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  1. Hello again. Of course still searching and since the last discussion I think I got great input I face you now with the next dilemma. My question is: For the same price should I go for the heavily squeezed but well equipped and maintained boat or for the cruiser which probable has had less stress but aswell less maintenance and equipment ? When searching for the different boats for sale the offers for around same price range from very well equipped versions with gyroautopilot, plenty of sails etc but obviously raced a lot to the cruising orientated owner with less equipment but supposedly less stress suffered aswell. Of course you must visit and check and survey but before travelling 500 km one way or the other where would you go ?
  2. Vikingo Olaf

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Hello again and thank you for the help so far I just sold my boat so I can go next step now. I will test sail my favourite two boat thpes and then look for the best one available around here (Europe). I think it will be. J 109 but will Test Regarding the work with an broker I am sure the mayority will be helpful and knowledgeable but in any case will do an independent survey. Apart from the fact that with a bit of time and looking and more help from places like this I might know which points to inspect with special care Thank you very much
  3. Vikingo Olaf

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Any particular reason to buy from a broker Vs private person ?
  4. Vikingo Olaf

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Ok. Understood all arguments. Now just forget racing and family. Just think selfish for yourself. You have both boats moored ready for you to go out ALONE on a sunny day with a nice breeze. Which one you choose???
  5. Vikingo Olaf

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Thank you very much for your answers. I am sailing a Bavaria 28 feet from 1985. Slow and like a sofa not very sporty but great and secure boat No problem to sail alone even with symmetrical SPI. Learned a lot but now is time to move on. From what I read and my feeling told me the J109 is more the way to go. Even if I sail most alone the few times the rest comes I want them to like it and be comfortable and sleep on board.
  6. Hello first of all. Thanks for your forum. I often read the comparasions and opinions and find them interesting and useful. I have a doubt: WHICH BOAT TO BUY: J109 or SUN FAST 3200 Both offer these important point to me: Cost under 100.000 EUR Able to singel hand Sporty but with cruising interior and certain comfort. I sail in the med, I (most) daysail often alone but like to be able to take my wife and my two children on a ocasional trip for a weekend, thus the cruising interior. I am not intending to win any reggattas but I want to have FUN and I can not spent more than 100.000 EUR. Anyone out there who has sailed on both ? Which is more fun ?