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  1. WetHog


  2. WetHog

    Second US Team

    For what its worth: WetHog
  3. WetHog

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Sorry, forgot to provide finishing info: WetHog-SA 1155th 5,578.8nm 15d 11h 24m 54s WetHog
  4. Yeah, keel fins and keel bulbs were all interchangeable so them sitting like that doesn't mean they can't sail again but the likelihood of that is remote. Especially 84/92 considering their condition. WetHog
  5. I've never seen detailed photos of the cockpit and I remember comments from competitors of the LV Pacific Series, who weren't BMWO members, comment that they were surprised to see innovations incorporated into the cockpits of USA 87 and USA98 that they never thought of. Ever since then I"ve been interested in cockpit photos whenever people like you are able to photo old AC boats. I can understand the state of 84/92 because they weren't Cup winning boats, but they were damn good boats all around. Would think they were at least worthy of being tourist boats on the Gulf. Oh well. Anyway, thank you. I appreciate the effort. I wonder why 38 is well preserved. Wasn't that the one NZL used for the majority of the LVC back in '95 then switched to 32 for the final? Also, I would think 60 would be held in higher regard than it is considering it is the only non-USA boat to successfully defend the Cup. What ETNZ does with their Cup winning AC50 may shed light in their feelings towards their old winning boats. And thanks for the video of 32 getting placed in the maritime museum. Cool stuff. WetHog
  6. See I am the opposite. I prefer the all black of NZL 60 over the ‘95 boats. Complete bad ass. And the AC32 till now ETNZ boats are fugly. ETNZ had the market cornered on cool with the all black boats and the silver ferns. But I am a simple guy when it comes to AC boat paint jobs. Accept for USA 36. WetHog
  7. Found this picture of NZL-60 while looking up something else. WetHog
  8. WetHog

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Great looking boat. Wish the AC36 boats were a version of this. WetHog
  9. Thanks for the pic. Can you get some pictures of the cockpits? And yeah that can't be USA 98. Hull shape is wrong and last I heard of that boat USA 98 and USA 87 were for sale as a package along with containers of gear. WetHog
  10. WetHog

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    I was never thrilled with multi-hulls in the AC. DoG match is one thing, full Challenger regatta, I wasn't a big fan. So I wasn't disappointed when GD and The Poodle were saying mono-hull. But what is the point of going mono-hull if the hull will never touch the water, or should never touch the water, during racing? Mono-hull doesn't appear to be a more efficient platform to foil at that size compared to multi-hulls. And GD can say multi-hull is a niche part of the sport all he wants but how many average Joe's are sailing boats that look like a JC75? None. So GD and The Poodle are creating their own niche of the sport. If they wanted mono-hull to get the AC back to the sailing masses then they should of went the TP52 route. It would of been cheaper, it would of attracted more than 1 and 1/2 teams at this point and it would of been a true mono-hull. Instead, hypocrisy rules the day and maybe we'll get a decent regatta out of the JC75 but maybe we won't. Just disappointing for those of us who miss the days of AC32 with a large Challenger fleet and a lot of cool mono-hulls being revealed and tested. Guess we just need to finally accept that those days are gone forever. WetHog
  11. WetHog

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    This is a serious question. How is the JC75 the "best of both worlds"? Based on animations of the JC75 it looks like the only reason its a mono hull is because Patrizio the Poodle wanted a mono hull. Multi-hull still looks like the most efficient platform for boats that size to foil. Or am I wrong? Another serious question, how are the JC75 going to be lowered into the water? Drawings in the venue thread shows a crane similar to what was needed to launch an AC50. Looks more like cranes are a necessity rather than just silly. WetHog
  12. WetHog

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    Established team or not, both were defacto surrogates for another AC team. That is indisputable and my point. WetHog
  13. WetHog

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    What is the countdown time for going stealth? Sounds like fun. WetHog
  14. WetHog

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    No expert but you make me look smart on a regular basis. Thank you. WetHog