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  1. 44forty

    moore 33

    Good one man , looks like it will be a blast
  2. I saw Apache go past my bit of the coast at dusk . They were 4th or 5th at that stage and I couldn’t see Romanza
  3. Fresh off the bush telegraph mate
  4. 44forty

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    Ah ! old spider legs , good spotting mate . I’m impressed , she chose a bloody good boat to have a drive of
  5. 44forty

    moore 33

    A Moore 30 ?
  6. 44forty

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    She hasn’t got anything written on her shorts
  7. 44forty

    Young and Full of Promise

    Yeah mate ! What’s the guts ?
  8. 44forty

    Oh Shit, the things boaters do

    That is priceless ...love the terminator expression on his face just before he loses it and headbutts the dashboard
  9. 44forty

    moore 33

    The beneteau website is awesome ! But the boats......
  10. 44forty

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    The ports look inside out !
  11. 44forty

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    Fuck that made my day , well worth the entertainment value
  12. 44forty

    Shaw 7.5 “Animal Biscuits” flies

    Shit that’s cool . Those foils would make an upwind coastal classic a fun day . props to them for putting in the wongas and huge time investment to go flying , what a result ! I bet after a sail phizzle will disappear into the garage for 8 months of multiple layups , bagging and baking
  13. 44forty

    moore 33

    I just wish boatbuilders would stop building new boats for us . Progress sucks and who wants a cool boat anyway
  14. 44forty

    Tripp 47 In Seattle- Good Deal?

    Frank Camas sailed this boat in the groupama 600 but got beaten by an Elliot canter ....they didn’t lose any crew over the side or break anything . but he didn’t say it was enjoyable either !
  15. Shit man I give up . But I will keep my eyes open for a barrel of scoop next time I’m approaching a sandbank