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  1. biglebroski

    J/80 Settee

    Anyone know if the settee is structural? my starboard started to crack and come off from the hull where the seat meets the hull. I just want to know if this is a haul out and let the pros handle it job or if this is a weekend with a six pack and some west system job
  2. biglebroski

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Ah didn't know about them! if they're on the lake probably haven't crossed paths
  3. biglebroski

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Finally got around to installing the D10 on my J80 after having it sitting around for a few months, can't wait for next season hopefully this will get us to a podium. pretty sure we're the first one in the PNW
  4. biglebroski

    J/24 Style Motor Mount

    someone in our fleet had the mount, it only lasted a season before he was back to mounting on the transom, they aren't the toughest things.
  5. biglebroski

    New Sailing Gloves

    Harken reflex, or the mustang gloves
  6. biglebroski

    and you thought your main was big

    Love these boats, had the pleasure of getting to work for John on silent maids construction and some repairs to spyder.
  7. biglebroski

    J80 Graphics for Team T-shirts

    Ahh makes sense. the 80 feels like a big full size sedan kinda fast but more comfort lol
  8. biglebroski

    First Time Flying A Spinnaker

    First race with my boat, learned to fly it from youtube the night before.....
  9. biglebroski

    J80 Graphics for Team T-shirts

    now i just have more questions
  10. biglebroski

    J80 Single Handed

    one guy in our fleet single hands race to the straits every year, Just get a good way to lock the tiller or auto-pilot and you're set.
  11. biglebroski

    Is Point Roberts Race Week going to work out?

    Buying and storing a trailer just for race week isn't practical
  12. biglebroski

    Is Point Roberts Race Week going to work out?

    For us smaller not easily trailer-able boats (J/80) This is gonna be a hard pass.
  13. biglebroski

    Seattle area rigger recommendation?
  14. My favorite memory has to be right before my dads Parkinson's go to the point where he couldn't sail. He always wanted to be a good sailor but didn't have the time or money to get beyond being the occasional crew, so he got me into sailing. So I chartered us a 34' boat we went on a ten day cruise in the gulf islands. it was great to get to give him that trip after he gave me sailing.