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  1. 44forty

    what is it?

    Good to see a humphreys hit the water
  2. 44forty

    what is it?

    Yeah sorry man , cat rigs never caught on at the bottom of the world . It does look like well balanced configuration to be honest though ...just don’t look quite right
  3. 44forty

    Australian Sailing

    Those Maritimos ain’t cheap
  4. 44forty

    what is it?

    Love the boat ...but why the Sam Hill would you put that rig with that sail on it ? akin to putting a wood gas unit in an E type jaguar
  5. 44forty

    Scooter: Deathmaster of the FT-10 class

    Yeah fuck I saw one and the keel went right up through the cabin top ! I shit you not ! Some dumb bastard winched it right up through the coach roof
  6. 44forty

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Fuck jack do you live in England or something ?
  7. 44forty

    OpenWind - solar powered wireless anemometer

    Now if I put that at the top of my mast then I could launch the drone and read it via smart tv via nmea via the companionway from the cockpit
  8. 44forty

    Young and Full of Promise

    R.I.P Jim young The rocket is probably the first modern planing yacht design and still looking wicked after all these years . keep up with the sterling work Ian
  9. 44forty

    Great 35-footers

    Great designer and looking forward to seeing the “40” canting keeler splashing hopefully before the coastal this year . Fucjin cool to see his Lyman Morse collab getting a mention on the front page too .
  10. 44forty

    Blusail 24

    I assume the weather was different when they left the marina in the morning . Look like cool boats
  11. 44forty

    Now We Know Who Bought Scooter's A4

    Is it Marcus Brutus ?
  12. 44forty

    Bottom Feeder: What To Buy?

    I bought a concrete mixer of an old guy for a very good price and I told him it was a bit cheap and gave him asking price . He then took me into his workshop and I filled my trailer and car with odds and ends for an extra $50 plus some free harness gear for my Clydesdale horse !
  13. 44forty

    come up with a title

    Tetra hyd ride
  14. 44forty

    come up with a title

    Tempesta Terrible
  15. 44forty

    come up with a title

    Afghani Gold