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  1. Chimp too

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Don’t forget that an IMOCA boom doesn’t have to cope with vang loads. pretty surprised that they pushed this far in aero considering that the boom will spend a lot of time with a reef or two sitting on it. Would expect some support frame for that by the time they put their VG boom in.
  2. Chimp too

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    At the end of the day the only important thing is that the condition that the measurement is taken in is consistent across the fleet and repeatable. Whether it reflects real world conditions, like sails on etc pretty irrelevant, it is a test. But with foils out the answer will be different due to a combination of weight and buoyancy. So I assume that they got permission do without. I haven’t checked the rule, but assume there is some allowance that they have taken advantage of.
  3. Chimp too

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Also surprised that they have put so much effort into keeping everything within the beating housings dry with the practice covers. Surely they are designed to be able to get wet and they don’t compromise the watertight integrity.
  4. Chimp too


    With the added bonus of taking some pro sailors out of the gene pool!!
  5. Chimp too

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    The live marks were temperament and not reliable. The time limit set by tv requirements was too tight in my view. Race management had limited real options considering how fast the race boats got around the course. I am sure in hindsight that would have set a shorter course if they had a better handle on the real speeds of the boats in the lower range. But they were evolving so fast, and lower limit races so rare, they didn’t have a huge amount of data to go on.
  6. Chimp too


    Phill, as I have said before, I would expect tungsten/steel alloys to be used to get right up to the material limits in the rule with a more structurally useful material than lead in the race foils. But there isn’t a lot of volume reduction available with the SG limit of 11,400kg/m3. Pure lead is 11.340kg/m3 anyway. So similar volumes
  7. Chimp too

    Team NZ

    Rather like the trailing edge of your rudder or keel fin, coming to a sharp point may not be as good as a squared off or chamfered trailing edge. I suspect that this is intentional and the best approach rather than an accepted shortfall.
  8. Chimp too

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I’m not normally one to defend John Craig or Iain Murray, but I think you are pointing the finger in the wrong direction here
  9. Chimp too

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Race management didn’t have a lot of course options available and unfortunately the lower wind limit was too low for the available courses they had to choose from, which the competitors had agreed on. In reality the lower limit was too low for the courses, or the time limit too tight. None of which was race management’s decision.
  10. Chimp too

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I think that you will find it was denied them because they agreed to a layday which allowed Oracle to make changes to configuration that they otherwise didn’t have time for. If they hadn’t agreed to that, it would have been over the following day. nothing to do with race management, they denied themselves.
  11. Chimp too


    Don’t forget that the foil arms are heavier than originally planned, but the rule on the c of g being outside a minimum distance from the pivot point has not changed. So that has pushed the minimum weight of the foils up unless you increase the distance from the pivot point a lot more. There is a density limit so a minimum volume. I just don’t see how they have achieved so much less volume than everyone else .
  12. Chimp too


    I think that you are focusing too much on the structural element of linking the foils to the foil arm. The teams can all achieve this. The issue is rule compliance and getting the c of g of the foil arm assembly outside the required zone. I can’t see how ETNZ have achieved, if they have. Maybe they are going through the same learning curve the others did with the test boats. But I can’t see how the current ETNZ foils are class legal.
  13. Chimp too

    Former ericsson4/groupama70 VO70 now with foils

    I think that the horse has bolted for the Ocean Race. I am thinking more as a general offshore/ocean class. I agree that it would be smarter to OD systems so that a pool of spares could be bought by the class. That was the real benefit for the 65s. OD hull wouldn’t be my choice unless as an option rather than requirement. I think I would leave sails pretty open, but allow any shape including outriggers and quads, as the larger wind range per sail naturally reduces inventory size. I would limit structural rules to ISO standard/WS plan review plus a couple of watertight bulkheads, free up appendage Rules, keeping grounding rules and solid steel keel fin. But open up other appendages to allow evolution, as I am sure that when we finally narrow down to the fastest overall option it will be simpler what we are seeing now.
  14. Chimp too


    Wow! That about one 240th of the number I was given by a carbon supplier.
  15. Chimp too


    Anyone done the maths on the carbon footprint of building a modern carbon blades, concrete mounted wind turbine and worked out how long it has to run to become carbon neutral? Vestas buy 11,000 tons on carbon fibre every year