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  1. Laser 28?

    I think you are right . Carrying too much sail also kills you up wind
  2. Laser 28?

    Thanks for the correction , I think they raised it recently to that - in a blow you can't have too much meat on the rail
  3. Laser 28?

    Class rules are 1000 lbs for the crew if I recall correctly , PHRF is wide open .
  4. Laser 28?

    As with all boats everything is a compromise . While the L28 certainly wipes out it is not the lone boat doing it when it does . I would expect that more modern sport boats are better now. If I was doing 11kts power reaching in say a 1984 C&C 35 I would be at risk of wipe outs too, it the case of the laser in the same conditions you would be at 14+ kts . While the L28 does not compare favorably to a modern sport boat for wipeouts why would anyone expect it too ? Probably because it drives and sails so much like one .
  5. Laser 28?

    Can do ,I have the original drawings for the boat from them . Not going to do it just yet but would like to see what is up with it . Was thinking more of a wing . I would imagine as the glue in the grid fails it overloads other areas . I know they can take damage from groundings too. Anyway , will do a preemptive glassing in one day soon .
  6. Laser 28?

    Well to be fair I did not include for stripping the boat and clean up or repainting , just said the glass work would take about a weekend . Fiberglass work is easy and I strip the boat every fall anyway and scrub it front to back in the spring . To get to the grid does not require much dismantling , might need to pull the batteries though , pull up the floor and open the benches and it is all right there - floor comes up every fall anyway . I was working from how long it took to glass in the whole bulkhead at the chain plates-start to finish couple of hours, repaint 10 min (seattle grey matches the factory color FYI) , yep boat needs a front to back cleaning after , but then don't they get that every spring ?
  7. Laser 28?

    Yes , I was guessing more like 200 lbs on the keel should do it but have not done any math and I would guess for the 400# they did . My aim would be more middle of the road as opposed to making the boat as stiff as some others . These boats are high powered for what they are , a cruiser /racer, and you change down from the one as early as 8kts true . So many leave too much up and it does not pay at all . You discover that fast in a fleet of them . You will also note that those wiping out are in double digits of hull speed in a 28 foot 1980's cruising/racer displacement hull . The area they suffer is short handed sailing , they need meat on the rail to sail to their PHRF - you owe time to bigger boats of the same era and they have always been well raced so the #'s reflect that . When cruising I will often have a reef in and be at hull speed and when it gets light I am still sailing while others are adrift or powering .
  8. Laser 28?

    I have thought that if I ever short hand cruise my laser I would go with the bulb = to 2 guys on the rail . Do you have the drawings ? As for the grid , I believe that it has more to do with 1980's glues than the grid not being strong enough . They glued the grid in and now 30 years later of hard sailing and being put away wet the glue is failing . The chain plates are a particular concern - so you tab em in - takes a few hours and then stronger than new . Will next year tab my whole grid in- take about a weekend and for the heck of it the hull to deck joint while at it . It's all so easy to get at after all , except for behind the breakers - rest is easy .
  9. Laser 28?

    Do you know which rudder you had? I find that the rudder is not small so much as the rig is powerful . The rudder is not tiny but both the keel and the rudder are minimal and you can stall the flow on both. As for upsizing the rudder , well at 18 knots you do need a safety valve of some sort , it is a 28 foot 80's racer /cruiser displacement hull after all .
  10. Laser 28?

    Here is the thing about your wipeouts - not many 28 foot cruising boats doing 18 knots in waves that big won't wipe out occasionally . Particularly anything from the early 1980's era . Heck , not a lot of 37 foot boats that would not be wiping out , I suppose you can find a sport boat that would do 18 knots without wipeouts but the list is short . Laser has a bit of a rep for wipeouts , but it is an easy boat to handle , you put the kite up in anything where others won't even dare and carry double digits for hours on end . When it does crash the cockpit comes up dry and at 4000lb she accelerates again in a flash . It is the gusts that usually does you in where a more heavily ballasted boat might give you more wiggle room , cept you would not still have the kite up on it or be doing 18 knots . Not perfect , and there might be better out there but I have no idea what can match it for the same bucks .
  11. Laser 28?

    There are two different rudders on them , purported to have the same surface area so no hit and both class legal . I have two slightly different versions sitting in my driveway right now . I find with my boat when I wipe out I deserved it, remember lightly ballasted boat and she will be over pretty far before the rudder lets go . So you do get a warning , you can get laid down by a sudden gust or regaining wind as you pass a bigger and supposed to be faster boat (tip dig as you come out from their shadow ) . When on the edge crew movement can screw you too- It's fun though power reaching with the chute up the whole crew in the back corner of the boat steady 11's -12's all day long . Not sure what she will hit dead -ish down wind surfing down waves , so far never hit the limit .
  12. Laser 28?

    I have not tried to get one , but that is what is reported on the Laser 28 site . They are pretty good on that stuff .
  13. Laser 28?

    The boats are pretty well matched out of the factory , and the construction quality was quite good however some are all kevlar and some glass ,most have closed mold decks, the first few do not . Performance seems to be near as the same across them . Naturally owner neglect is the biggest issue leading to varrience between boats apart from repowering . The salt can be hard on them . Masts are also unavailable - it was custom . The thing with the engine that would make the most difference is drag .
  14. Laser 28?

    No Idea, but the white one looks to be a weed collector while having less wetted surface ...... . Certainly would be a pain figuring it out when Lasers fleets often finish overlapped - 3 lasers and a committee boat in this finish - you can't see the other one because he is behind me and got me by about 2 feet. That same guy had the boot come loose on his sail drive in his first year and he was 1/4 knot lower than us . In this case , not making excuses I had an issue with a bad repair on the keel and while I was well out in front from better luck/tactics (depends on who you ask) I just could not hold him off boat for boat . Further up the thread you will see a shot of 5 lasers all hitting the offset at the same time . So while I agree totally on a boat at this age it is time to start giving a break for mods that are beyond your control like re-powering it is beyond me how one would keep the wonderful benefit of one design where the boats are so equal and where unfair advantages/ disadvantages are kept to a minimum. I suppose as long as it was a sail drive in the same location and no smaller dimensionally it would be OK , but things get odd if you change to a shaft or outboard . Adding = weight down below will not be = if the drag is different . In fact adding weight down low could make you faster as the boats are lightly ballasted and benefit strongly from meat on the rail.
  15. Laser 28?

    True , almost any engine swap is going to be heavier and at least the same drag short of an outboard .