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  1. WetHog

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    If mustard yellow appendages cant make LR boats look bad nothing can. Good looking boat. WetHog
  2. WetHog

    Team NYYC

    Hate to break it to you but Casper is American. WetHog
  3. WetHog

    INEOS Team GB

    Looks like they are drawing on the centuries of British ship building for this beauty. WetHog
  4. WetHog

    INEOS Team GB

    Now that’s a keel. Damn, that’s tough to look at. WetHog
  5. WetHog

    INEOS Team GB

    It’s a ship of the line, a 3 decker! WetHog
  6. WetHog

    INEOS Team GB

    Did the Brits actually build a building? Doesn’t look like they are using tents like AM and LR. I went looking in the venue thread but didn’t find any recent info WetHog
  7. WetHog

    INEOS Team GB

    It looks like a shoe horn from that angle. WetHog
  8. WetHog

    Team NYYC

    It’s weird watching an AC video featuring an American team and hearing a majority of American accents coming from the sailing team members. Refreshing. WetHog
  9. WetHog

    Team NYYC

    Man, that looked rough. Another example that it takes a certain level of balls to ride these boats. Respect. WetHog
  10. WetHog

    Team NYYC

    What’s the life span of the foil arms? Infinite or will the stress and strain start to weaken the structure? Will the teams make through this Cup cycle on one set of arms or will they switch out old for new when the real racing starts? WetHog
  11. WetHog

    Team NYYC

    The answer to your second question is yes. WetHog
  12. WetHog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    This reminds me of something a wise man once said, “I want me some glory hole”. WetHog
  13. WetHog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I hope all the lads on the boat are ok. WetHog
  14. WetHog

    Team NYYC

    The truth hurts. WetHog