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      Sailing Anarchy is a very lightly moderated site. This is by design, to afford a more free atmosphere for discussion. There are plenty of sailing forums you can go to where swearing isn't allowed, confrontation is squelched and, and you can have a moderator finger-wag at you for your attitude. SA tries to avoid that and allow for more adult behavior without moderators editing your posts and whacking knuckles with rulers. We don't have a long list of published "thou shalt nots" either, and this is by design. Too many absolute rules paints us into too many corners. So check the Terms of Service - there IS language there about certain types of behavior that is not permitted. We interpret that lightly and permit a lot of latitude, but we DO reserve the right to take action when something is too extreme to tolerate (too racist, graphic, violent, misogynistic, etc.). Yes, that is subjective, but it allows us discretion. Avoiding a laundry list of rules allows for freedom; don't abuse it. However there ARE a few basic rules that will earn you a suspension, and apparently a brief refresher is in order. 1) Allegations of pedophilia - there is no tolerance for this. So if you make allegations, jokes, innuendo or suggestions about child molestation, child pornography, abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors etc. about someone on this board you will get a time out. This is pretty much automatic; this behavior can have real world effect and is not acceptable. Obviously the subject is not banned when discussion of it is apropos, e.g. talking about an item in the news for instance. But allegations or references directed at or about another poster is verboten. 2) Outing people - providing real world identifiable information about users on the forums who prefer to remain anonymous. Yes, some of us post with our real names - not a problem to use them. However many do NOT, and if you find out someone's name keep it to yourself, first or last. This also goes for other identifying information too - employer information etc. You don't need too many pieces of data to figure out who someone really is these days. Depending on severity you might get anything from a scolding to a suspension - so don't do it. I know it can be confusing sometimes for newcomers, as SA has been around almost twenty years and there are some people that throw their real names around and their current Display Name may not match the name they have out in the public. But if in doubt, you don't want to accidentally out some one so use caution, even if it's a personal friend of yours in real life. 3) Posting While Suspended - If you've earned a timeout (these are fairly rare and hard to get), please observe the suspension. If you create a new account (a "Sock Puppet") and return to the forums to post with it before your suspension is up you WILL get more time added to your original suspension and lose your Socks. This behavior may result a permanent ban, since it shows you have zero respect for the few rules we have and the moderating team that is tasked with supporting them. Check the Terms of Service you agreed to; they apply to the individual agreeing, not the account you created, so don't try to Sea Lawyer us if you get caught. Just don't do it. Those are the three that will almost certainly get you into some trouble. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE DO ONE OF THESE THINGS, please do the following: Refrain from quoting the offending text, it makes the thread cleanup a pain in the rear Press the Report button; it is by far the best way to notify Admins as we will get e-mails. Calling out for Admins in the middle of threads, sending us PM's, etc. - there is no guarantee we will get those in a timely fashion. There are multiple Moderators in multiple time zones around the world, and anyone one of us can handle the Report and all of us will be notified about it. But if you PM one Mod directly and he's off line, the problem will get dealt with much more slowly. Other behaviors that you might want to think twice before doing include: Intentionally disrupting threads and discussions repeatedly. Off topic/content free trolling in threads to disrupt dialog Stalking users around the forums with the intent to disrupt content and discussion Repeated posting of overly graphic or scatological porn content. There are plenty web sites for you to get your freak on, don't do it here. And a brief note to Newbies... No, we will not ban people or censor them for dropping F-bombs on you, using foul language, etc. so please don't report it when one of our members gives you a greeting you may find shocking. We do our best not to censor content here and playing swearword police is not in our job descriptions. Sailing Anarchy is more like a bar than a classroom, so handle it like you would meeting someone a little coarse - don't look for the teacher. Thanks.


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  1. Don't hold your breath. Clean has made promises in this regard before and I don't even remember what it was its been so long... WetHog
  2. Ah the master and his loyal poodle. How cute. WetHog
  3. You usually get where I am coming from? Well that is a surprise to read. I"ll just leave it at that. As for Stinger, our paths diverged after Bermuda was chosen for the defense so I can only go back to what I remember from AC34, and I surely don't remember the drunk post you brought up. Anyway, I will now butt out of the conversation. WetHog
  4. Also interesting to note that the bolded is wrong. Its important that you actually know AC history if you are going to try and have a witty take on it. WetHog
  5. If ETNZ/RNZYS chose a different COR than LR I'd have more faith that they would organize a legit regatta. But they didn't so I voted for 2 months. WetHog
  6. They had at least one in port race for the VOR a couple cycles ago. So its doable. Then again, looking at the VOR replay of that race the harbor is a lot tighter than I remember. Go to 14:37 for the race course graphics: It looks to be a lot tighter than BDA, WetHog
  7. Ken Read is a sailing icon in the US? Not so sure about that. Having said that, Reid would be my first choice to be CEO of a true American challenge. He has Cup experience, he ran two pretty successful VOR campaigns and is curretly running Jim Clark's boats in Comanche and Hanuman. He also is high up in North Sails. Reid has sailing organzational skills. What about Terry Hutchinson? Haven't heard much from Casper since The Stache booted him out of Artemis back during AC34. I would think he has some unfinished buisness with the AC, and a score to settle. I wonder if in the slim chance ETNZ goes back to mono's if Hutchinson would/could flip his Quantum sailing team into the AC. WetHog
  8. Yeah you are as hard as a case of the Trotz. As for worthy COR, you are joking right? Probably not. ETNZ's poodle is back where it belongs. Sniffing ETNZ's ass and trying to keep up. WetHog
  9. That works too. I also am intrigued with an upgraded version of those 18ft skiffs. I've been around here going on 10 years and I missed the memo on the 50 post threshold to talk shit. Its always been show your tits and have at it. But if there were to be a post count 500+ posts seems right. You're almost there. Also, spell checking people is so bad ass. WetHog
  10. How about a variation of this for AC36? WetHog
  11. I don't remember it that way. We, including Stinger, were pretty humble about the win. And looking back over old posts I didn't see any shit talking, at least from the regular OR fans on here, but feel free to prove me wrong. I provided a link for you to start your search: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/forum/23-americas-cup-anarchy/&page=12 I was falling all over myself in praise for the racing looking back over those threads. I was a chump. Ding dong the witch OR-BDA is dead. WetHog
  12. Yeah but you have to dress like this to sail for them: You mean good old CNEV: Better than a car on a beach though. WetHog
  13. I was initially responding to a ETNZ fan that was talking shit. Specifically making fun of OR when, despite todays result, the shadow of the AC34 choke still looms large. NZ is supposedly home to true sportsmanship and I am just calling out shit talkers when I see it. Not sure how JS is the biggest choker ever. Hes won the thing twice and got boat speeded this time. Hes a dick but his legacy is secure, in a good way. As for the rest, harden the fuck up, puss. WetHog
  14. I read in one of the NZ rags last week that if ETNZ win they will defend on the waterfront in Auckland. Not out in the gulf so spectators don't have to take a boat out in the gulf to watch it. Can't remember where I read that or I would provide a link. WetHog
  15. I hope so as well. After 2007 I'd expect nothing les. But then 2013 happened so their is doubt. WetHog