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  1. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    I know what you mean.......but it is unlikely I will be on a racecourse on a J24 again in my life time. I have reached that stage in life where every day on the water has to be lived to the fullest, I cant go back to flogging around on the J24. I had fun. I was young. There were 70 24s on the start line and 350 sailors at the party but now I need a more addictive drug. Buy hey...I admire any creative energy that gets more folks in more boats. Good for the OP. My only advice is to keep the retrofit as cheap as possible because eventually they end up in the landfill .
  2. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Yup. Oh and I do like the idea of a longer forestay. That fixed forestay rule must have been written by the Trade Union For Speed Shop and Keel Fairing
  3. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Its their time. They have lived a long and good life. I owned and campaigned a J24 for many years. No regrets. But its time to say those last goodbyes. As Dan Tucker, a passionate J24 sailor for many years, said so gracefully "There is nothing wrong with a J24......that cannot be fixed with a chain saw and a dumpster"
  4. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Prescient? or insider knowledge.
  5. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    Or perhaps it was Waterline Systems bidding for their best tools and supplies to reopen at the new shop? As we say in the UK, Gordon Bennett!
  6. Help with a Vxone tour and demo near Portland or

    Whichever boat you end up getting VX One or Viper 640, you are in a fantastic spot for sailing a sport boat. I was at the Viper Pacific Coast Championship at Cascade Locks. We had a great time. It was full on......hurtling downwind and up current. It was also some of the most stunning scenery I have sailed in. I would come and sail Vipers again in the Gorge in a heart beat. We drove through Portland on the way to the regatta....and one of my crew is a pilot based in Portland. It seems like a nice quality of life.
  7. 2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    Must have been a great place to grow up as a kid. There are at least two from Location 51 who are going to Perth. Jump in your jeep and drive across to say Hi.
  8. 2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    Awwww we miss you too Tell Strauss to get a Viper for Perth and put the band back together.
  9. 2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    I love how the presser makes it sound so civilized. The last race was hand to hand combat! There were only 7 points separating the top four going into the last race and when the race started , for the first time in the regatta, those four boats were all in the top five together going around the course. They were like gladiators going at it tack for tack and gybe for gybe.......finding pressure, getting inside the lift uphill and outside the lift downhill... tactics and boatspeed at the same time in downhill sleigh ride conditions. It was EPIC! Then when the race was over, nobody knew for sure who had won. We thought for sure Tom and his team had won but then word started to get out that they had collected a Z flag in the previous general recall. When we got back to the dock, confusion reigned. The scores were delayed. The OA and the PRO and the PC were cloistered in a room. Zeke had no idea "We won the last race Man, that is all I can tell you". Brad was his usual laid back self " We left it all out on the water....we just have to see how it all comes out. Whatever the finish order, that was epic racing" Then the PRO came out ..... Tom finished the last race second across the line but collected an 11 point Z flag penalty in a general recall giving him 13 points in the last race. Heartbreaking at first, but the other top boats were the first to shake his hand and slap his back in commiseration..so I think he realized he had sailed one hellva regatta and the top three on the podium were all winners. The Eagans score also carried an 11 point Z flag penalty that they could not discard so the point difference between Eagans and Tom was the same , before and after Z flag penalties. And by the way.....there were close battles like this going on all over the finishing order. IT was one for the history books. Location 51 really delivered.
  10. Teams?

