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  1. Finnbbyc

    Laser full rig or laser radial

    I have a old full rig bottom section, so I'm set there. I dream of sailing all the other classes like the evo or the aero, but i dont have the cash to buy one (can't even get a job). and I dont think i'd get a fleet here. the laser is quite engrained as the single hander here. its either opti, laser or c420 for the most part. there are a couple of 29ers and i420s. but not a huge fleet.
  2. Finnbbyc

    Laser full rig or laser radial

    I would like to sail the aero, but there are none around. Thanks, I will look at getting a full rig sail
  3. I know this has already been debated to death, but i would like to know wether i should be in radial or full rig, i sailed c420 for the last two years, and bought a laser this winter. it was setup as a radial, and has really nice sails. i since have put on a number of pounds. and weigh around 170. the radial fleet around here is much bigger than the full rig.