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  1. apophenia

    Flying through John Wayne airport Orange County

    The waxed TP sheets seem useless until you are in Fiji and all the fluffy TP squares are stuck together in one humid mass. I guess the locals must use the ocean like a bidet?
  2. apophenia

    Flying through John Wayne airport Orange County

    OC is such a special place.
  3. I’m not seeing the asshole angle. Dude in his 70s didn’t walk out on crackling ice with kids, who had life vests and a line. I know enough about hypothermia that I wouldn’t walk out on ice to save a million dollar boat. More money can be obtained, extra lives only exist in video games. I was surprised to see the quoted value of $250k or more, but apparently that’s what those Little Harbor 53s go for. Must have been a nice boat, but not my style.
  4. apophenia

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    I have no idea what speed we hit because we lacked instruments (and common sense and good judgment), but I’m sure my top speed so far in a J was in the mid 1990s, shooting the East River rapids as we moved an elderly J/24 from Long Island Sound to the Hudson. Technically, we were under power, though the motor mainly gave us a tiny bit of steerage in the frothy water. Sails were down, IIRC, which may have been one of the few good decisions we made that day. Currently looking for a ride on a J/105 in the SF Bay.
  5. It is a ton of fun when you take someone who is interested in sailing, and they teach themselves how to trim a jib. Young Chinese women are worth considering. There are more middle class Chinese people than there are Americans. And with effectively free labor, sailing could look like a very attractive and fashionable hobby. American brands convey social status, so you could turn Catalinas or Olsons into revered cult objects, similar to Lotus 7s.
  6. apophenia

    what are they?

    Clearly lifted from MOMA’s long term storage to trade for an Oligarch’s shiny new TP52.
  7. apophenia

    Harken Sun Screen

    Did someone figure out how to make sunscreen out of dark energy?
  8. apophenia

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    A book of rules is only part of a legal system. You need some sort of mechanism of enforcement or the rules are just funny little scratches on paper. Sailing is about many things, to many people. If you want to play by the rules, find a group that follows the rules to the letter and protests violations. Sail strict one design. If you want something more casual, you can find that too. “Cheating” is just as much a social construction as “rules” are. Without rules, there is no cheating, by definition.
  9. In software / coding competitions, we often have a prize for Best Abuse of Rules. And then the rules are immediately amended to close the loophole.
  10. Protest is invalid. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/sydney-to-hobart-wild-oats-xi-tastes-sweet-redemption-to-claim-ninth-line-honours/news-story/b6547ab1c0185993cc20414c72e4efce
  11. apophenia

    onboard coffee??

    Speaking of coffee snobbery, I’m still getting used to living in the SF Bay Area. We have fancy drip here that sells for more than the really good indie espresso up in Seattle. IDGI I’ve taken my Brikka (the Moka with a weight) aboard rentals for daysails. Was very popular with the rest of the crew. If I were doing it again, I’d take a regular Moka. As others have suggested, I’d rather focus on sailing when on the water than coffee. Tea in a Zonjrushi thermos works extremely well, but so far Midwinters racing hasn’t been cold enough for me to prefer hot tea over water beer. If I was doing long distance sailing, I’d probably go with a bag of cheap Oolong from Ranch 99 (cheap, tasty) and the Zoji. Simple, tasty, moderate caffeine, easy on the stomach if you drink the stuff all day. Added bonus I’ve discovered on vacation in the tropics: the Zoji will keep cold water cold all day long. > Chocolate covered coffee beans... you can get a bag of Cacao beans (not nibs) for cheap. High in caffeine, but a few beans will give you a headache. The only easier way to ingest caffeine is Japanese Black-Black candy or gum. But that stuff can be hard to find if you don’t have a good Japanese market nearby.
  12. apophenia

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    There are a lot of engineers with a lot of money in the SF Bay area. A semi-open one design class with open sensors and automation could result in some very interesting developments. Plenty of interesting competitions ranging from beercans to offshore racing to hawaii and maybe even shallow foiling in the south bay (drop off the foils and you loes them to the mud). Building Internet-scale software has it's place, but there is something genuinely fun about coding a small system with a handful of sensor inputs. If a Raspberry Pi isn't sufficient to drive a foiling boat, a small network of them probably are. If you want GPU level computation, then there are compact mobile boards for that that cost under a grand. Pitch sponsorship to Google and Uber and you are done.
  13. apophenia

    Pac Cup 2018

    Foiling Figaro sounds a lot better than Figaro with whispy leeboards.
  14. apophenia

    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    Crew on one of the California to Hawaii races Multi-day solo race Island hop in a fast boat Develop enough skill to be "comfortable" in extreme weather / seas (where comfortable means I'm not catatonic with fear and able to make slightly above average decisions) I live in Silicon Valley and am very interested in one of the cruising Pogos. Deciding whether to pull the trigger on one, and getting it from there to here would itself be an accomplishment. For now, I'm just sane enough to prefer to sail on OPBs. But I suspect age will take it's toll and I will end up with something mind-boggling fast.