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  1. apophenia

    Saildrone- new larger model

    What’s it rate?
  2. apophenia

    Worst anchor design I've ever seen

    Those seem like reasonable floor anchors for rotating shafts. What kind of bearings do they have?
  3. apophenia


    This discussion feels informative rather than argumentative, please continue to discuss! My plague-project has been restoring an '84 Olson 25. The first O25 I looked at had a foredeck that felt like it belonged on a Hobie Cat - the pulpit support pads are too small and easily puncture the foredeck in a collision. And these boats were and are raced aggressively on the SF Bay, so plenty of collisions in their history. My own boat had a number of different adhesives and sealants jammed into the damaged area under the pulpit supports. I took everything except the winches and mast off, inspected the balsa in every hole and found dry blonde wood. I then filled the holes with penetrating epoxy before drilling them out again and refitting all the deck hardware. Perhaps unnecessary, but this O25 should have another good 35 years racing on the bay if future owners take good care. Before buying the O25, I had briefly considered a J/105 with significant soggy core issues. I can't tell you how lucky I am that I passed on that mess. My boat significantly exceeded hull speed on the first day out, under dacron main & 95% jib. While I may have overdone the desk restoration, the performance of the boat made it absolutely worth it for me and future owners. Foam cores seem like a nice improvement given the chronic issues that J/Boats seem to have with soggy balsa, but I'm surprised that they weren't able to improve their balsa process over all this time. I don't know if I'll be in the market for a J/45 or something more like a JPK when I'm ready to move on from the Olson. That may depend on how many years this plague remains active. I hope you have a happy, safe, and healthy winter holiday as well!
  4. apophenia


    It's a weak conclusion, but my guess is that the deck flexes due to crew climbing and lounging around, loading and unloading provisions and gear, strapping extra water and fuel to the deck, etc. creates stress somewhere in the balsa-glass interface (I'd guess it would be worst at solid-core transitions) that leads to leaks. Otherwise, I'd expect soggy core to mostly impact racers. Either way, the move away from balsa to solid glass or foam core seems like a big win for the longevity of these boats. It is interesting that it took so long, and that this is the boat they choose to do it with.
  5. apophenia


    Solid construction is an interesting design decision. Is this the first J without balsa? If so, that suggests that soggy core is a customer satisfaction issue even for their cruising customers, not just the racers who like to monkey around with gear placement. Solid construction also suggests that putting on an articulating sprit should be easy, for those not satisfied with the stubby little sprit.
  6. apophenia

    State of RaceQs

    If all 45,000 members of US Sailing signed up for $10 a month, that's $5.4M/year. That's a tight budget for a multi-platform app with significant 3D functionality and the back-end services to support it all. You might be able to simplify by transitioning to a pure WebGL experience, but hitting even 10% of the TAM seems challenging particularly when the TAM is so tiny compared to nearly any other mobile or webdev job.
  7. apophenia


    Seems like a solid enough answer to anyone asking when production will start on the J/125 Mk2.
  8. apophenia

    What is it?

    Today I learned that Sir Robin Knox Johnston is “an ignorant fuckwit”. I suppose that just makes his circumnavigation that much more impressive.
  9. apophenia

    The American Experiment

    America isn't an experiment. It's the control group for the rest of the world.
  10. apophenia

    Chengdu lockdown

    http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13999848 Meanwhile, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, more people have died of COVID in the US than were killed when the US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our death toll also exceeds US in-theater service member deaths during WWII.
  11. apophenia

    NBC are cunts

    Forget the pitch deck, I want to go to the party where the deal was done.
  12. apophenia

    NBC are cunts

    Mandatory attire for viewing: https://hivemill.com/products/gentlemans-monocle
  13. apophenia

    Fattest boats

    The Ramform Titan was designed for towing 24 underwater sensors at a time. I'd guess that the wide beam makes operating the winches safer and easier than if they put booms on a narrower design.
  14. apophenia

    Fattest boats

    3:1? Ha! Try 1:1! https://www.telegraphindia.com/7-days/the-ark-that-finkel-built/cid/1669418
  15. apophenia

    Fattest boats

    Charles Martel, shown with whisker poles deployed before setting sails to run DDW.