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  1. Chimp too

    Memory Lane

    My old office was the building directly behind the bulb. Top turret at the far end. Was a great office and good times. At the time the AC was central to my working life..... how things change!
  2. Chimp too

    ClubSwan 36

    Worryingly skinny keel fin. If carbon it will have a wicked twist with the bulb aft. Hope Juan hasn’t designed another dodgy fin
  3. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    So only the inboard bearing case can move. Outboard one is fixed, but has to have a degrees of freedom to self align to adjustable inboard one. Another game changer and I fear that the gap between the top teams and the rest is widening.
  4. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    It isn’t an easy structure to manage, and is driven by the class approach of skippers taking ownership of the boats. They have the incentive to consider the existing fleet that no one else has, but there are also a wealthy few who drive it forwards. Get the ownership structure right and this works. But with the normal development class structure it wouldn’t work
  5. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    New rule for 2018. Charal is probably first boat with it built in. As the foil moves back and forth the angle of attack changes, so similar lair effect to pitch change
  6. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Apart from the foils rotating fore and aft as well as retracting
  7. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Because you aren’t allowed a second axis of freedom on any appendage
  8. Chimp too


    IMOCA protection is all about keeping the solo sailor in the cockpit and under the protection. Full crew want to go on deck and see the bow when helming. Much harder problems to solve. One of the first things you would do going full crewed on an existing IMOCA is to remove some of that protection so the deck is more accessible and visible.
  9. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Forgot that they have added the extra adjustment of the onboard bearings. to me the Design has to be based around the foil to take full advantage of them. So lose the foil and you are out of the race anyway. Might as well suck it up and accept it. agree that a bit of can’t might be valuable, but as AVS is worst case any can’t needs to consider that. Also there is extra structural weight. similarly, making the foils retractable is still extra weight that can be removed if you only pivot fore and aft at the inner end.
  10. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    To me the natural development is to go narrow, very narrow. Reduce form stability right down and get rid of all that drag. Go single rudder, get rid of canting keel and have fixed keel with minimum bulb weight to achieve AVS. Rely on the foils for RM. have foils permanently out and change axis of adjustment to pitch.
  11. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Indeed. Funny how the VO70 rule had a clause back in the original 2003 version prohibiting such foils as DSS had just appeared and they were afraid that the cost would be too high in development. Imagine if that rule hadn't been there!
  12. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    And a little hollow in the deck to keep the VCG down, improve AVS as well. Not as extreme as I expect to see some. but the board overlap is as per Boss. I really don't see a huge advantage in having these boards move on that axis. Surely rotating fore and aft or changing pitch would be more valuable. I also wonder what happens in really heavy stuff when you don't want the board anymore. They have to be massively overbuilt to cope with the conditions you would otherwise retract them in.
  13. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Looks like only retracts the length of the Black part. Also they overlap at the deck exits. So only one can be retracted at a time. So in reality, they are permanently in use. Also retracting one only increases the pressure zone close to the hull. So almost questionable why have them retracting at all. Much cheaper and lighter to just make them fixed.
  14. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Keep it simple seems to be irrelevant for IMOCA. Will it work out well in the end?!
  15. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    Scarecrow, any decent team will make sure that they present the boat in the most favourable state, within the rules, for them. I am just speculating why you would leave the foils out. There don’t tend to be coincidences at this level when meeting the stability rules is so critical.