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  1. Based on this logic Burling and Ashby deserve no credit for ENTZs win in AC35. Patrizio the Poodle and his team deserve all the credit because it was their X-box trimmer device that proved decisive. Any of us scrubs here on SA could of crewed that boat to a win. WetHog
  2. Keep on trying. One day you might succeed but I doubt it. WetHog
  3. Because he led the greatest come back in America's Cup history, if not sport. His opinon matters just like DC's does after his slow fade into mediocrity in the last two Cup editions in NZ. And no matter how hard Kiwi's bitch and whine that he is irrelevant, he very much is and will be for the foreseeable future.. WetHog
  4. JS sat at that podium during AC34 and kept saying his team had a chance down 8 to whatever and then he led them back for arguably the biggest comeback in professional sports. Like it or not that is why his opinion matters. He did what few, including everyone on this site, have done before. Nothing that happened in AC35, or said on this site after AC35, will change that no matter how hard you Kiwi's try. WetHog
  5. Things will become much clearer once the protocol and boat rule are made official. Especially in regards to previous challengers like Artemis and BAR. WetHog
  6. You said it, at the moment. Not sure the protocol will matter much. It comes down to public interest and willingness of people with deep pockets to foot the bill. Not a lot of both in the US at this moment. WetHog
  7. America now, in regards to the AC, is not the same place as America after '83. I can only see 1 challenge at the most and even that is no guarantee. Especially considering there hasn't been a peep out of anyone affiliated with the NYYC. One would think they would be chomping at the bit to bring the Cup back to its rightful home, like they were after the Kiwi's won in '95, which would mean drumming up support through the American sailing community or at least announcing themselves as a potential challenger eager for the protocol to be released. But nothing and it only seems logical to use the NYYC as a barometer of American interest in challenging for the Cup. WetHog
  8. That explains why the Indian wasn't mentioned. WetHog
  9. I brought up Read because he has extensive AC experience, built and managed competitive/successful big boat campaigns in two Puma VOR's and Comanche and he is a very charismatic figure so he should be able to drum up sponsors and keep them happy. Being President of North Sails doesn't hurt either. Also, because he is 1 year older than Coutts, I did not bring up Read because I expected him to be on the boat. Stop trying to read other peoples minds because you suck at it. And, to you and only you, its Sir WetHog. WetHog
  10. I said I came on here to see if there was talk to back up Cleans post. So not necessarily taking his word as gospel. Just so happens people are talking about someone chartering Comanche from Clark. A lot of smoke it appears. WetHog
  11. Well my fondness for Clark is more because he hired Ken Read and they built a pretty good program in Comanche. I don't know much about the DeVos family accept they have had success in the TP52 Super Series. Having said that, the Orlando Magic has been a joke of a franchise for some time now. If they can't build a winning NBA team in a tax haven like Orlando then I don't have much faith they can step up to the big time sailing wise and win the Cup for the USA. Love to be proven wrong though. WetHog
  12. Indeed. There is talk in the StoH thread in Ocean Anarchy about Comanche being chartered, but nothing else I can find. WetHog
  13. Clean has a post in a ACA thread saying that Jim Clark is out of sailing and sold Comanche. Came in this thread looking for info to back up his post and saw this. Whoever Croaky is, maybe he bought it? Or if he is chartering it then he isn't chartering it from Clark. WetHog
  14. Well that sucks. A Jim Clark financed, and Ken Read skippered, challenge is the only hope I had for a credible American entry into AC36. Exactly. One of the bad ass boats ripping up the ocean over the last 3-4 years has been sold and the owner who financed its birth not only sold Comanche but, since he is out of sailing, has sold his J-Class Endeavour II replica Hanuman and no news on SA or any other sailing rag. WetHog
  15. When talking about potential American challengers, how come no one mentions Jim Clark? Being the owner and driving force behind such sailing programs as Hanuman and Comanche and having a net worth of 2 billion should make him a legit possibility to head a credible American challenger, IMO. So long as he has the desire and will. WetHog