reward your team at the year end party or maybe for your upcoming regatta but don’t want to shell out $50+ for a premium tech tee. We are here to solve that for you at less than ½ that price INCLUDING YOUR LOGO. For a limited time you can get the UPF 50+ Pro-Tech in long or short sleeve for under $25 and we’ll even create or recreate your artwork for you for FREE. Just use coupon code BEST CREW at checkout and save more than 60% off the best shirt in the water sports industry when you order eight shirts or more. Use coupon code BEST CREW 25 and save 25% of five-seven shirts. Click here for graphic ideas on shirts we have created for some of our clients. Call TOLL FREE with questions 1-888-379-7447 ext 2 or +1 (562) 773-0552 International or email info@dryshirt.com Photo thanks to Bronny Daniels and Jim Devling, owner of the Rogers 46 Carbon Footprint.
  14. DryArmour


    Same here on the keyboards :-).
  15. DryArmour


    The magazine remains iconic and the UPF 50+ customized Pro-Tech Seahorse shirts continue to soldier on.