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  1. Cazzate

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I can see all of bream bay from here , will post any activity I see
  2. Cazzate

    caption contest

    When sailing the coast of Scotland it's not uncommon to see convivial yacht crew playing the bagpipes and having a wee dram
  3. Cazzate

    caption contest

    When hard on the wind the leeward chine of the new macgregor 780 inflatable sports boat can be stiffened by blowing down the tiller extension
  4. Cazzate

    caption contest

    Wait here's another beer I will fill that thing again for you
  5. Cazzate

    caption contest

    This is a prick of a thing to steer
  6. Cazzate

    caption contest

    Kenny G decided it was time for a change so lopped off his locks and went sailing
  7. Cazzate

    caption contest

    That helmsman sucks
  8. Cazzate

    caption contest

    Damn this new shisha pipe rudder and tiller from windseeker yachts works a treat !
  9. Cazzate

    what is it?

    New sunfast with Window 2nds from flying tiger 10
  10. Cazzate

    elliot 780 - solo

    The boat and the shipping would probably work out about the same as converting a 780 to canting unless of course you did it all yourself
  11. Cazzate

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    One was left in my boat it's now used as a protest flag
  12. Cazzate

    elliot 780 - solo Picture that burning up and down the swan
  13. Cazzate

    elliot 780 - solo

    Yep tiller lock , autopilot and practice . If you are deadset on a canter Chris Sayers old mini 650 is for sale in Auckland
  14. Cazzate

    Flying Tiger

    Does your FT have a trailer ? If so you could attach bob stay to bow eyebolt used for winch rope/trailer safety chain
  15. Cazzate


    Well that's good to know cause someone told me kilwell had closed shop . Have you sorted how you will keep water from coming in the prod tube ? . I've heard of a clever setup on here that used a turbo induction pipe silicone reducer . Theres an outfit in silver dale that has every size combo imaginable , I reckon you would need to Mclube prod every now and again as you do