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  1. Sea warrior

    Brexit WTF, WTF

  2. Sea warrior

    Dog's people

    You really should quit thinking, it’s certainly not your strongest attribute lol
  3. If we added up the sum total of your collective posts we’d still end up with a big fat shite. Lol I gotta go now, somebody’s got to produce so that you liberals will have something to scrounge. tooraloo laddies and lassies.
  4. You’ve almost 26k posts down here in this cesspit “taking the bait“. Let that irony sink in for a wee bit... lol
  5. The trouble with you is that you are a dumbarse with way too much time on your hands (23k posts) like most liberals.
  6. Sea warrior

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Lol “The court of world opinion It is our opinion that most international politicians and commentators – if they were told the facts – would support the United Kingdom over the Northern Ireland issue. It just takes the Government to start communicating properly about such matters.
  7. Thinking, or imagining isn’t your strength. You should take up a different hobby.
  8. Any chance of pointing to an example of me defending the Pun Slinging dude? All I see are my posts laughing at you lot for taking his/her stinky bait, post after post. You lot open wide and swallow line hook and sinker without fail. And I’m the one who “sucks at everything “? Lol
  9. One has to wonder what your sick, troubled mind was googling when you came across that.. lol
  10. You should wipe Ye old Pun Slinger’s jizz off your chin, there’s a good chap
  11. Sea warrior

    Dog's people

    This is a perfect example of a beyond dumb mofo on the left. By any measure of what fits the description of a right winger or left winger for that matter, I fall into the “slightly left of center “ category Its people like you who are extremists and radicals and also, it’s people like you who are too stupid to understand the difference. See dunning Kruger Ya dunce. No wonder this country is fucked, allowing knobs like ye vote. lol
  12. Sea warrior

    Dog's people

    The next original thought you have will be your first.
  13. Sea warrior

    Dog's people

    Ok boomer.
  14. Sea warrior

    Dog's people

    Jesus fecking Christ, get away from the computer ya plank. You are being fed a line off bullshite by the ministry for propaganda of the Democratic Party (aka MSM) What a tfm you are. Goebbels would be proud of the accomplishments of the MSM