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  1. Mambo Kings

    8 Bells Geoff Ewenson

    We are still trying to digest this news. Geoff and Mary were close to so many Viper sailors. We were all together in Sarasota immediately before covid. Mary led a debriefing after racing. She had been driving in preparation for the Women's NA Championship and was gently teasing Geoff in his role as her tactician and coach. He inclined his head (in that way that he did) and smiled his infectious smile. I can hear him right now, standing round my boat, with our tight group of friends from around the USA and Canada, laughing as he explained some theory of sailing or life. Mary and Geoff lived life to the full, loved each other to the full and Geoff was and still is loved very much by his friends far and wide. There is no consolation or silver lining here. I will only say to Mary if she reads this, that Geoff touched so many of us and lived such a very rich life. One of Mary and Geoff's goals for 2021 was for Mary to drive (and secretly they wanted to podium) in the first Viper 640 Womens International Championship , immediately preceding the 2021 Open World Championship. It is a year away almost to the day. It is so hard to imagine that Geoff will not be there, passing out tuning tips or lying on the lawn with a beer in hand. There is a spinnaker hanging from the flagpole, gently flapping in the wind, shedding droplets of tears, that will never dry.
  2. Mambo Kings

    Florida Governor Issues Emergency Order

    Tri-states were hit first and nobody knew about masks etc. Hospitals were not ready. So we got hit hard with a fatality rate much worse than the second wave in the South and the West. So we are naturally more careful and more worried about it reappearing tha some other parts of the nation. Wearing a mask just makes so much common sense. I cannot see the factual and logical argument for not wearing a I assume it is emotional. I dont really know why we all wear masks but it has become part of daily life and routine in our state, nobody gives much thought to the pros and cons....we just wear the masks.
  3. Mambo Kings

    Florida Governor Issues Emergency Order

    Here in my part of CT,mask wearing is almost universal. Most people just do it voluntarily. We had such a rough time when the onset of the pandemic was peaking in NYC and tri-states that we do not want to go back. All places of business that I visit enforce the state law requiring mask wearing and almost nobody objects. Costco, CVS, UPS store, Stop and Shop and Home Depot all enforce mask wearing. I was at a liquor store the other day when someone came in claiming they had forgotten their mask and despite objecting was made to what really impressed me is that all the other customers gave the store manager a standing ovation. Customers want a safe environment.
  4. Mambo Kings

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    With regard to vaccines , I trust the OVRR and FDA to do a better job appraising vaccines than elsewhere. However since these vaccines will be simultaneously submitted to all of the regulatory bodies around the world including the equivalent of the FDA in Europe and goes without saying that a vaccine that is universally approved will be my choice over one that is rejected by some regulators. Furthermore I know that in the US, the mere existence of our plaintiff bar ensures that big pharma sets a very high standard for safety. A small phama company might be prepared to "bet the company" on a vaccine but not Pfizer or J and J. These companies have many lines of profitable drugs and treatments that they will not put the company at risk due to law suits for releasing an unsafe vaccine. When a vaccine is available, I and my family intend to get vaccinated. Our global society does not get back to normal until this disease is eradicated.from further waves. I do not want to spend the rest of my public life wearing a mask nor do I want to wait until I get CV19 . Bring on a safe vaccine, as soon as possible. Hopefully vaccines will be available so that we can host our Viper World Championship at Noroton Yacht club next October.
  5. Mambo Kings

    First Effective Treatment Imminent

    WHO document does not record that the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine enters Phase 3 in late July.
  6. Mambo Kings

    First Effective Treatment Imminent

    If the outcome of Phase 2 (Safety and Adverse effects) is successful, Yes of course. I want to travel again and live a normal life without fear of CV19.
  7. Mambo Kings

    First Effective Treatment Imminent

    Re Vaccine Schedule: Moderna - I spoke with Stephane (CEO) 2 weeks ago. They believe they will be able to declare "victory or defeat" in October. Phase 3 trials have started in July (that is public knowledge) running parallel with ongoing Phase 2 . The manufacturing facility by Lonza is nearly up and running and will be producing a very large inventory of vaccine before the vaccine is approved. If the vaccine fails then the US Government will be out a few hundred million ...oh well! Nothing compared to the economic cost of waiting one additional week for a vaccine. Pfizer- They are only weeks or even days behind Moderna. Same on the production facility....possibly even further ahead. they are going to be making the vaccine without knowing final results Astra - Zeneca UO. Phase 3 trials with N30,000 subjects. Their program is moving at breakneck speed. The team are working 12-14 hour days , 7 days a week. I believe we will have a vaccine by December.First priority will be hot spots and health workers. Then the ILCA
  8. Mambo Kings

