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  1. LoganB

    Beaufort NC to Key West in November

    Thank you, I’m putting together a list of inlets and anchorages we can use if things are looking rough. Where in Florida does the Gulf Stream start to come in close? Is it still possible to sneak along the inside? Im from Waikoloa on the Big Island, very windy and dry. Excellent diving/snorkeling along the coast, probably the best in Hawaii Is it advisable to try to ride a cold front south if you’re not in the gulf stream? What kind of temperatures would we be looking at?
  2. I’m planning to head down to Key West for the winter to work. I was hoping someone would share their knowledge and experience on getting down there this time of year. I’d like to do as much as possible offshore and nonstop staying inside of the Gulf Stream. I am from Hawaii and am a lot more comfortable sailing in open water then inland navigation. I also don’t have any experience entering rivers/inlets, and am a bit wary of them. Our keel is 6ft. The boat is a Lavranos 36 she’s strong and capable. I am a licensed 100t captain and sailing has been my profession since I was 16. This will be my first time sailing down the east coast so I’m sure there will be a lot of learning on the way. My girlfriend will be accompanying me she has little experience although we will be sailing as much as possible in the Chesapeake over the next month and try to do some overnight sailing in the bay to prepare. I may also have an experienced friend from Hawaii fly out or pick up another crew from the east coast. Any knowledge would be helpful, I’d like to be as prepared and safe as possible. We are cruising around the Chesapeake right now and will be taking the ICW from Norfolk to Beaufort to avoid Hatteras
  3. LoganB

    1980 Lavranos 36

    The interior is a little low in headroom, about 6',1 but it has 5 good sea berths all with leecloths and a nice galley with lots of strorage.
  4. LoganB

    1980 Lavranos 36

    Thank you trisail, the boat is named Trade Winds, I believe its the original name. I bought it from the original owner Alan Richards who sailed it from Cape Town to Maryland in 1984. Mine has the single spreader and a saildrive and a slightly different interior. The interior was completed by a professional shipwright to a fairly good standard and has held up relatively well but needs a few small projects. Here is a picture of the hull where it was cut out for the saildrive. It would seem they weren't skimping on glass. 1 1/4 inches in this area on a 36 ft boat.
  5. LoganB

    1980 Lavranos 36

    Not really, just not a lot of information on them. I was hoping someone on here might have experience with them or know the designer. It was a small production run they made about 50 in Cape Town. They seem to be well regarded. Interior needs some work but not too bad overall. Seems to be quite strong in all the important areas.
  6. LoganB

    1980 Lavranos 36

    Its hard to tell from the pictures buy the companionway is very conservative as is the rest of the boat and I don't think it will be an issue.
  7. LoganB

    1980 Lavranos 36

    The Fuel Tank In the fairing behind the keel is not used on my boat and is glassed over.
  8. LoganB

    1980 Lavranos 36

    Anyone know much about this boat or the designer Angelo Lavranos? I've just purchased this one. It was built by Golnix in South Africa.
  9. Thank for all the replies, lots of helpful info! I just got back from purchasing the boat in Annapolis. 12,000 mile round trip! I think we will stay in Maryland for 1-2 months preparing the boat and then cruise the Bahamas for the winter. After that we'll probably head back up north and find somewhere to work for the summer.
  10. I am in the process of purchasing a boat in Maryland. The boat will be used as a liveaboard and I will be traveling up and down the east coast/caribbean seasonally. Would it be legal to take the boat to Delaware after purchasing and have it registered there to avoid sales tax? I am under the impression that a few states including Florida require boats to be registered in a specific state to enter legally.
  11. Thank you sir! The boat Is a Cartwright 36. Not a lot of information about the boat to be found. Has some questionable teak decks as well. I'm considering flying out to be there for the survey if I can get it done on a weekend. About a 12 thousand mile round trip for me and tickets are about 1k. The boat has me worried because there's so little information on it but it looks like it would be a great boat for my purposes.
  12. I'm looking at getting a pre purchase survey for boat located on the east coast. I live In Hawaii and wont be able to be there for the survey. Can someone share the process of how to arrange this? There seems to be a haul out facility very close to where the boat is located. The boat is in Urbanna Virginia if anyone knows a good surveyor in the area.
  13. Although it was prepared for Trawler World the majority of the article is referring to sailboats. Interesting, I would think boats with widely distributed mass would roll a lot more and hobby horse.
  14. Here is a link to an interesting article I found, written by a fellow named Michael Kasten of Port Townsend. He seems to be some kind of boat designer. http://www.kastenmarine.com/beam_vs_ballast.htm In a nutshell he seems to be advocating narrow hulls, weight placed at the extremities, heavy spars, less ballast, and a relatively high VCG. The idea being to increase motion comfort at sea by promoting a slower rolling motion by increasing the vessels "roll moment of inertia". It seems counter intuitive to me. I was wondering if someone who is better educated in yacht design would be willing to share their thoughts on this.
  15. LoganB

    Babe or Boat?

    I feel bad for this guy.