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  1. I am looking to crew locally - Vancouver, English Bay area. I live in North Van, but I can get to most marinas fairly easily with enough notice. Cell: 778-837-7740, email: I work M-F, 8-4. Eventually I would like to complete longer races, like Southern Straits, Van Isle 360, and Vic Maui. I have my Sail Canada Beginner with Dayskipper, Coastal Navigation, and Intermediate. That said, I consider myself a novice. I have no racing experience. Very eager to learn. Also looking to get out for a day sail. I have all my own equipment - PFD, tether, foulies, etc. If I don't have it and you think I may need it, I'll pick it up.
  2. I have been told that I should wrap tape around my turnbuckles to prevent clothing from snagging on the cotter pins. Already understand that electrical and duct tapes are not the tools for the job. I have been told either rigging tape or self-annealing tape are. All fittings are stainless steel. Boat is 1 year old. Looking for advice regarding: Tape or no tape? What type of tape to use? Annual replacement will happen as I will inspect those cotter pins. What is the best method (e.g., tape bottom up or top down; use non-adhesive side for first wrap and adhesive side on second wrap so adhesive is not on turnbuckle)?
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    Handheld GPS for backup

    My back up is a Bad Elf which I link to Navionics on my cell phone and iPad. The Bad Elf gives better resolution than the built-in GPS of the cell phone (claims sub-meter), is small, uses a USB charger, and holds charge a long time.
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    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    Thank you all for the comments, advice, and insight. And the snarky comment, which made me laugh my ass off! Overthought? For sure! Not too many locations identified (so far), so will invest the extra and use self-amalgamating tape. I'm already $500K deep for the boat, why not invest less than $20 to use the good stuff? Also, I need it for the tool kit. As mentioned by Captain Jack Sparrow and Team Subterfuge, I will cover only what is needed to prevent snagging on the cotter pin. Top down to reduce ponding of water (West Coast BC = rain). I don't think Velcro pins are appropriate for my application. I will add rings to the tool kit, along with a stock of cotter pins, for future use.