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  1. Thank you sir! The boat Is a Cartwright 36. Not a lot of information about the boat to be found. Has some questionable teak decks as well. I'm considering flying out to be there for the survey if I can get it done on a weekend. About a 12 thousand mile round trip for me and tickets are about 1k. The boat has me worried because there's so little information on it but it looks like it would be a great boat for my purposes.
  2. I'm looking at getting a pre purchase survey for boat located on the east coast. I live In Hawaii and wont be able to be there for the survey. Can someone share the process of how to arrange this? There seems to be a haul out facility very close to where the boat is located. The boat is in Urbanna Virginia if anyone knows a good surveyor in the area.
  3. Although it was prepared for Trawler World the majority of the article is referring to sailboats. Interesting, I would think boats with widely distributed mass would roll a lot more and hobby horse.
  4. Here is a link to an interesting article I found, written by a fellow named Michael Kasten of Port Townsend. He seems to be some kind of boat designer. http://www.kastenmarine.com/beam_vs_ballast.htm In a nutshell he seems to be advocating narrow hulls, weight placed at the extremities, heavy spars, less ballast, and a relatively high VCG. The idea being to increase motion comfort at sea by promoting a slower rolling motion by increasing the vessels "roll moment of inertia". It seems counter intuitive to me. I was wondering if someone who is better educated in yacht design would be willing to share their thoughts on this.
  5. LoganB

    Babe or Boat?

    I feel bad for this guy.
  6. LoganB

    Old Keel Bolt Questions

    I don't own a C&C 35 although im looking at buying one. Just looking for general information regarding keel bolts and the costs associated with the inspection and possible replacement of them. Anyone who's dropped their keel and would like to share their experience would be greatly appreciated.
  7. LoganB

    Old Keel Bolt Questions

    Questions refer to cast lead fin keels which I believe mainly used L or J shaped bolts cast in place. What metal were most production boat builders using for keel bolts in the 70's and 80's? How likely is it for a 30-40 year old boat to have structural corrosion of the bolts? The cost of dropping a keel to inspect, cleaning and rebedding? What would be the cost of replacing the bolts if there was corrosion? For cost estimates say a C&C 35 mk2 with a 5600lb keel
  8. LoganB

    Thoughts on Endeavour 35

    Thanks Monkey Butler those are some really interesting pictures regarding the keel and rudder. That glass looks unbelievably thin on the keel considering its supposed to be encasing 5000 lbs of lead. Seems like there was a fair bit of corner cutting going on throughout the boat. That wiring in the bilge seems pretty crazy. I was wondering before how they fit so much lead into such a thin keel. Keel bolts are sounding like a good idea after seeing this. I really like the design of the boat but it looks like the construction quality is pretty lacking. I guess thats why theyre selling cheap Thank for the heads up and pictures are much appreciated!
  9. Has anyone owned one? I've had a few come up in my budget liveaboard cruiser search. It looks like they have pretty decent performance for a cruiser especially considering the <5' draft. I think base phrf is 132. To my eye looks like a nice hull form below the water. The mast height in relation to the draft seems a bit excessive. I've heard mixed reviews about the build quality.
  10. She looks great but I think I'd be a little concerned about heading down the ICW with a 47 year old volvo.
  11. I've seen some nice Pearson 28-2s and 31-2s in my price range. Is it generally agreed that these are a step up structurally from catalinas? I read something about their keel attachment being prone to damage, I believe its mounted direct to the hull and not on a stub? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1985/Pearson-28-2-3190900/Lake-Champlain/NY/United-States?refSource=standard listing#.Wr62Fojwbb0 http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/Pearson-31-2986461/North-Hero/VT/United-States?refSource=standard listing#.Wr62KIjwbb0 These 2 look really nice but are on Lake Champlain and the unstep/step for the canal might eat a bit of our budget although it looks like that was taken into consideration for the list price. There's also quite a few 303s In budget but I'm not really sold on the design.
  12. How much of a concern are old keel bolts? Seems like it may be more of an issue then I want to deal with from what a lot of you guys have been saying. I know Cal and S2 did a lot of internal lead, would this be something that's worth prioritizing? I've seen some Cal 34s and 31s along with S2 9.2As in my price range that look pretty decent.
  13. My reasoning was boats further north get a lot less exposure and wear due to the shorter season. More likely to be hauled every year and worked on. I was also hoping that at this time of the year there would be some end of season sales. Also I have family in new york and thought a trip down the ICW would be a fun way to start things off.
  14. Thanks for all the great replies guys! I really Appreciate it. I understand that this forum probably gets a lot of dreamers thinking they can sail off around the world with no experience and little money. I definitely think you'd be right in correcting them and making sure they're not putting their lives at risk as well as the lives of rescue workers. My father was in the coast guard and spent a lot of time and taxpayer dollars pulling people off boats or towing them back to harbor. I have about 2000 days at sea in Hawaii and am I licensed 100 Ton Captain. Most of my experience is on old Trans-Pac catamarans from the late 60's which have been converted to charter boats. I also operated a Gulfstar 50 for a season, oftentimes singlehanded. That being said I definitely have a lot to learn. I haven't done any offshore sailing and have limited experience with small monohulls. I also worked for a sailing camp as a kid and crewed on a santa cruz 27 for weekend races through high school. Unfortunately Charter Captains in Hawaii don't make much money and the cost of living here is quite extreme. My girlfriend and I have decided to move and like the Idea of exploring by sailboat and working seasonally. We have one way tickets to New York for August 17th this year. The plan is to buy a boat in that general area and take the ICW down to Florida for the winter. From there our plans are pretty open. I figured 15k for the boat and a 10k reserve should be enough to get down to Florida safely. From there we may work in Florida for a while, of if the funds are still strong do some cruising before finding a place to earn money in. Any offshore sailing would be in 2-3 years once we have developed trust in the boat and our ability to handle it, as well as outfitted it to the point where we would feel comfortable taking on that kind of adventure. The 4 boats that I work on are hauled every year and we do all work ourselves so I have a good deal of experience when it comes to refitting and maintenance. We just replaced the rigging on a cool old cat named Seasmoke who set the Tras-Pac record back in 68'. Initially when I posted I didn't give much Information as I was just looking for some designs that I could research and see if they would be possibilities for us. Since this post seems to have some attracted some attention I hope that adding this will help to clear things up. The girl in the first picture is not the girl I'll be taking. I was under the impression that as a newbie on this forum posts are to be accompanied by some T&A? That being said the girl thats coming with me Isn't too shabby. This one is her