    Si. Ma Grant Dalton parla italiano? It would not be the first time that two cultures had a different understanding of the same agreement. Italians enforce handshake agreements the old fashioned way.
  11. Prestart ROW question

    There are 3 stages : Stage 1 : P puts the tiller over and luffs up towards close hauled. P is subject to rule 10, port/starboard. 13 has not been turned on. S is subject to rule 16.1 but at this stage the obligations under 16 are not very onerous because P has lots of options and has to cease the tack if S closes the door. S can still close the door as long as S leaves P enough room to keep clear. Stage 2 : P passes Head to Wind P is now on Starboard Tack! Rule 10 is turned off. Rule 13 is turned on. P is tacking from the moment she passes HTW until she reaches chc. P is subject to Rule 13 from the time she passes HTW. (Under the RRS you can be on starboard tack while you are tacking) S is subject to rule 16.1 and must be very careful not to alter course in manner that prevents P keeping clear. It is too late to try and close the door. S can hold her course and P's tack is only legal if S can hold here course without needing to avoid until the moment P reaches chc. If S has to take avoiding action before P reached chc, then P broke 13/15. Stage 3 : P reaches CHC P has complete her tack. CHC for P will almost certainly be a higher course than S is sailing. S must immediately take avoiding action because rule 11 or 12 will be on and rule 13 has been turned off. If S can avoid, then no rule is broken. If S cannot avoid despite a vigorous and immediate attempt to avoid, then rule 15 was broken by P. They key to tacking and setting up on Starboard and then defending your space to leeward is early anticipation for both S and P.
  12. Prestart ROW question

    To put this into practical terms, what does this mean? When you are S on starboard coming down the line and you see a boat P lining up to tack into your hole to leeward, you can alter course to discourage or prevent this. Commonly, this means putting the bow down. It is always a trade off because you are giving up part of your leeward hole and it can create other tactical issues. However if S leaves it too late, and there is room for P to tack inside, then S is restricted by rule 16.1 and has to be very careful about altering course after P has passed HTW. For example, what is not allowed under the rules is S to bear away after P has passed HTW and then luff up sharply and complain that P was not keeping clear. In that situation P breaks rule 15 but is exonerated under rule 21 (a) . S however can HOLD HER COURSE.....until it is clear that P is not keeping clear and if S is forced to alter course to avoid P BEFORE P REACHES CHC, then S can protest P under rule 13 and/or 15. If S has to luff violently to keep clear of P AFTER P reaches CHC, then no rules have been broken... but if P's tack is that close, it was a risky move by P in terms of appearing in the room. Hope this helps. It sounds complicated but it gets simpler in real time.
  13. Prestart ROW question

    WPB.......Perhaps my phrasing was less than clear (bumpy arrival at JFK). I used the word, actually, to emphasize that this is not merely the maneuver of putting the helm up, the definition of tacking starts when P reaches HTW . I wrote in my post: So just to be clear 1. A ROW boat does not ever gain rights under 16.1. 16.1 applies to the ROW boat not the keep clear boat. 2. Once P is tacking , P is keep clear under rule 13 and S is ROW under rule 13. They are both on starboard so 10 no longer applies. P is subject to rule 13. S is subject to rule 16.1., 3. Prior to P tacking, S can alter course to discourage P from tacking into the leeward hole. For example S can bear away on a course that forces P to abandon his plan to tack, provided S leaves room for P to bear away and duck S. 4. However once P is tacking (past HTW), S cannot alter course in a manner that prevents P from keeping clear. Since P is past HTW, P no longer has the option of ducking S. 5. Of course, if S is forced to alter course to avoid P before P has completed his tack and reached chc, then P has broken rule 13 or 15. So as I say in my post :
  14. 2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    I spent Sunday down at the club at Location 51 packing boats onto tilted trailers for containers to Perth. The Aussies are heading home and a bunch of us are sending our boats to Perth for the World Championship in February. Here's looking forward to the Doctor!
  15. Prestart ROW question

    Rule 15 is more often your friend when you are on starboard on the front row and another boat on starboard on the second row, comes barreling past your transom and tries to round your stern and yells "Up Up". If they established their overlap so close that if they luffed (whether they luffed or not), there would have been immediate contact then they broke rule 15. THis is a very powerful asset on the start line if you have a good PC. If someone sneak into an overlap from astern really close and starts yelling "Up Up", just pop the red flag. In the protest room, ask them if they were yelling "Up Up". They will be on the back foot because it will suggest to the PC that if they had luffed there would have been contact.