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  1. Midwestmike

    F18 worlds 2018

    With f18 worlds starting up here in the next few days I decided to start a topic on it. Anything related to the event could be discussed here. I will be down the Saturday night after wrapping up another regatta. Let me know who’s coming and where you’re coming from. Best of luck out there. Also I know there’s already a thread on this.
  2. Midwestmike

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Hi all, this thread is filled with awesome people that seem very helpful. I’ll be down at Lakewood yacht club this weekend for high school doublehand nationals. Flying down Friday from Minnesota and hope to see some UFOs down there. I’d love to see some foiling as foilers are scarce in Minnesota lakes due to the weeds.
  3. Midwestmike

    Building a Foiling Beach Catamaran

    Damn admiral bang bang is back at it
  4. Midwestmike

    F18 world 2018

    Yes i will be there. Sailing my first F18 worlds this year coming from Minnesota. We will be racing in a new infusion Mk. 3 with the decksweeper. The boat comes in July and we will be learning the ropes of the decksweeper upon its arrival. Excited to sail the event.
  5. Midwestmike

    F18 world 2018

    Summer is soon approaching as is F18 worlds in Sarasota in October. Who will be there? What’s the scoop?
  6. Midwestmike

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Also, a knife is a great thing to have with you. While you may be on a less sporty boat then say a f18 it can still come in clutch and save the day.
  7. Midwestmike

    RS Cat 14 Question

    May not be the best idea to tie yourself to a runaway cat. Drowning is easy at even low speeds. Similar to why falling off a boat offshore and being teathered on is dangerous as you will quickly drown.
  8. Midwestmike

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Runaway boats is not a fun thing. Speaking from experience many things can happen to cause you to lose your boat. It can easily happen when righting a cat after a capsize and if you cannot get on quick enough you can be dragged and the boat will keep running. Now falling off your boat is not super likely it can happen. Since multihulls are generally extremely stable this is always a possibility and there is litter you can do. Now I can’t speak to the RS cat 14 but I know most will continue on. Edit: I just looked up the RS cat and it seems to have weighted Hulls like a hobie wave. Now it may eventually tip it may go for a nice long run before it does.
  9. Midwestmike

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    My only real question is where is an 11 year old gonna come up with $1500
  10. Midwestmike

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    I think I saw an ac50 on the market for a good price
  11. Midwestmike

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    People have been saying laser 2 the whole time you troll. I’m serious though about sailing 420 and opti
  12. Midwestmike

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    18 foot skiff, my buddy In Connecticut is selling his for $1,000. Fits perfect on any car and easy to launch
  13. Midwestmike

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    I didn’t mean to say tf10
  14. Midwestmike

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    With the lighter weight epoxy nacra has been able to add more structural strength by adding more.
  15. Midwestmike

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    As of October 2018 (right in time for worlds) the epoxy style hull will be class legal.