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    Yeah, given the effort with the deck-spreaders (or whatever they are going to be called) you would have imagined a much cleaner rig was a goal. Maybe the mast/rig is an interim measure, and they intend a second upgrade in the future. Based on a good read of the boat's web site the project was clearly (and cleverly) done on a very limited budget, and hence: 1) The "deck spreaders" were implemented to make it feasible to re-use the rig from the former 90 footer, a boat with significantly less righting moment than this one. Indeed they do reduce mast compression significantly over what it would be otherwise through widening the shroud base. The aerodynamic penalties are the extra spreader and stay length and the wings themselves, the number or spreaders and stays is what it would have been anyway. 2) The extreme reverse bow allowed a 90 foot deck to be used on a 98 foot hull with limited modification. And that deck was previously on the 80 foot Nicorette before moving to the 90 footer... 3) Deck wings aside the back two thirds of the boat is essentially the 90 footer with limited modification - the web site does describe how it was done. The boat's web site states that about 50kg of carbon has been added to strengthen the old rig. Perhaps with budget injection down the track a new rig may be on the cards.