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    Wiring off the Rack

    To be honest, I've no idea. I just know it works on both the 600 and the Musto. I always think of it like this: the kicker will stop you rolling to windward and the downhaul will stop you being blown over to leeward.
  2. New2Cats

    Wiring off the Rack

    Hi there, I got myself a Musto Skiff last December and had been sailing a 600 for the previous 4 years. At 85 odd kg, you should be able to trapeze from the racks from about 8 knots. The most obvious thing to address is your trapeze line length. Have you got coarse adjusters? You should have light, medium and heavy wind settings on your trap lines. For power in that kind of breeze you need to crank on the lowers, easing the downhaul and outhaul. The kicker comes on as the breeze comes up. Once you're out on the racks, aim for near max kicker to stop the boat rolling to windward.
  3. Hi all, There's a self-professed F18 expert at my local club who insists that the helm should hang on to the main at all times upwind. He's got everyone else convinced too. I'm getting in to cat sailing (I have a skiff sailing background) and I think he's wrong. Here's why I think he's wrong: - It's vital that the main is trimmed dynamically to gusts and lulls. When a gust hits, the apparent wind moves aft. The mainsheet needs to be eased to maintain correct trim for the new apparent wind direction. - If he's holding the mainsheet, the helm can't react as quickly to gusts and lulls. Instead, he controls the power almost exclusively with the tiller. This is slow. Constantly feathering up in the gusts just uses the rudders as brakes. - In breeze, if holding the mainsheet, the helm simply doesn't have enough strength in one hand to get the main in tight. The resident expert typically sails with over a foot of line between the mainsheet blocks. This kills leach tension and, hence, pointing ability. Am I missing something? Have I got this completely wrong? I don't think so. All the Nacra 17 crews seem to delegate the mainsheet to the crew upwind. Likewise, Tornado crews used to have the helm on the crew. Thanks for any input!