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  1. StretchedTuna

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    These replies are very helpful and just what I needed. Looks like B&G is the way to go. 109 owners are a great class of peeps. Glad to know that others have struggled with finding the best placement of the nav unit at the binnacle as well. I’ve seen a couple of boats with flat screens mounted on elbows below that swing out to be visible through the companionway but I’m not sure that is for me either. I also agree that iOS devices aren’t a great substitute for the real thing. We used those on the 105 in regattas and it was never perfect - lots of juggling, glare issues, battery issues, etc.
  2. StretchedTuna

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    I need to upgrade the 10+ year old chart plotter on a recently acquired J/109. Wondering if other JBoaters in my bracket have some suggestions? I'm leaning toward B&G. Trying to keep the existing Raymarine autopilot which is NMEA 2000 compliant. I'm also planning on mounting the new 9" or larger unit it in the nav station and using a tablet as a repeater in the cockpit, at least for next season. If that is too annoying, I'd consider adding a second B&G at the helm. However, I don't love how those look on 109's, 105's etc.
  3. StretchedTuna

    Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    Does anyone have any updates to this topic? I need up upgrade on old Garmin GPSMap in a J/109. I'm leaning toward B&G for buoy racing and cruising capabilities. The Raymarine stuff seems to have improved but they seem to target the fishing market. Any advice or experience is appreciated. I might also post this over in JBoat Anarchy.