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  1. rinse cycler

    "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    Opti dad Chris's post today illustrates the problems beautifully. The tighter the rules in a one-design class, the more difficult and expensive it is to get the necessary winning edge by tweaking the tolerances. Why are these things not supplied at major regattas. It's not like the kids are doing the tweaking themselves. Add to that fees for coaching three times a week after school (because "your kid has so much talent" according to the coach) meaning the kid comes home at 9 pm knackered and school work comes a distant second. Then three overseas regattas in a single year as one of my friends did (from Australia!). The competition was so fierce the kids didn't talk to each other either. That family saw the likely future of academic failure and improbable sailing success, after enormous expense and effort, leaving sailing coaching as the only option, so they baled from the whole scene. No-one from that family will sail again. The cost of a 29er is insignificant compared to competing at high level in an Opti. Can any anarchist think any of this is good? While we are talking about "athletic" sailing, there is more to athleticism than a strong set of abs and the ability to endure more pain hiking than anyone else.
  2. rinse cycler

    "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    Anarchist Chris laments the lack of participation in non-yachting sailing. Fifty years ago when I sailed a Moth that I had built, our club was taken to try the new Laser. Even then it was heavy, slow and very uncomfortable compared to a Moth. It turned out the things don't even have a long racing life, yet they are the Olympic class still. After becoming effectively pro sailors in an Optimist and cutting off their life options, kids can graduate to punishing themselves on a Laser, and most probably not become a champion. This doesn't rate as fun with most people. The fact that you may perhaps be able to win a championship in a two year old Opti doesn't help. Chris has the idea: he sails an A class cat and an F18, I bet he has a ball. Most of us aren't up to a 49er, and even Frank Bethwaite's 59er for older people, although brilliant, died because it was too hard to keep upright, (I had one). Old scow Moths were a blast, modern foilers not an option for the average weekend warrior, although the Waszp (I have no connections) is promising. Could less emphasis on professionalism and winning and more on getting out and enjoying the real pleasure of sailing, in fun boats (and kites and windsurfers) bring back the numbers? Maybe the average punter is really stuffed, trying too hard to survive, to have fun any more.