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  1. Yep, I just realized I had picked the wrong direction. This sounds better. Will look up pro courses.
  2. Yep I like this idea, I will get tuition then, I know getting guided education is better ROI than mucking about on dinghy's and watching youtube. And I agree about the learning by osmosis factor, the intangibles is exactly what I want to absorb, so I don't crash like that couple in the news story lost their boat on day 2. I'm smart enough to appreciate the damn vastness of the Pacific and what I don't know.
  3. Yeah I just read up on prevailing winds and sail routes, and I realize my QLD to CA trip is quite a difficult one. I might have to switch directions. The Japan route sounds much better on paper for a beginner, it's shorter, arguably safer with more stop overs.
  4. That's ideal, I will pop over and take a formal training course.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to sailing. I've been on sail boats before a few times, but always as a passenger only. Well I have decided that I want to cross the Pacific Ocean from Queensland Australia to California. It's pretty much a spiritual thing for me. Obviously, I am aware that there's a lot of stuff to know in order to survive this kind of journey. I want to know what is the steps I should take in order to build up my skills as a sailor so that I know just enough to survive if I were on my own on the trip. Which books do I need to read, in terms of equipment (boats, auto-pilot etc), sailing techniques and control, sailing routes, seasonal weather conditions, possible threats/dangers. EVERYTHING necessary, I want to learn, which books I need as well and what kinda experience I should gun for. I really don't know EXACTLY what im getting into so I want you all to give me realistic heads up. I was thinking of first trying my hand at sailing at a local club, than maybe sailing coastally for a while, in order to get some sea miles. But also what kinda "specific" things would I need to learn, like sail routes across the Pacific, ideal stop-over locations... Thanks for the help everyone.