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  1. Mambo Kings

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I was at New York and Bermuda. New York was embarrassingly bad and boring. Bermuda was spectacular. There were some great viewing spots (altho race village would not be one of them) and the race course was a natural amphitheater . However ultimately, any sport spread out over a race course of miles is, like motor racing, better viewed on TV. You go to the live event as much for the atmosphere as anything else.
  2. Mambo Kings

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Ultimately, the problem for a purist 100% nationality format is that there are really only 5 or 6 countries where professional racing sailing as a career produces a large number of pro sailors. So this compromise makes sense. Those core countries and a couple of European countries which can muster strong teams (Nederlands, Italy Switzerland) have to sail with 100% nationals. The ROW can have a mix. This could never happen in the AC. This is the advantage of this new series, it is not burdened with the baggage of a 150 year old deed of gift. They start with a clean sheet of paper and can write rules that are relevant in the modern world.
  3. Mambo Kings

    Help identify this daysailer?

    The OP's boat has a deck mounted mast.unlike the S&S designs posted. still cant place the OP's boat.
  4. Mambo Kings

    Help identify this daysailer?

    Alberg (one of my heroes and I own a restored Alberg SeaSprite) designed beautiful seaworthy boats but he was also prepared to play around the edges and he did do a couple of terrible rudders. The rudder that you see on that SC 21 is not the original rudder that Alberg designed. It was "back to the drawing board" for that one. Alberg was a prolific designer and he has a large and not fully recorded portfolio. Did the seller have a name for the design that we could verify?
  5. Mambo Kings

    FP - the biggest loser

    Gravel pit? We used to dream of sailin' on a gravel pit. Woulda' been a palace to us. We used to sail in an old water tank on a rubbish tip
  6. Mambo Kings

    FP - the biggest loser

    The "relatively humble British" dont need no country club Brett IV's to run our sailing. We got proper nobs, none of your American riff raff...after all we invented social stratification. Commodores 1825 – 1846 The Earl of Yarborough 1847 – 1848 The Marquis of Donegal 1849 – 1881 The Earl of Wilton 1882 – 1900 HRH The Prince of Wales 1901 – 1919 The Marquis of Ormonde 1920 – 1926 The Duke of Leeds 1927 – 1942 Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley 1942 – 1943 The Marquis Camden 1943 – 1947 Sir Philip Hunloke 1947 – 1961 Sir Ralph Gore 1962 – 1968 HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 1968 – 1974 The Viscount Runciman of Doxford 1974 – 1980 Major General the Earl Cathcart 1980 – 1986 Sir John Nicholson 1986 – 1991 John Roome Esq 1991 – 1996 Maldwin A C Drummond Esq 1996 – 2001 Peter C Nicholson Esq 2001 – 2005 The Lord Amherst 2005 – 2009 The Lord Iliffe 2009 – 2013 M.D.C.C. Campbell Esq 2013 – 2017 The Hon. Christopher Sharples 2017- T J R Sheldon Esq
  7. Mambo Kings

    FP - the biggest loser

    Thanks for the offer. But.... No Thanks
  8. Mambo Kings

    FP - the biggest loser

    I have yet to meet an Australian with an inferiority complex. Even a little modesty might make a pleasant change. Where are they hiding? I guess someone forgot to copy Rupert Murdoch, Jimmy Spitbull and the entire 1882 Australian Cricket team on the memo that they should be feeling inferior to the rest of the Western world.
  9. Mambo Kings

    Team UK

    Hi Dog, Its well worn advice ....but dont believe everything you read in the media. I am not going to try and change your mind and we are all entitled to our views but perhaps Jim Ratcliffe deserves a second closer inspection. The Daily Mail had an apt description when they called him "The richest man that you never heard of" . His background and how he worked to where he is now is very different to most wealthy men..The companies he turned round and what they actually do (not what the press like to highlight) is actually an interesting story. I havent met him, so I really do not know the man...although anyone who has trekked to both poles and ridden around Africa on a motorcycle has got to have a certain amount of determination. He might be a right bastard in person but I tend to reserve judgement. His political opinion is that je supported BREXIT. So did more than half of British voters. I am strongly anit-Brexit so I disagree with him. The anti-Brexit lobby jumped on him when (like Mick Jagger ,Keith Richards and Lewis Hamilton) he moved his tax residence to reduce his UK taxes (unlike them he still pays a lot of UK tax). Ineos is not trying to put oil wells on NT land and extract oil from under NT land. They are doing a very large seismic survey and the NT is challenging the legal principle of whether private land owners can prevent seismic surveys. If the NT succeed, it will impact UK seismic surveying in a big way. Ineos is on the other side of that. Its understandable. We can have a larger debate on shale gas elsewhere. Over here, 2/3 of US natural gas comes from shale so it doesnt have the same boogeyman image. Im not endorsing or opposing the UK shale gas industry. Again.....not trying to change your opinion. Im an expat Brit who retains my British citizenship despite all the advice from lawyers and accountants because I am once a Brit, always a Brit so I am probably going to be a fan of the British Americas Cup effort .
  10. Mambo Kings

    Help identify this daysailer?

    Carl Alberg did some fin keel designs. For example, the SC21. I dont recognize your boat but it has some elements of his work.
  11. Mambo Kings

    35 years ago. Australia’s Greatest Sporting Moment

    Indeed, it was a close call. Australia only won by one match as I recall. They lost this one due to an unforgettable catch by England but went on to win the series
  12. Mambo Kings

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Would it be pedantic of me to point out that Bruce McLaren was a kiwi?
  13. Mambo Kings

    Team NYYC

    Without agreeing or disagreeing with specific IPL or Mfl posts, I doubt that a TP52 campaign will tilt the scales either in favor or against an America's Cup campaign. The Kiwis and the Brits strike me as the most focused campaigns. But as Kiwijoker pointed out, the most important competitive edge at the outset will be design and that is going on behind closed doors. Once these beasts are revealed then we will quickly find out who has a competitive design and who can sail them. I should declare myself as an expat Brit so I'm going to root for the Ineos effort but I have some good friends and former team mates sailing on American Magic. I am not worried about instability surrounding Ineos management. The team has a new owner but Ainslie remains Skipper and Team Principal. I suspect their new owner strengthens the management because Jim Ratcliffe is said to be a superb manager which will be a great resource for Ben and Grant Simmer. Its going to be an interesting AC albeit with only 4 teams. Its too early to say that anyone is an early favorite.
  14. Mambo Kings

    Survivor story

    Amazing story. Tami Oldham was "Adrift" for 41 days in a dismasted 43 foot yacht with navigation equipment, canned food, peanut butter and a quarter tank of water. They made a movie about her. Aldi Adilang was adrift for 49 days in a hut with no idea of where he was and less than a weeks worth of food and water. One tough young man. I doubt there will be a movie because there is not the peanut butter angle.
  15. Mambo Kings

    Team NYYC

    I imagine that both America Magic and Luna Rossa would rather the AC was held in TP 52s.