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  1. twistandtape

    Australian Sailing

    I don't give a fuck who your bait was for. I'm a pissed off member voicing my opinion about the shitty culture that is RQ. They care more about themselves and how shiney their knobs are rather than focusing on the sailing. I honestly can't understand why people continue to pay 1k a year in membership to be subjected to this fuckery. The issue regarding Hollis is still yet to be offically address by the club and that is just disgusting. The club has had a long history of covering up the abuse by it's senior members and it is time to call them out on it. It is time to hold people accountable, time for the victims to be heard.
  2. twistandtape

    Australian Sailing

    Protest Decision: bullshit Race Entry Declined: more bullshit Low Life Flicked: still waiting If you genuinely believe RQ is right and they're acting in the best interests on their members you honestly need to take the board members dicks out of your mouth and reevaluate yourself.
  3. twistandtape

    Australian Sailing

    Considering the club have been well aware of the situation for several months now. Ot is appalling they have let it get this far without addressing it and have only now decided to consider it because it has become public. The club should publically cut all association with Hollis rather than allowing him to publicslly use their name to avoid conviction. I'm surprised people are still members of the club considering the fucking calamity of an organisation they truly are. We need to tell them to go and fuck themselves and resign our memberships.
  4. twistandtape

    Australian Sailing

    It's okay. I can hit a person being restrained and only get good behaviour as long as I give Barry some cuddles afterwards.
  5. twistandtape

    Australian Sailing

    His reasoning that a ban from RQ will effect his 'social sphere' is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. You fucking did this to yourself and now you must deal with the consequences. The assault was ((allegedly)) recorded on his own in home security surveillance. You fucked up, you're a piece of shit and now you need to face the music.
  6. twistandtape

    Australian Sailing

    So you're telling me that you're not allowed to punch on with each other but beating women is okay? RQ and it's members have been well aware of this situation for several months now and nothing has been done and it has never been addressed. Apparently there is being a meeting held at the end of the month regarding Hollis but just like everything else at the fucking club the residents of the Ivory Tower are being protected and exonerated for their behaviour. It always has been and always will be this way unless these pieces of shit are held accountable for their actions.
  7. twistandtape

    Aust Sailing Australian IRC Championships

    Seems like an oddly specific time to be holding them
  8. twistandtape

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

  9. twistandtape

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Kerisma is always a shoo-in if it is from any sort of Southerly direction. 52 vs 54 could be another Rocky Rumble scenario. Hopefully Barry has learnt the difference between port and starboard.
  10. twistandtape

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Any ideas for IRC or PHS?
  11. twistandtape

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    They will definitely be one to watch, it will be good to see that boat stretch it's legs. It looks very slick and very fast.
  12. twistandtape

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Decided I would get in early with this years Brisvegas to the Drain of Death Yacht Race. Will LB15 make a guest appearance? Slippery southerly or flakey westerly? Who will come out on top & who will get exonerated by his mates? Is everyone really just a bunch of flogs?
  13. twistandtape

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    FUCK THAT You couldn't pay me to go to Hobart on one of those
  14. twistandtape

    Frome frontpage"Learne to speake......"

    Reading this thread just gave me a stroke.
  15. As long as you don't go around calling anyone muppets, you don't have much to worry about