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  1. apophenia

    Mast Climber

  2. apophenia

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    It seems strange that they leaked the payoff. If they wanted to find the perpetrators, I would think they would want to keep their lips tightly shut. I imagine the FBI would only give the go-ahead as a way to track down a major criminal outfit. Or maybe Garmin has kissed the ring and truly does not care.
  3. Not my style at all, but this seems like a powerboater who is aware of windage and sailing. He put up a mast because it's fun and a little romantic, but has no illusions about actually relying on the sails to get the boat from place to place. Filling up the 550 gal tank with diesel may put a stop to ambitious youtubers though.
  4. apophenia

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    The thing about Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency generally, is that it is not anonymous. Much like this place, it's pseudonymous. You have an identity here, but it's your responsibility to keep it disconnected from your real world identity. If you pay someone in BTC, you make a transaction to their bitcoin address. If they want to move the money, they need to make a transaction to a new address. Each new address is an opportunity to slip up and connect with a real world identity. Moving stolen funds into a numbered account is extremely foolish - you've just connected your pot of gold with a crime via a public ledger. In order to obtain your funds, you need to find some way to launder your BTC that breaks all connections between the transaction and you.
  5. apophenia

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    IF Garmin is just decrypting their files and returning to business as usual, that is very bad. The attackers could easily have slipped more malware into Garmin's systems. This could range from subtle firmware tweaks that will go unnoticed for years to outages-on-demand for the networked products. I wouldn't want to be sailing along in the SF Bay when my AIS decides that my boat actually identifies as a PLAN Ballistic Missile Sub. If Garmin paid the ransom in order to track down the thieves then I hope the thieves have a contingency plan for bone saws.
  6. apophenia

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    Hiring a lawyer over a $20k issue sounds like a good way to ensure your favorite lawyer can make her boat payments. Which may be an excellent strategy if she’s got a cool boat and likes to invite you to crew. A good lawyer should cost around $300-$400 an hour. Budget for $400 and four hours per person. That’s twelve hours total, $4,800. Suggest to the group that $15k is a good value for the boat (less the assumed lawyer’s fees), but if you don’t hire lawyers, $20k split three ways. If everyone agrees, WRITE IT DOWN AND SIGN THE DAMN NAPKIN. Then initiate funds & title transfer. Or just sit quietly and wait for the inevitable auction when marina fees go unpaid long enough. To win this, you need to convince your partners that you are either sufficiently generous or enough of an asshole that they would rather take your deal than go to court or continue bickering. As much as I enjoy holding grudges, generosity is usually the cheaper and easier path, in the long run.
  7. apophenia

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    Your friend should figure out how much the remaining 2/3 share of the boat is worth to himself and then make that offer. Let the dust settle before inviting in anyone else to the mess.
  8. apophenia

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    It's important to know if Garmin paid the ransom, and whether they just "unlocked" things and went back to business as usual. If Garmin paid the ransom, that's concerning, unless an unfortunate group of hackers is found in ~6 months, diced into small pieces with the telltale gnawings of a bone saw. If they paid the ransom and went back to business as usual, then prudence requires that we assume that Garmin's network products are compromised and all future firmware updates are compromised. I'm not even worried about data loss at this point, though that is obviously a concern. I'm more worried about hackers making tiny tweaks to firmware to do their bidding. I can't see myself ever buying a Garmin product or upgrade again. The only valid solutions are to go back to a safe old backup, or build the system back from known good sources and trusted vendor binaries.
  9. apophenia

    When you think you have had a bad summer.

    It's a good screenplay. Probably needs a bit of editing. Most of the shots can probably be done with no more than 3 people on screen at a time, with physical distancing. Is posting a Yelp review the new way to get Amazon and Netflix to fight over optioning your script?
  10. Don't make fun of Tony Hawk's boat, he's new to the sport.
  11. apophenia

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    There is no incentive for the ransomer to ever give up the encryption keys after receiving the ransom. The answer(s) here are: Disaster Recovery and Yeah We Are Going To Have To Update The DR Plan Because This One Was Shit.
  12. apophenia

    what is it?

    Looks like a Perry AC75 test mule without the foils installed.
  13. apophenia

    Colleges dropping sailing as a varsity sport..

    Sailing was a club sport for me too. The school's approach was essentially benign indifference. An alumni paid for our insurance, we "found" the 40' shipping container full of old FJs from the '80s incarnation of the club and we students did the rest (badly). It was a ton of fun, but we were more focused on sailing than fundraising, that was likely a big mistake. If you focus on the bottom line, sailing never makes sense. Absent a major pandemic, flying or driving is almost always a more practical way to get from point A to point B. If you must go by the sea, powerboats are probably safer and more practical. A Playstation is a far more affordable way to entertain yourself, and it doesn't require a large body of water nearby or much expensive clothing. Instead, you have to focus on the top line. Bring a healthy mix of kids into the sport and you enrich the student body by exposing them to a highly technical team sport with a built in social network. You can focus on the old money legacy students if you want, or you can open things up to attract a more diverse crowd. Incidentally, it looks like CFJs go for about $10k new. I'm sure they are more robust and need less maintenance than a Waszp ($14k is the last price I recall, but with all the bells and whistles included), but the gap is smaller than I expected. UFOs go for $7930, so I'm sure it would be possible to construct a foiling college package that doesn't break the bank and does bring students into a sport that has broad academic relevance (at least within STEM) compared to the various sportsballs.
  14. apophenia

    Colleges dropping sailing as a varsity sport..

    FJs and 420s were lame, even back in the 90s when I sailed them. Replace them with Waszps if you want to get kids into sailing. Lasers for Freshmen, and then foils after.
  15. apophenia

    what is it?

    Either someone has Black Soo envy, or someone else needs to get better at presenting images on the web.