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  1. DryArmour

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    N2E 2021 is offering a cap sleeve V-neck for ladies. These are ideal for your female crew but they didn't order very many so if you are planning on doing the race and your wife, daughter, cute friends are coming along, don't wait. Order now. These WILL sell out. For clarity, you order these directly from NOSA and they already have the inventory and can ship quickly. http://store.nosa.org/all/ladies/ladies-gildan-cotton-short-sleeve-tee2112111
  2. DryArmour

    Windows 10 Pro- Where to buy?

    Snaggle- No blue screen of death, just a pretty massive update to an okay computer. He is into gaming now and needed better performance. Thank you guys. I'll pony up the $139.
  3. DryArmour

    Windows 10 Pro- Where to buy?

    We had a Dell computer that crashed. It came with Windows 10. When I called Microsoft they said I had to buy a new Operating System at retail ($139). My son is a full-time college student. They also said there were no discounts for students. Any suggestions? Help!
  4. DryArmour

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    They already canceled Mid-Winters :-(
  5. DryArmour

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    I know this is a thread for what IS* happening but sad to hear SYD-HOBART for 2020 is officially canceled.
  6. DryArmour


    100% agree. UPF protective apparel is a must for me. I wish I had known about sun damage when I was young growing up in Hawaii. Nothing burned off "yet" but I know that day is coming.
  7. DryArmour

    From the Mythical FRONT PAGE....

    Sparkle pony has some hilarious designs. Always fun to create crew swag for them.
  8. DryArmour

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    The number of regattas buying Gaiters is actually higher than shirts these days. We feel so lucky to be swamped with orders after great companies like Annapolis Performance Sailing and many other specialty chandleries closed their doors in 2020. Many thanks to everyone who ordered products from us this year.
  9. DryArmour

    From the Mythical FRONT PAGE....

    Oh, Fred...
  10. DryArmour

    START THE LIST- 2021 events that are happening...

    Thank you for bumping the thread. LOL
  11. 2020 was on bust after another for events. I know that the 2021 Crystal Ball may be somewhat muddy, but if you know of an event that the organizers say is definitely happening, post it here. I'll start with "N2E" Newport to Ensenada 2021. ENTER HERE.
  12. The CDC has recently reversed course and now agrees that a multi-layer gaiter is an effective face covering. Our super soft NG375 gaiter is designed to be a CONVERTIBLE system that accomplishes this. It is available with your team, event, club, company, or other custom graphics (Minimums apply). We decorate with premium dye sublimation so that the fabric remains breathable throughout. This long lasting and vibrant method of decoration is ideal for gaiters and allows for an all-over print. We also offer regular cotton tee shirts, performance tees for men, women and kids, fleece, polos, jackets and hats. Screen printing and embroidery are both also available on all of these great soft goods. Order now and our delivery times are very quick. Call TOLL FREE 1 (888) 379-7447 ext 2 with any questions. Gaiter information source: Latest update from the CDC on Face Coverings.
  13. DryArmour

    Taxi dancer

    Of all of the sleds I have had the pleasure of racing on, TAXI comes in a close second to Evolution in the days when Brack owned her. TAXI (AKA THE CAVE) has no windows and seems to gather condensation more than most 70s. It is great to see her well cared for and shiny as ever. It is also fun to see so many of the original gangsters of the sled class on here remembering the GOOD OLD DAYS...Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  14. DryArmour

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    and this isn't a one off situation. Frank did that for a lot of customers. You are right about MBA programs teaching that valuable tidbit as well.
  15. DryArmour

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    +1. WELL SAID.