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  1. just make sure I buy the right glue, wat materials am I bonding? the mast is carbon fiber epoxy I guess. but what is the track made of? not all MMA glues like PE or PP
  2. Yesterday I have pulled the dynema rope of the hound between the mast and the sailtrack; separating about 3 inches of track from the mast Is there already a fix or upgrade for this? maybe an additional rivet to keep the hound from moving down? And how do I fix the track back to the mast; Epoxy?
  3. I seem to have lost the (nylon?) thin ring that is fitted as a wear ring below the mast step. Does anyone know what material this this? and if this a custom part?
  4. I need some help; I gave myself some extensive swimming lessons this Sunday. After dialing in a lot of rudder lift (3/4 of the range) I fixed my stairway to nowhere issue. Is there such a thing as too much rudder lift, if you are still able to achieve lift off? But my reoccurring problem is capsizing to windward when on the foils; I feel the boat rolling over slowly but do not know how to counter the movement efficiently. What should I do? pulling the mainsheet stalls the sail making it worse; I can't move inboard quick enough. (I'm not hiking much with my petite 2.0 m and 90kg body) pointing upwind quickly solves the capsize problem but stops the boat. I think I have the problem mainly in beam / pointing headings. any tips?
  5. Thanks Dave; what should I use to glue to rudder top back in sikaflex?
  6. I was also thinking about a piece of shockcord, this is also used to keep the pin in the mainsheet shackle of my Nacra Infusion and this work well. Exactly that, see picture below for the damage, I will add some tape and buy a new washer. Some smart ass naval architect (/me) thought it was wise to dremel down the washer to make it fit the guide (so that i could load the assembled rudder and foil from below) I indeed meant the pin at bell crank B and the push rod. What is the best way to access the pull rod to thread this shorter or longer? from bell cranck A or from B? I also had some water in the SB hull, any suggestion on the usual suspects I should check?
  7. So I did have my first sail today. Because I forgot to install the foil control pin mentioned above. this resulted in a big nose dive and my first swim. Unfortunately this also pulled the rudder lower than the upper guide and by doing so tore half of the rudder top loose; what type of glue do I use to reattach this? After having resolved the above issue I did get some flying time, even with me being 90kg. But I seem to have the stairway to nowhere issue, so I need to read up on the correct rudder setting to fix this. The main foil pin had some trouble staying in any suggestions? All in all an eventful day; I'm impressed by the boat getting me on its foils, relatively easily. I need to work on the boat handling at slow speed and tacks because there the boat is not very forgiving.
  8. #121 (I guess?) has landed in Rotterdam (The Netherland) I have not sailed it yet, the lake near my house, where I wanted to use it, has a lot of water plant so the UFO foils become a rake. I do have a few questions: It is hard to fit the pin of the foil of the control rod; the rod has to already move down a few mm (loading the flap). Is this normal? What is exact length of this control rod should be? The flap on the foil is very stiff, I can hardly move it by hand, is this correct? because of this stiffness the control rod is already damaging the foil, is this normal? how can I fix this? regards, Jelmer
  9. Everybody, thanks for the transport advice. I wised up and order 175cm long thule probars.
  10. thank for the info, very useful. Small comment: the SI dimension should be cm. Thanks for the tip!; I already have the volvo standard transverse bars (which are very short) so I probably first try transporting it upside down.
  11. I just order a UFO last week! Now I'm killing the time working out the details how to cartop it on the Volvo. To be able to make some progress; could somebody give me the width of the hulls and/or the width between the hulls (the tunnel)?