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  1. Fast "safe" boat....

    Did you vote for Hillary?
  2. Fast "safe" boat....

  3. Fast "safe" boat....

    You're an idiot if you think "cup of tea" is as British as "lad" and "utter twat."
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    Fuck you Canada. You're all a bunch of neutered commie retards. Nobody takes you seriously.
  5. Fast "safe" boat....

    I hope you are all appreciating the entertainment. I apologize to any African-Americans perusing this sailing forum (lol) who were offended at my nigger comment. Self-righteous, virtue-signaling white men on the other hand can kiss my ass and go fuck themselves. Actually, I hope a black sailor does turn up (there must be one somewhere) to tell you all what uptight honkies you're being.
  6. Fast "safe" boat....

    Can someone direct me to the sailing forums that welcome doosh (sic) bags like me? I doubt they will ask for any photos of my naked wife. It's weird to me that you all got so upset that I called someone a nigger. It was a joke. Are any of you even black? And homophobic, really? Do you honestly believe that is a thing? Homosexuals are ridiculous and hilarious and everyone knows it. It's so strange that you're all piling on to take up the banner of gayness with such forced earnestness and self-righteousness. It doesn't make any sense. And you talk about these sailors that I've insulted on here as if they are Magellan incarnate, and refer to this vast repository of knowledge, but are any of you genuinely impressive? To me this place seems to attract the "bad news bears" of the sailing world. I get a sense that there are a lot of little men in little boats here who like to putter around their local bay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not my cup of tea.
  7. Fast "safe" boat....

    Lol, yeah, you think I'm too "edgy" for drug dealer culture? Oh man I haven't laughed this hard in a couple days, so thank you for that. Who are you, like what is your life experience? Actually, wait, are you 12 years old?
  8. Fast "safe" boat....

    Look, everyone wants to think that I'm a huge asshole, that's fine, I don't care, I would get nowhere if I cared. But if you look over the thread I was provoked each time. I'm sorry, you don't ask for pictures of my naked wife. I don't care about your stupid fucking forum traditions. And I said the N word, so fucking what! Jesus Christ is this a kindergarten classroom? It's not like I have buffalo soldiers in chains working my cane plantation. I don't put up with people's idiotic nonsense and unfortunately the world is full of people acting like idiots. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not as asshole, I'm just misunderstood. And my dick is slightly above average.
  9. Fast "safe" boat....

    It seems like many of the interesting boats mentioned in this thread are located across the pond. Unfortunate. What do people think about a Beneteau First series, perhaps the Farr designed ones. Or perhaps Oceanis?
  10. Fast "safe" boat....

    How do you know I'm not a drug dealer?
  11. Fast "safe" boat....

    So it's unimpressive and practical because you don't make that much money, right? Edit: I actually feel bad about saying this. I take it back.
  12. Fast "safe" boat....

    See, now this guy is funny. Be more like him. Can I borrow a picture of your ex-wife's tits?
  13. Fast "safe" boat....

    What do you drive?
  14. Fast "safe" boat....

    What do you drive?
  15. Fast "safe" boat....

    Rob, Thank you very much for this great post. A lot to think about here. Your designs are very intriguing, I look forward to learning more about your work. Edit: I am disappointed that there aren't more boats with spartan interiors. I would be very happy with a 50' mono with very little furniture and basic systems. It seems like this minimalist boat tends to be very race-oriented with large rigs, low displacement and small keels. But it seems to me that a large boat with a more cruising oriented profile that is very lightweight would be interesting. I really like the design of the larger Beneteau Oceanis but it is quite a "luxurious" boat. Can you think of any boats that fit what I'm describing, long LWL (50'), seakindly, singlehander friendly, with a spartan, minimalist cabin/systems?