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  1. apophenia

    Dive Boat Conception deaths - more details

    Why not post the actual preliminary report instead of the clickbait "news" article intended to generate angst and clicks? https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/accidentreports/pages/DCA19MM047-preliminary-report.aspx
  2. apophenia

    No Eye Splice Rope?

    Unless it's the bolt rope, which gets to stay a rope forever.
  3. apophenia

    Kevlar in my wetsuit

    If your goal is to protect from sharp blades, then you need armor to distribute the force where you expect the blade to hit.
  4. apophenia

    Log book pen anarchy

    On land, my go-to waterproof pen when my "waterproof" blue/black fountain pen ink isn't good enough (most of the time) is the Pilot G2. For taking notes at sea, another interesting option is Clean Room Notebooks. Intended for clean room use, they are made of polymer sheets so that you don't flake off bits of paper with your regular notebook. Sharpies work well on them.
  5. apophenia

    what is it?

    It's 1990s Lara Croft sexy.
  6. apophenia

    Tower of Power

    Outriggers are permitted as of the 2021 RRS.
  7. apophenia

    Oh Shit, the things boaters do

    That's just ordinary equatorial sailing, on the way to Oz. Surface tension keeps the boat in the water, crew needs to hike to keep the boat oriented properly with respect to the wind, as usual.
  8. apophenia

    Where to move?

    Seattle is at 47N, which is about the same latitude as the top of Maine. You get very long summer days but correspondingly short winter days. Winter air temperatures rarely touch freezing, so the short days limit how much you can realistically do in the winter. If you like to explore lush green mountains then Seattle is the place to be. If you want a light wind sailing venue, it seems like San Diego would be a more pleasant place to live at a similar cost.
  9. It is possible to put up an interesting and engaging talk on the Royal Navy's anti-slavery patrols. It doesn't hurt if you are already a popular youtube naval historian with encyclopedic knowledge of the last few centuries of naval history.
  10. apophenia

    Inverted buoyancy

    This explains why Australians only need flotation aids, rather than fully USCG approved PFDs. Edit: On second thought I think this means that if you take LB 15's mom's entire collection of vibrators and strap them to the mast below the deck then an inexperienced sailor ought to be able to single hand a J/125 just about anywhere with the biggest spin up in record time.
  11. apophenia

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    He should really do the Single Handed Sailing Society's LongPac or the equivelant DIY qualifier to shake is boat down prior to making the attempt on Hawaii.
  12. apophenia

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    I'm about half way through this podcast interview with Wilbur. His account does not inspire confidence. He did a year of sea (bay) trials in the first Chubby Girl, only to sawzall it up after building the new Chubby Girl earlier this year. Not much in the way of trials for the new boat, hurry off to Hawaii! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wilbur-spaul-sailing-to-hawaii-in-9-foot-sailboat-named/id1451769531?i=1000492559718 It's interesting to compare with George Sigler's account of taking a 15' Zodiac to Hawaii. While Sigler was on a mission to prove out survival gear, Wilbur's muse seems to have been his ex-wife. While Sigler is good at telling a dramatic story, but it sounds to me like he presents the facts of his experience dramatically rather than embellishing them. Wilbur, though, is full of unsupported bluster and dismissal of critics. In my opinion, Wilbur needs to find a good wetsnail and a partner who won't send him off on a suicide mission.
  13. apophenia

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    I hope they repair your old O29. The damage looks nasty, but I’ve seen more extensive repairs done on Pacific-built boats.
  14. apophenia

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    These messages reveal just how unprepared Wilbur was and is for his record attempt. With a hull speed of ~4 kts (1.34 * sqrt(9) = 1.34 * 3 = 4.02 Kts), it seems unlikely that anyone would be able to safely tow the chubster across shipping lanes. Have there been any open-ocean tow tests? Is the boat stable when exceeding hull speed, such as when sliding down an ocean wave? He seems to be focused on marinas with lifts that can pull his boat. Not only should he have done this research before departing, but an easier solution exists: pull the boat into any marina (or even beach on a sandy beach!) and drop a shore-powered pump inside. Go sleep it off in a nearby hotel, and return in a day or so to deal with what remains. Propulsion was not clearly thought out or shaken down - the engine failed early on, and the engine mount may be the cause of water ingress. Hatch and mast/sail robustness should also have been tested prior to the record attempt. My gut feeling is that a Cal 20 would not have had any trouble in the conditions that the chubster encountered. Perhaps "fastest ocean crossing in a hazard to navigation" shouldn't be a category in which official records are kept?
  15. apophenia

    Covid Misinformation Time-Outs

    Xi is quite literally a Neo-Maoist who hopes to withdraw China from the world, and yet the average person has far more physical freedom in the PRC right now than the USA. With paycheck protection and Amazon and Instacart becoming defacto official essential services, I find the idea that mask production is too much to ask for to be perplexing.