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  1. Both LR and Artemis were late launching their lone, or 2nd, AC72's during AC34 and how did that work out for them? Why would things be any different for S+S? WetHog
  2. So back to S+S, as much as I'd love a 2nd US team isn't it past time for them to pull the plug? All 4 legit teams have launched their boats when they did for a reason. S+S's only boat being reportedly 50% done at this point would suggest there is zero chance they can even be a field filler at this point for AC36. WetHog
  3. WetHog

    Team NZ

    Can't see how that would work but I have no idea what the rules are. Suppose The Diamond has an answer. WetHog
  4. WetHog

    Team NZ

    Don’t worry, Renny. Some Kiwi diamond thingy will save the day. All I got is time. These are the boats, and they look cool, but there is this matter of guillotine shaped foil apparatuses that will be at crew height on boats that, as Ashby says, are highly maneuverable. Then there is how fast the boats will be traveling. AC35 in the AC 50s was nothing but 30 minute drag races, follow the leader. Was hoping monohulls would bring back some real close quarters match racing but clearly that will be impossible. The boats will have to be 15 feet, at least, away from each other at all times. Hopefully in the near future there will be some video of these boats showing maneuverability. And, ultimately, I hope to be proven wrong. WetHog
  5. WetHog


    I'd bet a Luger could see the potential in that thing. WetHog
  6. WetHog

    Team NZ

    First, excellent pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Second, this picture best illustrates my main issue with this boat. Look how far that foil is sticking out past the side of the boat. Looks to be around 10 feet or more. Clearly there will have to be a buffer zone mandated for safety when these boats are racing. So that means zero close match racing but how will this buffer zone be enforced? On water officials or do they put sensors on the end of the foil arms somehow so something in the cockpit lights up telling the crew they are getting to close to another boar? Or a combination of the two? WetHog
  7. WetHog


    Think outside the box or think of a box? WetHog
  8. WetHog


    No link but you can see a drone flying over that thing in Renny’s video. So someone has drone footage. WetHog
  9. WetHog


    Man, that fucker is odd. There is drone footage. Not sure if that’s good or bad. WetHog
  10. WetHog


    Britannia? Can we call it Tannia for short? It looks like a Tanya you'd find in Glen Burnie, MD. My initial observation is that it looked like a staple puller but upon reflection, and considering the title sponsor, it looks like an oil barge. All joking aside, that SOB is radical to be sure. And I'd imagine it handles like a barge in displacement mode. Have to think this is a true trial horse and boat 2 will be more conventional, if you can use that word with these boats. WetHog
  11. WetHog


    WTF? It looks like a staple puller. WetHog
  12. WetHog

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    As a local, no they don't. We have enough out of towners with the Academy who can't figure out circles and don't understand what crosswalks are for. We don't need more. I don't eat crabs but Davis's Pub in Eastport is a favorite for crab cakes for my Wife although we both haven't been down there in a couple years. McGarvey's was my go to place before kids. Great burgers and chicken wings, an actual bar, its located by the market house across from the harbor. Rams Head Tavern on West St just north of Church Circle (look for the church at the top of Main St) has good food and brews their own beer. Do not go to Buddy's Crabs and Ribs. Also, as was said in a previous post, Cantler's just east of Annapolis is where to go for anything crab related. Mike's Crab House in Riva on the South River is also a good place to go for crab cakes according to my wife. Like Cantler's its about 10 minutes outside downtown but in the opposite direction. Finally, Rocco's Pizza in Bay Ridge is the best pizza in town. Downtown Annapolis has changed a lot food wise, IMO. Someone mentioning the Fleet Reserve Club is a prime example, and humorous to me since I spent a lot of time in there as a kid when it was restricted to just Navy vets. A lot of the good places to eat are under new management (like McGarvey's and even Chick & Ruth's) or gone (Riordan's, Griffin's and all the good food vendors in the Market House) and what is left caters to tourists mostly. So thats why the real good places, like Cantler's, are outside Annapolis. WetHog
  13. WetHog

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    No pinning against the start line if one boat is early? You very well may be right but then again none of us have seen these boats perform anywhere near what they will have to perform at once race time comes. I just can't see how getting an opponent off their foils can't be a viable tactic. The 3 boats we've seen so far have chosen their hull shapes for a reason. AM at one end of the spectrum and ETNZ at the other with LR in the middle. My guess is AM feels as you do with ETNZ, at least with boat 1, feeling different. Hull shapes of boat 2 will tell the tale. WetHog
  14. WetHog

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Still got the fracker to splash but, yes, flipper’s flippers are on their own path. Hull shape appears to this non-sailor to be a factor as well. The boats can’t be towed on to their foils when the racing starts and I think one boat trying to get another boat off it’s foils during the pre-start is a viable tactic, as of now, if one hull design shows to not be stable in displacement mode. WetHog