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  1. zimm

    How are We Perceived?

    I got 20 years in the Navy. They don't care about sailboats. What worries the Officer of the Deck is a 20+ knot commercial ship on a CBDR (Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range), usually in the middle of the night, in a place the ship can't be maneuvered, and the captain has to be woke up with a contact report. I was a kid on my dad's hot rod, twin engine Donzi. We passed a large sailboat and the grouchy old couple on board held up their throwable cushions that had "SLOW DOWN" spelled on them. I've hated sailboaters ever since. Now I am one.
  2. zimm

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    I got lost in the survey comments. Did the OP buy the boat? Where's the pics?
  3. Here she is. My parent's picked her up and are keeping at their place until I get it from them next month. I can't wait to get in the first voyage!
  4. zimm

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I'm new here, but can I play? Miami is a gold mine for quality boats for sale. No title, no hardware, looks like it was t-boned.
  5. zimm

    best 2018 Handheld?

    I have a 4 year old Icom that refuses to quit. I've left it in a bag for 2 years (when I didn't have a boat) and the battery still showed full bars on the display. I'm tempted to buy a new one just to get the DSC option. If something happens to me, it would easier for the kids or a guest to push the DSC rescue button on the radio.
  6. The links don't work, they just bring me back to this thread...
  7. $30,000 for a 25 year old boat. Glad that made my decision on the WWP even easier. http://www.sailboatlistings.com/cgi-bin/saildata/db.cgi?db=default&uid=default&view_records=1&ID=*&manufacturer=Corsair&sb=5&so=ascend
  8. I've settled on a West Wight Potter 19. I found a 2015 that has been sailed twice, so it's basically brand new. It's simple, but get's me a sloop instead of a cat boat, should go upwind a little better than a com-pac, it'll sleep us and the kids for a camping night, and it "should' fit in my garage. I really like that I can crank up the board and with 8" draft, hang out on the local sand bars too.
  9. zimm

    Potomac River Sailing

    Lots of small boats and races up in DC. Check out Washington Sailing Marina. I grew up power boating on the river. The channels are usually 10-30' deep, but the average river depth north of Woodbridge is more like 3' and the bottom is the constancy of mayonnaise. Mostly sailfish type centerboards up north. South of Woodbridge, once you go past the high tension power lines by quanitco, the river gets really wide and you can quickly find yourself in choppy conditions.
  10. The Nomad looked like the ticket, but it's no longer made. I'm somewhat concerned about lack of support, parts, or even an active forum. O'day daysailer and the Catalina 16.5 are looking better. I like that you sit close to the stern (unlike the scot), which will be easier for boarding from swimming, running an outboard, etc. I suppose it comes down to which one sits lower on a trailer and is easier to set up and take down.
  11. The Hobie is cool, but limited to 2 people. Momma still wants to go, but I need the ability to take the boys out myself. I'll do some more research on the wayfarer with the cruising set up.
  12. NO, the boat won't be kept at my parents house. I was thinking when we visit them every couple months, I could tow the boat with us. They don't have a boat yet. Launch it at ramp down the street, and keep tied up at their dock for the weekend. My normal routine will be a 45 min tow down to biscayne bay and launch at a ramp. I checked out the wayfarer, but where do you sit? I don't think I want my boys up on the rail. Wife would want to snuggle into a corner with a book and watch the water go by.
  13. Oh boy- I just changed my whole perspective on what kind of boat I need: After watching some really boring youtube videos (does anyone make a decent sailing video?) with the wife, she had a very big change of plans that changes my plans. Here's the bombshell: "Don't expect me to go every time. I want you to be sailing with the boys over the summer while they're out of school, and I'm at work.". OK.... So now I need a boat that can be solo-rigged and sailed with 2 boys and room for "mom" to go when she can. Requirement 2: I'm pretty sure I need an outboard if I want to take it to my parent's house. They have a 30min long no wake zone though a very narrow canal to get out into Charolette harbor from their back yard. Don't think I want to do that without an motor. So now I'm thinking Small, light, yet access to the transom for motor. Flying Scot has that long after deck that will make that problematic.
  14. What about the Com-pac legacy? I just discovered it. The ease of set up at the ramp like the sun cat, but with a sloop rig.
  15. The precisions look nice, but even the P18 is really tall on the trailer. Remember I have to "hide" it in my backyard with a 6' fence.