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  1. Sorry, but when I saw the boats with LV on their wings during the Cup final instead of the Cup image it really pissed me off. Blame RC and Uncle Larry if you want but Louis Vuitton played a part in that as well. No fan of a Red Bull taking LV's place either, but after decades of sponsorship by LV its time to move on to something more suitable than high priced hand bags for a premier sailing event, IMO. WetHog
  2. Indeed. I was in a bitchy mood when I made that post. It happens. WetHog
  3. Tom Ehman is on the record saying OR used the font used before Alinghi won in 2003 and defended in 2007, but whatever. Far from an Alinghi fan, but if you win you get to scratch your name in the Cup however you want, within reason, IMO. If there are differences in font size its a difference only noticeable if you get up close. No big deal. Having said that, whats preventing RNZYS/ETNZ from re-doing questionable engravings made by a previous Defender? They are supposed to bring honor and intergrity back to the Cup right? Then fix it. I expected some braggadocio from ETNZ fans if they won the Cup but between bitching about herbie 4 years after the fact, and now bitching over font size on the Cup, you Kiwi's are now dabbling in bitchadocio. WetHog
  4. This has been my argument for a while now and all I get from Indio and his tin foil hat wearing friends is GD and everyone else involved with AC34 have been muzzled by an NDA. Sure. WetHog
  5. Looking at the start of the 2nd leg of Leg 0 I remembered the VOR on Virtual Regatta a bunch of us participated in during the last edition of the VOR. I then went on the Virtual Regatta website and saw they are not doing a VOR Leg 0 this time around. Anyone know why? I remember starting in the middle of Leg 0 last time so I expected one for this edition. WetHog
  6. Whatever comes out with the protocol and boat rule I hope Louis Vuitton is dumped as primary sponsor. Its time to move on from fancy handbags. WetHog
  7. People make to much of the idiot Trump. He is all talk and thats it. "Checks and Balances" prevents him from doing anything catastrophic. But non-American's, and a good chunk of actual American's, not well versed in our Constitution don't understand that and they take what the idiot Trump says at face value. Its very annoying, especially on a sailing website. I am not well versed in the internal politics of countries like Italy, Britain, New Zealand and any other country represented at times on this site, so I don't comment on it. Others on this site should take the same approach. PA hijack over. WetHog
  8. I don't. He is a tough SOB and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. I wouldn't mind seeing him head a US Challenger. Just sticking up for my country. We get labeled as cocky bullies way to much on here. GD is an example that even Kiwi's can be cocky pricks when they want to be. WetHog
  9. Not necessary. They just need to follow GD's sterling example while being presented with the Cup in Bermuda. Magnanimous indeed. WetHog
  10. Much like those that believe the US never landed on the moon, and Lee Harvey didn't act alone, you will never convince Indio that the system was legal. No matter what. I appreciate the effort though. WetHog
  11. Yeah seems dumb to think that was just parking in that location in retrospect. Oh well. No other option it seems but by that tank farm. I'd imagine that would be a tough job to clean up the tanks in a timely and financially friendly time frame in a place like nuclear free New Zealand, right? Would ETNZ/RNZYC allow lack of venue options dictate the type of boat? OR proved team bases can be erected with a minimal footprint and infrastructure. But only with boats designed to fit in sea containers. A monohull won't work with that set up. Oh wait, an RC44 does WetHog
  12. I can only speak for myself, but I wouldn't consider it a waste of time if the team I led just choked away an 8-1 lead to a team using an illegal device. And you won't admit it but you know GD wouldn't have thought it a waste of time either. WetHog
  13. 1st time in this thread so I am not up on the current proposals, but what about here? Nice pier being used for parking that happens to be next to a hub of tourism and across the street from the NZ Maritime School. Seems like a good spot, or is it to close to the commercial piers? Other than this, where Luna Rosa had their temporary base when they put their AC72 together is the only other place to make sense. Where was that, that tank farm pier by the viaduct? WetHog
  14. He wasn't gagged after AC34 was over and before he became an official challenger for AC35. Shit, GD and his side kick Sad Max Sirena were calling OR cheats prior to the Cup match. What was keeping them from doing the same while that 8-1 lead got chipped away? Nothing. WetHog
  15. But the one person who would question that come back, if it was questionable, is Grant Dalton. Especially after all the chirping he did during AC34. Yet he has never questioned the circumstances behind OR's come back. Not once. Why is that? WetHog