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  1. Cazzate

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    The Europeans and Germany in particular are going hard out with electric propulsion on small race yachts . There is a very good boat test video on YouTube where they compare 7 performance trailer yachts and all of them have electric drives/outboards and some very slick units too .
  2. Cazzate

    Top-down furler issue

    I get the same issue with with a Ronstan top down , very occasionally it will furl up nicely . A crew member made a suggestion of a tweaker up forward on one sheet that you pull on when pull that sheet down the sail as it furls to keep it wrapped up .
  3. Cazzate

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Well that's even better ! Can't wait for electrics to become mainstream and affordable
  4. Cazzate

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Looks like it doubles as lifting point for centreboard/keel
  5. Cazzate

    caption contest

    Where the Sam Hill is the button for the in boom furler !
  6. Cazzate

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    An elderly gent blasting past in "gay dancer " had us in stitches recreational fishing boats I have seen ..."bin laden " , "twice a knight" , "moisty" , "overdraught" , "Tina tuna" biggest tongue twister ..." Philadelphia philharmonic symphony orchestra" guy called it that cause it made weird noises when it got on the plane
  7. Cazzate

    traveler car not working properly

    And when you have it back together NEVER use dry lubricant on the car or track . The balls will skid instead of roll which makes flat spots on the balls and you will have problems pronto. use "McLube one drop" or light machine oil like "4 n 20" to keep the balls rolling smoothly
  8. Cazzate

    Relevance of T870s

    Try building one for that price !
  9. Cazzate

    Relevance of T870s

    Yep one hell of a boat , it has done round north island double handed race and would handle the conditions off Perth no sweat
  10. Cazzate

    Looking for Krazy Bull

    Looks like they sail it to its maximum potential ! Thanks for that link Ronan , hope super groove is going well for you this season ....give em a taste of kiwi !
  11. Cazzate

    Looking for Krazy Bull

    That's awesome mate ! I'm helping with the pickup this weekend it will be going past Waikawa on Sunday arvo northbound . by all accounts it's still pretty fresh with a carbon rig and good sail wardrobe . Hopefully there will be a resurgence of semi-sport boat trailer yachts . mid size keelers that aren't one design and are competitive are getting beyond the average punter
  12. Cazzate

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Yeah not easy to get the buggers off .... I recently watched owner of boat next to mine trying solvents on his lettering starting with turps and then moving onto ever stronger brews and finishing up with avgas ! . One of the solvents dissolved the gel coat and left white streaks . None worked so he used a linbide scraper which did scratch the gel coat minimally but the new name covered it . hotwater might work ? Do you have a stove and a kettle on board ? , heat and scrape then gentle solvent to remove any residual adhesive
  13. Cazzate

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    I've seen sign writers using heat gun carefully and a plastic scraper ... They were heating up a small area of the decal at a time then scraping it back then heating again etc . The new name went over the area of the old name because of the discolouration in the surrounding gel coat . the vinyl removal wheel will scuff the gel coat which will be whiter than the surrounding gel coat , then you will need to polish the scuffs out which will make a large whiter than white patch on the side of your boat .
  14. Cazzate

    Looking for Krazy Bull

    Yeah that's right , looks like a really nice setup and should be a great boost to our race fleet
  15. Cazzate

    Looking for Krazy Bull

    Good choice of boat ryley , we have 3 Elliot 650's and a 7.4 at our club and a 780 arriving in a week or so . the 650's are very quick and have a big weight advantage at 650-700 kg compared to the Bulls 1000kg , the 7.4 is slightly slower especially off the wind as they don't have A sails and it's a full GRP production model so quite weighty . The 780 should be very fast it is well set up and light for its size at 1000kg . i crewed on one of the first 770's in 94 . it was owned by gregs cousin/brother I think . only did the one race but we cleaned up in our division and passed most of the big boats too . Thanks for the info I have messaged peejay quite some time ago to ask where the boat went but haven't heard back . I suspect the info I got had the wrong country of origin . I've done a very thorough search of club race records here in NZ and have only found "raging bull" . But it's not urgent now the fellow club member that wanted to look at krazy bull has bought the Elliot 780 instead .