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  1. 44forty

    Young and Full of Promise

    Good one Ian mate . The rockets are all parked up in Auckland growing shit . Great to see you reviving zapata , Hard case you found it in old Zeeland
  2. 44forty

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Ah carbon prawn laminate then
  3. 44forty

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Where’s the house ? North’s point , Doyle’s beach , evolution cove or UK waterways ?
  4. 44forty

    Australian Sailing

    Hey Danimal did you find a boat in the end ?
  5. 44forty

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    That pogo reminds me of when Land Rover started making defenders with V8s and leather seats plus AC . But I think the pogo 50 would be much more comfortable than a defender !
  6. 44forty

    what is it?

    Behind the curtain at the Stars and Stripes build shed
  7. 44forty

    Is Froth and Bubble still for sale??

    It was on that really cheapskate website that doesn’t take ads down when they expire , the one with the kangaroo I think . Wasnt blast furnace still for sale in Adelaide ?
  8. 44forty

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    My thoughts too wal . Maybe being only 100 odd miles out on Sunday with bluebird conditions was just too tempting and they decided to gap it
  9. 44forty

    Classy women sailing

    So many caption options for this pic and why is he gripping that backstay so firmly in the marina ?
  10. 44forty


    I do this but without those fittings on the underside of the boom , when you crank in the reefing line/outhaul it pulls clew down to the boom and outhauls at the same time . The wrap around the boom with a bowline tied at the end still slides when it cinches tight
  11. 44forty

    Not fun?!?

    Credit where credit is due I reckon mate
  12. 44forty

    Not fun?!?

    Yeah looks like aft navs but facing forward-ish. Is that a helmswoman ? If so I’m mighty impressed , those beasts would need a whole next level of skill sets to drive at that speed without stacking it into a lamp post
  13. 44forty

    Are topmast backstays obsolete?

    SECOND PRICE DROP MOTIVATED TO SELL MAKE AN OFFER. Zero Tolerance is a Davidson designed Dash 34 that was built and modified into a more modern sailing boat from its original design. Length 10.37m Draft 2.1m Fuel capacity 30 L Displacement 3 tonne 3m Beam water capacity 80L Kubota Engine 18HP Shaft drive 2 blade folding prop. Hull and decks Foam and Fibreglass Last Hauled and cleaned in May 2019 Most of the sails are MRX sails, Mainsail off MRX, used condition don't know age, #1 MRX jib used condition, #2 purpose built norths sail kevlar old but usable, #3 (MRX cut down number 2) MRX main fits straight on MRX jibs need slight modification on hoist. Farr 40 fractional main can be used as a mast head. Spinnaker is the Line 7 one in photos plus a mast head Gennaker tacked onto bow. She is perfect for cruising adventures and the odd bit of club racing in mind. She has a T keel and a Greg Elliott designed Rudder, some pretty smart people have had a hand in the design of this boat. Electronically set up with VHF Stereo and a small Navman GPS. Navman speedo. Zero Tolerance has been well looked after and is tidy inside and out. Her running rigging, Pulleys and winches are in good condition. The Layout is Quarter berths down each side, single bench seats on either side of the saloon and potential for a v berth forward which is currently used for storing sails.
  14. 44forty

    what is it?

    Na it’s white fangs new ride