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  1. The Nomad looked like the ticket, but it's no longer made. I'm somewhat concerned about lack of support, parts, or even an active forum. O'day daysailer and the Catalina 16.5 are looking better. I like that you sit close to the stern (unlike the scot), which will be easier for boarding from swimming, running an outboard, etc. I suppose it comes down to which one sits lower on a trailer and is easier to set up and take down.
  2. The Hobie is cool, but limited to 2 people. Momma still wants to go, but I need the ability to take the boys out myself. I'll do some more research on the wayfarer with the cruising set up.
  3. NO, the boat won't be kept at my parents house. I was thinking when we visit them every couple months, I could tow the boat with us. They don't have a boat yet. Launch it at ramp down the street, and keep tied up at their dock for the weekend. My normal routine will be a 45 min tow down to biscayne bay and launch at a ramp. I checked out the wayfarer, but where do you sit? I don't think I want my boys up on the rail. Wife would want to snuggle into a corner with a book and watch the water go by.
  4. Oh boy- I just changed my whole perspective on what kind of boat I need: After watching some really boring youtube videos (does anyone make a decent sailing video?) with the wife, she had a very big change of plans that changes my plans. Here's the bombshell: "Don't expect me to go every time. I want you to be sailing with the boys over the summer while they're out of school, and I'm at work.". OK.... So now I need a boat that can be solo-rigged and sailed with 2 boys and room for "mom" to go when she can. Requirement 2: I'm pretty sure I need an outboard if I want to take it to my parent's house. They have a 30min long no wake zone though a very narrow canal to get out into Charolette harbor from their back yard. Don't think I want to do that without an motor. So now I'm thinking Small, light, yet access to the transom for motor. Flying Scot has that long after deck that will make that problematic.
  5. What about the Com-pac legacy? I just discovered it. The ease of set up at the ramp like the sun cat, but with a sloop rig.
  6. The precisions look nice, but even the P18 is really tall on the trailer. Remember I have to "hide" it in my backyard with a 6' fence.
  7. Well I don't want a major project boat. I can't even buy a boat until May after I move into our new house. This is the research phase. So some other lucky person can scoop up the $1000 fixer upper.
  8. Funny you say that. I was back to thinking the flying scot might be the answer. Simple, light, easy to trailer. I think the next logical step is to take the coconut grove sailing club's 2 day flying scot school. For $650, that will not only give us a good education, but decide if the flying scot is the right boat for us, or we need to step up to a sun cat or mariner 19. My father has a bit of sailing experience and thinks a dinghy class boat will be much better for us to learn on. Then someday, after a move (we're military), we take advantage of a military marina with a cheap slip and get a real cruiser for overnighting on.
  9. That sun cat is not in the condition of a boat that I want to buy. I'd want a late model that looks like new (or close to it). Otherwise I'll spend too much money making it look new again. I'm now leaning towards the Mariner 19. More cockpit, more cabin, looks easier to run an outboard from, and I think it'll handle rough chop better (but that's a guess). I think getting the kids below and out of the sun or rain would be a nice feature.
  10. Flying scot is still my #1 choice. Every time I see one from the stern, it looks so similar to my old Donzi classic. Rounded, long foredeck. Love it. And it won't burn 30 gallons of gas in an hour.
  11. No plans to camp or overnight on the little boat. If I wanted to do that, I'd need 4 bunks and I'm back to a Catalina 22, which is too much to tow and set up. Another "factor" is the homeowner's association rules at our new house (yes, they accepted our offer), says that any boat has to be out of site from the road. Luckily there's a 6' privacy fence all around the back and side yard. The sea cat sits 8' off the ground on the trailer, that could be a potential issue if some doodley old lady complains about seeing a mast poking up. I'll have to get the fence company to put a wider gate in the back, but that shouldn't be an issue to keep the boat at home and save a LOT of storage money and hassle of off-site storage.
  12. Right. I have probably 4 hours of sailing experience. The last time I took out a Catalina 16.5 was in 2010. Not that I don't know boating, I've boated my whole life (power), and I just retired after 20 years of being in the Navy (helicopter pilot) I even got my officer of the deck qualification on the 40,000ton USS IWO JIMA (LHD7). So I got the rules of the road and stuff. What I lack is knowledge on what a good day sailor will be that's easy to set up (solo) while the kids impatiently wait to jump in. It's all about having fun, teaching the kids, and getting on (and in) the water. I have a cousin who circumnavigated the globe on his 40' ketch back in the 80's and my dad helped him on the transatlantic passage. I want to micro-scale that and give the boys some nautical adventures of their own. So far the suncat seems to be the #1 option, although a flying scot type boat might be more fun and lively, not sure if I need that with a skittish wife and 2 boys.
  13. Thanks for the inputs. With a 5 and 7 year old, 40 minute setup is out of the question for an sail! Slow is what I’m prepared for. My first boat was 86mph donzi then a Grady white which was “slow” with a 30mph cruise. If my wife had no input I’d get a 15’ whaler but she says sail or no boat. So life at 4 knots is what I’m looking at next. Is it feasible to drop in at a ramp and get the cat somewhere for the kids to swim or sand bar? That’s what we think we’ll primarily do. Then dragging it to the keys for vacation and to my parents house on the water in port Charollete.
  14. Thanks for the inputs. The corsair is out- far too expensive, too big, and too much draft (over 5' with board down). That thing will ground in Biscayne bay. Plus the boat has to be "unseen" from the road in my side yard and the corsair looks pretty huge on a trailer. The com-pac suncat looks awesome. I was thinking "cat" as in catamaran, not a single mast forward without a jib. That might be just the ticket for the small kids. Less to deal with and super fast mast stepping.
  15. Thanks for the offer, but we're not ready to buy just yet. We're in the process of buying a house. In face we submitted the offer just now. If we get the house and close, then I can get the boat because there's room in the back to keep it.