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  1. Thats too bad that the RS Vision is discontinued. I like this dinghy a lot. Our club purchased 5x about 2 years ago. I guess the club knew at the time of that purchase that the Vision was out of production. The wikipedia page for the RS VIsion does not mention that they are no longer being built. I tried a number of Internet searches about the RS Vision being cancelled and did not turn anything reference. Hence this post to sailing anarchy. So thanks for your response. I have recently seen a few used Visions for sale. No mention anywhere on the Internet to advise prospective owners that the Vision is out of print and it has no future as a class dinghy. Was there any offical announcment, or just a quiet fade away into the night? Thanks, Andrew
  2. Does anyone have an update on the future of the RS Sailing RS Vision dinghy?