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  1. Hi! Even if we didn't reach our goal in our Kickstarter campaign, we have worked on on solutions to be able to produce a first batch of our SailProof SP-08 tablet. We received so much expressions of interest, requests for information, contacts with magazines so as the internationally renowned Yachting World, but also Yachts & Yachting in England, the German Yacht.de, the French Bateaux.com or Voiles-et-Voiliers and some others in France or in the USA. And the demands coming from the sector professionals and sailors all other the world, even during these hard weeks affected by the Covid19 crisis, encourage us to continue. So we have decided to move to a pre-order campaign offering the most popular packages of our Kickstarter page. You may find it here: https://sailproof.shop/product-category/pre-order/ Thanks again for your help and support. JM, SailProof
  2. Hello! Thanks. I'm already there. I must say that, regarding Sailnet, I meet mainly Apple geeks ;-) JM
  3. UPDATE! We have upgraded our screen. Our rugged tablet offers now a 1000 cd/m2 brightness! Check here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sailproof/sailproof-the-sailors-rugged-tablet JM, SailProof
  4. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    UPDATE! We have upgraded our screen. Our tablet offers now a 1000 cd/m2 brightness! Check here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sailproof/sailproof-the-sailors-rugged-tablet JM
  5. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    Regarding E-ink color screen, unfortunately, the problem is that color rendering and contrast remain poor; and the manufacturing process is complicated. It's why manufacturers didn't invest in developing it. And you know, when they don't put money in a technology... I think a small company in The Netherlands developed an E-ink BW screen waterproof device for sailing. Bt it was only 6 inch if I remember well... JM, SailProof
  6. Wasting my time? Check the specs of that Samsung Tablet: 3+16 Go ? What will you do with 16 Go ( only 9.8 really available, try to store your OpenCPN charts...) ?? The battery is only 4450 mah, you won't last a day with that. Old Android 7.1, 4G limited number of bands, no Galileo, just one USB-C port. Sorry , you can't compare with our SailProof tablet. And the price is about 500 € with 4G LTE, not so far from our early buyers pledge... Regarding IP68 instead of IP67, you know, it won't be a big difference... Check the IP rate specs: IPx7 (Immersion, up to 1 m depth): Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion). IPx8 (Immersion, 1 m or more depth): The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which shall be specified by the manufacturer. However, with certain types of equipment, it can mean that water can enter but only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects. The test depth and duration is expected to be greater than the requirements for IPx7, and other environmental effects may be added, such as temperature cycling before immersion. In fact, the only difference is that manufacturers test IP67 at 1m depth and IP68 at 1.5m. 480 cd/m2 is not really sunlight readable. You need at least 800 cd/m2. And finally, regarding overheating, it's absolutely not an issue for us. Operating temperature of our tablet can be has high has 50°c (and storage temperature, 70°c). This tablet is primarily made for industrial use. We adjusted the specs to be more adapted to sailing, but all the native qualities of the devices are preserved. JM, SailProof
  7. Hi! Yes, it's a 800 cd/m2. Resolution is 800 x 1280 px. Note that there's an antiglare film. JM, SailProof
  8. Hi! it could be a plus, I agree. Even if, in the different discussions I have had, virtually nobody asked for that. And I must say that I also focused on price. So I chose to take advantage of an already developed housing from my manufacturer. Only the cost of developing a new mould would have blowed the price. JM
  9. Hi! yes, this is a great question, you're not the first one to ask. In fact, color transflective LCD are very difficult to develop and the main part of manufacturers choose not to invest in that technology. Problems are mainly a lack of contrast and color rendering, a low screen refresh speed. Manufacturing process also encounters serious difficulties. But in the future, with the development of color e-readers, it could become a solution for a device exclusively focused on navigation. JM
  10. Hi Guys! Being active in sports marketing and communication, I found myself completely at a standstill right from the start of this crisis. Not wanting to remain inactive, I gave a real boost to a project that had been in the corner of my head for a long time, a durable and waterproof digital tablet, dedicated to pleasure boating. A sailing enthusiast myself, I had been snooping around during my business trips to China looking for equipment that could help me in my hobby - in particular a waterproof tablet for cartography and navigation. For 3 years, I scoured trade shows, visited factories and brought back samples. I also went around discussion groups and the main French and English speaking forums to draw up specifications, like here on Sailing Anarchy : The main axes of which were: a screen that is REALLY readable in full sunlight, can be used with gloves and in case of water splashes, a very high capacity battery, a very accurate GPS chip, a waterproof and solid case. Today, the product is almost ready for production and I launched a crowdfunding campaign here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sailproof/sailproof-the-sailors-rugged-tablet Ok, perhaps you'll say this is advertising, I won't blame you for that. But you have to know that, even if I succeed in my campaign, it won't pay for all the hours and costs I have had till today. My only goal is to launch the production a first batch of tablets. So, please, be indulgent with me :-) Thanks for reading me. JM
  11. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    Hi! Alibaba is for companies only, but yes Highton have nice devices. Unfortunately no really sunlight readable (maximum 450 cd/m2). And you won't have any warranty... Caterpillar is also 450 cd/m2 I think, I have to check. For the rest, it's about the same price as mine (569 €, mine is 525 € for early buyers), but lower battery, only 2 Go RAM memory, cheap CPU, lower camera, a few 4G bands (not usable all over the world), etc. JM, SailProof
  12. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    Hi! For those who are interested, the crowdfunding campaign just began. It's here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sailproof/sailproof-the-sailors-rugged-tablet Thanks for your help! JM, SailProof
  13. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    Hi! You'll need a big surface of solar cell to be able to efficiently charge the battery. On the surface on a 8in tablet, it's not possible to have more than 3 to 5w solar cells. Then it's better to have a (waterproof) power bank (we'll add one later to our e-shop, we'd like to think about a connector protected against water splashes) or a portable solar panel like that: https://sailproof.shop/product/75-watt-waterproof-portable-solar-panel/) JM, SailProof
  14. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    Hi everyone! Kickstarter just validated the project, so I'm almost ready to launch, it will be for this week. If you want to be among the firsts to be notified, just subscribe on the Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sailproof/sailproof-the-sailors-rugged-tablet Thanks again for your help! JM, SailProof
  15. BuenaOnda

    What tablet on deck?

    Thanks @DuncanR. This is why I'm here and need your advice. I don't know Offshore racing from the inside. We'll have to test then. It's difficult to have a good idea right know, our battery management experience is more in cruising with apps like Navionics, Sailgrib, etc., screen off part of the time, perhaps without WIFI nor Bluetooth. Moreover, our tablet will haveAndroid 10, which is not so common on tablets like that. And the battery management is really improved in regard of old versions.