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  1. 44forty

    Sportboat for fun

    Monkey business !
  2. http://www.awyachts.com/listings/91
  3. Leftcoast dart if you can find one. Also Elliott 770 , seascape 27/24 would be ultimate but still very expensive
  4. 44forty

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    Farr 1106 if there are any in US ? Good downstairs and goes like stink uphill for an 80s plastic and doesn’t have random weird windows of various shapes and sizes common in old plastics
  5. 44forty

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Fark! Anyway to watch the yacht race further down the river ?
  6. 44forty

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    WTF is BJ doing
  7. 44forty

    Young and Full of Promise

    Good one Ian mate . The rockets are all parked up in Auckland growing shit . Great to see you reviving zapata , Hard case you found it in old Zeeland
  8. 44forty

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Ah carbon prawn laminate then
  9. 44forty

    What gun should I have on my boat?

    Where’s the house ? North’s point , Doyle’s beach , evolution cove or UK waterways ?
  10. 44forty

    Australian Sailing

    Hey Danimal did you find a boat in the end ?
  11. 44forty

    anybody board the First 53 at the Annapolis Show?

    That pogo reminds me of when Land Rover started making defenders with V8s and leather seats plus AC . But I think the pogo 50 would be much more comfortable than a defender !
  12. 44forty

    what is it?

    Behind the curtain at the Stars and Stripes build shed
  13. 44forty

    Is Froth and Bubble still for sale??

    It was on that really cheapskate website that doesn’t take ads down when they expire , the one with the kangaroo I think . Wasnt blast furnace still for sale in Adelaide ?
  14. 44forty

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    My thoughts too wal . Maybe being only 100 odd miles out on Sunday with bluebird conditions was just too tempting and they decided to gap it