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  1. Baguette du Fromage


    Bein a Watch captain during the VOR makes you part of the team... and specialy the wining one. Even if he did only one leg, this guy is a figaro specialist and did bring his expertise to the team, make a dynamic. Are u jealous ? ahah Charles is the wining team skipper, but he was the first to say that he wasn't the best skipper but he had the best team. Think about it
  2. Baguette du Fromage

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    This boat was designed to beat The Trophée Jules Verne record with 10-15 crew onboard ... The biggest trimaran ever built. He knew before starting the race that it was going to be super super difficult but he did it for the challenge. Every manoeuvre is at least 1h30 on the winch column, had to finish with his super bike to complete his arms efforts. Finishing 2nd is really impressive. This guy is a pro ! Much respect for him
  3. Baguette du Fromage

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    In reality, those boast have foils but not as the modern one have ! they hace the old " C " foils model. At this time, those foils were doin pretty good. And Gabart' speed record was on the first Macif version, not the actual one with all the foiling system.
  4. Baguette du Fromage

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Went to Australia also as a Foreign Student, i can understand ur daughter ! EVERYTHING was expensive even the laundry ! Noodles was the favorite dish ahahah
  5. Baguette du Fromage

    New imoca boats

    Alex is famous for sailing overpowered, at the contrary the French guys will always take reef in mainsail in order to keep the boat safe (CF : last VG), diferent sailing styles !
  6. Baguette du Fromage

    New imoca boats

    Didn't know about that on Imoca's. Ty for the tip (i won't use this one, don't have any plans to sail on
  7. Baguette du Fromage

    New imoca boats

    At the beginning of the last VOR, Dongfeng was training against Mapfre and realized that you don't have to put your canting Keel at the maximum, specially upwind. Sorry for my bad English but you don't get much gain for the list of the vessel ( a little bit but not that much) and putin your keel 5-10° before the maximum makes your rig more "stiff?" (in French we say "Raide", not sure about the translation). We will say Stronger. DF Team discovered that during the trainings on the VO65 (and after every team copied that), could be the same for Imoca's. Or Mb i'm wrong ! Who knows
  8. Baguette du Fromage

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Thanks for the pics, this boat is a beast. Imagine how Yan Guichard managed to do the Route du Rhum alone on this boat.
  9. Baguette du Fromage

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Billy Besson is a great competitor. Many French sailing legends as Thomas Coville, Loick Peyron or even Franck Cammas said that they have never seen such a talented helmsman. He's a multihull expert, did Helm Maxi Sodebo, did coach teams in Tour de france a la voile in Diam 24 (a really high level circuit), and did explode everyone in Nacra for 4 years (did lose Olympic campaign due to herniated disc. Don't underestimate him, the rumors show that the AC Team France crew will be onboard (and they just won 2018 GC32 Racing Tour). Classic Anglo saxon state of mind ! you will see, just like the volvo ocean race
  10. Baguette du Fromage

    Webcams for Ultim Boat Home Bases?

    You can see Macif there, not the greatest quality
  11. Baguette du Fromage

    Webcams for Ultim Boat Home Bases?

    Macif team is going to move to Concarneau soon (instead of Port-La-Forêt, not Lorient)
  12. Baguette du Fromage

    Route du Rhum 2018 Some News From HB
  13. Baguette du Fromage

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Following the few videos and informations about the trainings at Pole course au large, i'm suprised to see that BP doesn't seem to be competitive as Gitana or Macif. Due to "rodage " ?
  14. Baguette du Fromage

    Route du Rhum 2018

    HB is a big client, his sponsors have plenty of money to give. But training alone in his garden may not be the optimal solution. Last VG, he made the surprise but he has to confirm that he's a serious candidate to carry the trophy. Charal needs to be tested, RDR is a perfect test and i'm sure that Beyou will push hard the boat to find the limits but his main goal is only VG. Class 40 : Sharp is terrible, but is he goin to resist with all the serious competitors against him ? with new boats ? Perfect test for him. Duc has made a lot of progress with his boat, and made a lot of optimization on it (1st new Lombard Design). And Troussel, what else to say ... Big competitor from figaro class, he's known in the class 40 circuit with CMB but his new boat seems to be very competitive, in addition to the sailor ahah Mono : Gavinet is the good choice ahah : this guy has a very interesting story, and did go back to a management School in order to work again... ahah Multi : Peyron is going to do this RDR in "Old School way", with no navigation electronic. Of course, he's a living legend, I hope he will break Birch Record
  15. Baguette du Fromage

    Route du Rhum 2018

    IMOCA : PRB Multi 50 : Erwan Le roux (FenêtreA -mix) Class 40 : hesitate with Nicolas Troussel (Corum) and Yoan Richomme (Veedol) Ultims : MACIFFFF with king Gabart Vintage : Charlie Capelle