    Melges 20

    The healthy sport boat classes in the 20' range with amateur racing around the country are the Viper 640 and the VX One. At our club, despite pandemic we have gone from 4 Vipers last year to 8 this year with a 9th on the way. Nationally, there is sailing in the summer months in the great Lakes region, the North East and Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast and West Coast. There is a vibrant winter series for Vipers in Sarasota Florida and Miami on the East Coast and Long Beach on the West coast. Where I live we have a Long Island regional series and there are active fleets hosting events from Marblehead to Annapolis within a 4.5 hour drive for me. Same applies in many other regions. The Viper offers both local racing and bigger destination events if you like to travel. Above all, it is amateur racing. Nobody brings paid crew. The 2021 World Championships are in CT. The builder is healthy and you can also pick up used boats at reasonable prices. The VX is also in good shape. The principle difference between the two boats is that the Viper is a 3 person boat that can be sailed by 4 lightweight crew. The VX is a 2 person boat that can be sailed by 3 lightweight crew. The Viper is a larger class in the US but both classes are solid and doing well. As far as I can tell, the Melges 20 in the US is primarily a winter circuit based in Miami. It is predominantly an amateur driver/pro crew scene with almost all boats hiring a pro to be on board. Absolutely nothing wrong with that....but it is something you want to buy into, if you are going to own a Melges 20
  9. To this centrist, it is extraordinary that the nomination process in a nation with so much leadership talent could produce such an uninspiring choice. Eight years after voters had to choose between Romney and Obama, we have this.
  10. Mambo Kings

    san diego open for sailing?

    So its are co-habitating?
  11. Mambo Kings

    eSailing World Championship

    I was something obvious. Jimmy_S or something like that. He was good......turns out he can win online as well as IRL
  12. One lesson we have learnt from CV19 is that the damage was done by a combination of mortality rate and infection rate. CV19 has a much greater mortality rate than typical influenza....which means that we cant let it run unchecked. Mandatory shut downs flatten the curve....but without shut downs, society would have closed down anyway when the death rate spiraled. CV19 has a much greater infection rate R0 than Ebola, SARs1 or Bird Flu (and also more infectious than typical influenza).....which turned it into a pandemic which shut down the world's economy. The infection rate was due to: 1) Less deadly than Ebola hosts spread the disease for a few days rather than dying. 2) Sheds an unbelievable high number of virus particle (100X flu) 3) Hosts are shedding before they are symptomatic. You dont walk up to an Ebola host who is only infectious when symptomatic....but asymptomatic hosts are unintentionally infected new hosts, before becoming sick. The infection rate has truly crippled the global economy and damaged the socio-economic lives of the survivors.. Most would rather be poor than dead.....and there would have been tens/hundreds of thousands more deaths without the lock downs ....but it was pretty much a disaster once one understood the infection rate .
  13. Hmmm, a massage sounds like a really sensible way to maintain social distancing. Can a governor even buy D&O insurance?
  14. Sadly you underestimated this thing. I wish you had been right though. It has been an awful five weeks. New York alone at 19,000 dead. 0.1% of the population is staggering mortality rate. If it had spread through the rest of the nation at that rate, we would be looking at approx 300,000- 350,000 dead. Thank god for the lock downs. We will soon overtake KIA in 20 years in Vietnam.
  15. Mambo Kings

    Financial Assistance During the COVID Crisis

    And yet I can guarantee the argument will be made about bail outs. Thus far the banks are not receiving any bail outs.......because they dont need them. Certainly they will have a significant number of loan defaults from both individual and small business customers but their balance sheets are strong enough to withstand the shock. Remember the banking system is an agency model...its not that complicated.....depositors (you) put your money in bank accounts....the banks lend it to individuals (mortgages, credit cards etc) and businesses......and then pay the depositors interest. If the banking system failed (it wont) then 90% of the assets are depositor assets . The Fed and the FDIC job is to make sure that this never happens.....society would never recover. The CV19 shock is to main street economy not to the financial economy....which is why this stimulus look so different to 2008/09 (TARP etc). They key to not entering a prolonged recession is providing businesses, large and small with enough confidence to immediately re-hire all their employees and start the engine where they left off. This is through a combination of demand stimulation (the helicopter money that everyone is receiving) and the extensive loan programs that the Fed and the Treasury are providing to small and large businesses so they have enough cash to keep the businesses afloat with either no revenue or significantly less revenue . If businesses reopen cautiously ("Maybe I'll hire back 80% of my employees and see how it goes") there will be a recession. If they reopen aggressively the economy will rebound. I will give an example Darden, the restaurant chain, has closed every Olive Garden for dining in and is running a take out service, so revenues are down about 75-80%. They have 180,000 employees, obviously many are furloughed. They are burning $25 million a week during the close down. But they have ample liquidity with access to loans (over $2 bn) so they are at no risk of failing. Their employees are getting govt checks (and helathcare from the company. So they plan to reopen as soon as it is safe and bring back their employees and serve their customers. If this can be mirrored throughout the economy with fiscal stimulus keeping the employees in shape and monetary policy keeping the businesses afloat we will be okay-ish. The cost will be massive and it will have to be spread out gradually over the next decade.....but it was a pandemic and it caused productive activity to cease and there was a cost, and it should be shared. Over time we will repay the cost with taxes on our productive efforts and we will repay the helicopter money.......but it will seem money well spent and easier to repay because our economy will be afloat and prosperous. If we allow the economy to collapse, we will be paying the pandemic cost in a dreadful way in a recession. Its regrettable that its a election year. Economic stimulus is bi-partisan, both sides know it has to be done and done right.......but it will get politicized at a time when we really need the sensible people on both sides to be working together. Our futures depend on this being done perfectly.