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    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I'm surprised by the lack support for these guys, or though it appears a lot of the haters are internationals observers. I was in Geelong for the last series and it was fantastic. The course was as close as possible to the pier and marina, which gave for some incredible spectating, however it also meant it was very gusty, any cat sailor would struggle to fly a hull 100% in those conditions let along foil. The media coverage is some of the best I've ever seen for a sailing event and the ability to walk up to the boats and sailors post race and have a chat is priceless. The boats are a challenge to sail, but thats the point. Talk to any Australian around in the old 18foot days and they will remember the skiff boats in between the cricket. That series was developed not for close tactical racing but for extreme visuals that would appeal to the non-sailing sports fan. If you want close, tactical and boring racing go watch a match racing series, there are plenty of them around. If you want cutting edge foiling, setup for live stadium style racing, go to the event and watch it.