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  1. Hi Jono, 

    please check your PM 

    Syzie Q 


  2. Hi Wal’ Although cold, we did get to experience some sun in Queenstown. Never got to see the Glaciers - too cloudy - Oh well keeping the best for last in Auckland - still planning to arrive Friday 16th and will catch the Rum Racing as you suggested
  3. Sorry AJ - got it now. I have been boating on the Great Lakes as well starting from Georgian Bay where one of the lady lives. Beautiful nature! We will check out The Nelson sailing for sure and have a pint of Tui to your health and your perfect recovery from your operation coming up! Take care and keep the spirit! Suzie
  4. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    What is with the weather in New Zealand ? Just leaving the snow in Montreal, QC, Canada to visit your great country for 3 weeks and see the VOR ... but it looks like rain everywhere. Please KIWIS, a sun dance is in order. Thanks .
  5. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    That is a great idea !
  6. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Welcome home Louis Sinclair and Blair Tuke on MAPFRE ! Great podium finish !
  7. Thank you Alcatraz, Nice of you to respond. We will surely check out Rangitoto ! Enjoy your boat ......the best therapy in the world ! OK need a description of that TAT! Heading out this morning for your beautiful country. Leaving the snow behind to find the sun, the water and the kiwis. Suzie Q
  8. Thanks Jono , That kayak activity sounds just great - will surely do it - it is noted in my agenda. Leaving tomorrow for the long flight and really looking forward to some great times. Merci et au revoir ! Suzie
  9. Hello AJ, We are actually in a camper van 21ft - with us 4 . Driving to Wellington this Friday - Taking the ferry Saturday then.... We had intention to do Abel Tasman for 2-3 days ...but right now the weather looks terrible( we will check out Nelson) - so we may continue closer to Queenstown. We do have a cruise in Milford Fjords booked ...so again good ! I will look up Routerburn and Queen Charlotte track if you say it's worth it. Otago trail also sounds grand . We have a great restaurateur and caterer here in Montreal, Vaughan Chittock , a great KIWI from Otago - so it is a must ! Should we go all the way down to the southern tip ? It is so nice of you to help ! hope to see you at the race on the 18th . Let's keep in touch.
  10. Thank you so much for that info ! Sounds like a memorable day ! Suzie Q
  11. I am assuming that Jona and Alcatraz are.....one and only :-) We are not members of a Yacht Club ...but the Montreal girls have sailed on Lake Champlain in U.S. and the Georgian Bay girls have cruised the Trent Severn Waterways. And we are all following the Volvo Ocean Race and knew that the ultimate place to go to see it was Auckland NZ. I leave tomorrow , arriving Friday ...hoping for the weather to stabilise and and get better to tour the south island. Will touch base for sure as we move closer to Auckland !
  12. Thank you Alcatraz5768 .....that is what we have opted to do. Merci ! Suzie Q
  13. That sounds just GRAND! Thank you for sharing. I am sure we will see some great sailing with the current boats with some of the winning AC Kiwis on board ! ! We decided to take the Tour offered by Explore - on one of the AC 12meter boats - watching the Volvo Ocean Race in Auckland from an America’s Cup boat.....as good as it gets! Vamos Mapfre ⛵️⚓️ Suzie Q
  14. Thank you Alcatraz5768 .....that is what we have opted to do. Merci ! Suzie Q
  15. Thank you for the precious info - we will look into those possibilities. Suzie Q