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  1. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    The news reported that he pointed a phone at the cops like it was a gun, here the cops would have taken care of this "problem" for us. But hey maybe Canada can rehab him so next time he will use a prius.
  2. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    Kelly Clarkson got fat too
  3. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    The fictional world BL lives in:
  4. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

  5. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

  6. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    No problem, the story is only in your head, make it what you want. The sun is going down so I got plenty of shadow here for you to live in.
  7. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Awww jealous little bitch likes to make up his own little life story of me. That is sad you have to live through my shadow.
  8. Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    Carson Daly's face looks super fat now.
  9. Black in America

    " White people can't talk about racist things because (insert dumb liberal cause)" <kanye quote> "You can't use that black persons quote to talk about racist things because (insert dumb liberal cause)"
  10. Second Amendment : Past it's Use by Date

    The commission voted 5-0 during their regular Board of County Commissioners meeting. The new policy takes effect immediately. Any of the county's more than 2,000 concealed-weapons-permitted employees can now carry a firearm on the job. "These are law-abiding citizens," Commissioner John Tobia said. "For one reason or another, this previous county commission had said they don't deserve the right to have their gun at work. I disagreed with that, and thankfully, this board changed that policy," Tobia said. http://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2018/04/24/brevard-votes-to-allow-county-permit-holders-to-carry-guns-on-job?cmpid=breaking
  11. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Aww look the jealous little bitch is following me around? You like standing in my shadow little bitch? Tell your kids how you got to stand in someones shadow today?
  12. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    I think we have gotten a little off topic here though, like all gun threads. Let's all just blame facebook and call it a day.
  13. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    That would be incorrect for here in America: The laws of each state are different. But many states have several types of charges that—depending on the circumstances—could apply to a DUI involving a death “aggravated” DUI vehicular homicide negligent homicide DUI manslaughter vehicular manslaughter, and murde
  14. Censoring T-Bizzle

    I think Mel Gibson said it best... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOO.... oh wait this is england, can't be saying things like that.
  15. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    I'm all for fixing the problem, excusing drunk drivers as anything but murders though I wont accept. The last few "mass" murders had huge failings by the government. Many of them should not have had guns and the dade county one should have been in jail for threatening a school shooting. I'm all for stricter background checks. I would love to make it very hard to get a pistol, since you know most murders are done with pistols. More mandatory sentencing for gun crimes would be great too. The DA doesn't get to make up the rules, you use/have a gun illegally X amount of time in jail, no early release. Removing drug users from jails and filling them with people that illegally use guns would be much better. The father of the waffle house shooting would be a great example. 4 people died? because of him giving his kid the guns back JAIL. The person giving the guns back to the father JAIL. The person in the air force who did not file the correct paper work for the Texas church shooting JAIL and not just a few months MANY years. Make enough examples and the cons quickly outweigh the pros. The tools are not going away any more than the drugs have gone away. I would like to also see CCW reciprocity and open carry of rifles removed (except in limited cases like hunting/hiking). Can the bump stocks and binary triggers and what not. Deregulate suppressors and License pistol holders. You have a pistols and no lic? JAIL.