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  1. windfinder

    What went wrong with my tooside painting?

    Has the vinyl wrap held up well?
  2. windfinder


    $30k for this? Wow.....just wow.
  3. windfinder

    Bottom paint for fresh water

    I've used the SeaHawk ablative that's made for fresh water. Or at least recommended by Fisheries Supply for freshwater use. It has kept the slime to a minimum. I'll definitely use it again going forward. And it's not too pricey as far as bottom paints go.
  4. windfinder

    Bavaria's approx 10 years old?

    I have a '99 Bavaria 35E. I'm very happy with the performance and build quality. The shortcomings are only very few. By the mid 2000s the build quality (at least interiors) had changed quite a bit. I'm not concerned about the restructuring of the Bavaria Yacht Co. (it's not actually a bankruptcy). They'll restructure with new equity partners and a couple of the divisions are quite profitable. Those that know the build differences between Bavaria's and other production boats like Bene and Catalina will tell you these are a cut above. As a standard cruising boat, it's hard to beat.