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  1. sailswede

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    While I agree that a cow hitch might be pretty good, couldn't it slip? At least theoretically, if it's asymmetrically loaded. Also, we have both jibs and genoas for the boats - do you untie the cow hitch every time sails are switched? Or are different sheets for the genoa and jib the way to go, and just keep them tied to the sails? Anyone know how the below splice is actually done? For speed and ease of use, it might be used with an integrated soft shackle.
  2. sailswede

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    I teach kids how to sail small keelboats (18ft~), and now we need to make some upgrades to our fleet. Specifically, running rigging. Our jib/genoa sheets aren't designed the way I would like. Until now, we've doubled up the lines and tied them together with an overhand bow, creating a loop with a snap shackle in the middle. They keep snagging on the standing rigging. Here's my plan, so far. No hard/metal shackles (don't want any trips to the dentist) Shackle must be permanent, or at least very hard to lose Shackle must be easy to use, and no knots the kids can screw up Preferably single, continuous lines, instead of two separate sheets. Less snagging. Also, kids lose stuff, and I'd prefer them to stick together This leaves me with a soft shackle in the middle of a long sheet. What splice should be used? And how do I make the soft shackle stay there, and not fall off? Or is there some other way of doing this that haven't thought of?