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  1. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    A LOT of people would have started off with an argument. Many would have found that just talking it over gets a much better, and quicker response, as well as leaving with a much better piece of mind. I was a pharmacist for 40 plus years, you learned quickly to work things out nicely whenever possible. However, it didn't always work. Funny though, how many times the person came back or called to apologize for getting out of hand. Accepting their apology, and telling them not to worry about went a long way in keeping a customer. Not saying you should not stick up for yourself, but definitely starting off in a positive and pleasant manner will often work in your favor.
  2. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    Hit REFRESH!!!!
  3. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    First off, it is on the way, and that is all that matters. Like getting a UPS package and tracking says one day, and it show up another. The important thing is you will have for the following weekend to sail! Be thankful, when I got my first Parker 505 (3194) from England in 1969, they had promised delivery in 6 months (around mid May). The boat, in a wood crate (pre-container days), arrived at the docks in NYC in mid September, lost the whole summer of sailing. So, a couple of days one way or the other is NOT a big deal. Send pics when you get it, and enjoy your new toy.
  4. Bill- YOU are correct sir!! My error, I missed the heading (49ers and Musto skiffs) when looking at their dealer list. I think I was distracted by the Canadian importer being from Dorval QC, I think that is where the original Lasers were built as I remember.
  5. Bill-they were there yesterday ( and still there today)! Have to move down the list some.
  6. koolkat505

    Expensive El Toro

    Martin-you know a sucker is born every minute!!! Barry
  7. koolkat505

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    thelaserclass.com is the breakaway group, the real Laser class is International Laser Class Association – www.laserinternational.org Hope that helps you...
  8. koolkat505

    Craigslist Finds

    But IF you are a true yuppie flyfisher, that bamboo rod is it, regardless how it casts.......
  9. koolkat505

    My 505 Restore and rigging

    fastyacht, got message saying you are not set up to receive messages when I just tried to PM you, guess you will need to do some sleuthing....good luck!
  10. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    Another thought, as the Bravo is rotomolded, you could leave it just about the water line and drag it in, whereas a fiberglass boat would get scratched to hell. The rotomold plastic is very forgiving in this sense.
  11. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    Both the Wave and Bravo have "Bobs" on the top of the mast to help keep the mast/boat from turtleing, while a bit unsightly, you soon forget about it until that time comes when you are glad it is there! Both boats come with righting lines, and I think the Bravo may have under the hull straps to assist in righting as well. Not quite the firedrill like on the bigger cats.
  12. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    You have to remember, the Wave, and to a lesser extent the Bravo, are sold to resorts as safe boats any (insert non sailing ) person can take out, and have a tough time getting themselves into trouble. Yes, there may be days (windy) where you should not got out, but that will hold true for ANY boat you buy. The Bravo would give you a much bigger safety cushion then most monohulls, and I agree, bigger cats are NOT your answer. As far as boomless, the Wave has no boom either and sails just great with that configuration, regardless of point of sail. The Bravo is one boat you should really take for a sail before you rule it out, I think you will be very surprised. Just a not, I am NOT a connected to Hobie in any fashion other than being a Wave owner. Good luck!!!
  13. koolkat505

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    Agree with Dave, I own and race both the UFO (chicken mode) and the Hobie Wave (big brother to the Bravo). I ALWAYS go dead downwind with both, fastest way to the bottom mark/gate for me! The Bravo would be damn near indestructible and give you "cat" speed as a boost. I would definitely NOT rule out the Bravo.
  14. koolkat505

    My 505 Restore and rigging

    fastyacht- just add yahoo dot com and you can email me...koolkat505 (BK)
  15. koolkat505

    My 505 Restore and rigging

    I think this is a much customized Parker. I had 3194, a Parker built in July 1968, and based on the transom and transom bar shape, the curved thwart support, and the aft deck profile, as well as the number in the transom bar, it makes me think Parker. Rondar wasn't building 505s at that time, Pete White was still sailing Parkers, that split came a few years later. Larry Simmons highest boat number was in the 2664 range or so, and he was actually from Southbridge, MA, not NJ. Butler boats by this time were all glass, although I knew of a couple earlier boats (the Hillhouse girls for one) that had a wood deck. Capt Rahn's boat has been greatly modified, especially the shroud set-up, we didn't start seeing adjustable shrouds for a few more years. Other bits, the launcher was the Parker kit, again added probably after 1970, once launchers were allowed. That was a fun job, spending alot of time in the bow tank with fiberglass, thankfully I small enough so my shoulders fit inside the bow tank hatch. In fact, that is another hint this is a Parker, from the one pic that shows the bow tank hatch. Hope this helps, and enjoy the boat!!!