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  1. Dust

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    I was told it was a Parker, the bill of sale to the previous owner says Parker. I don't know how to check for identifiers between Ballenger and Parker. One set of sails is stamped from the 1985 Nationals at Lake McConaughy. I have some names on a piece of paper that may be previous owners. I'm not sure about etiquette on SA about putting people's names up. I do remember hearing that one of the previous owners won nationals or worlds on a different 505. I sent a message to the last owner to see if he could refresh me on some history of the boat and let me know exactly the work he did. I mentioned this thread in my message, maybe he'll get invovled in the conversation... I'm fairly certain he found it up near Port Townsend in disrepair.
  2. Dust

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    I am pretty sure I do have a mast ram. I'll have to reinstall the hardware for it when I'm rigging. I'll do some research and see what I can figure out for the transom.
  3. Dust

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    I pulled everything out and took some photos today. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vhu88ml0koTPzMye2 Like I said, it's pretty much a blank canvas. Now That I've inspected it a bit closer I think I'm going to do some touch up work to the paint job before I start rigging.
  4. Dust

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Hey Locus, It's Hull 5973, I believe its a Parker. My understanding is that it was built in Europe. The previous owner gave me a list of names, I think other previous owners. I'm not expecting this boat to be competitive. It's more of a learning curve boat, getting in on the low end, have some fun. Once I know the boat and how it sails better I might invest in a newer one, maybe I'll just crew one someone else's newer one. I'll take some photos and post soon. I'll figure out more specifics when I start taking photos and post those as well. I need to pay the registration on the trailer and maybe once I can make a few Thursday nights I will bring it up and get some advice. I'm also considering going up to Bellingham in a couple weeks for the PCC to look at how people are rigged up and take some photos. Thanks for the message, I'll look for your response on the PNW group and hopefully I will find a spot on a Thursday soon!
  5. Dust

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Not a double pole boat, unfortunately. I figured this was a good starting point. I really want to learn the boat, and I wanted to get in low dollar. I figured rigging it myself would be an important place to start, it just seems a bit daunting. I traded a 17 foot kayak I picked up for $300 from a friend. I feel like I got an insane deal, regardless of the fact that it's an outdated boat. I just signed up for the 505 NW group and the US group on google. I put some feelers out to see if I could get out and crew for someone and get a feel for the boat and get some advice on rigging there. Thanks for the info!
  6. Dust

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    It looks like the Pacific Coast Championships are up in Bellingham June 15th-17th! I'll see what I can do make it up there. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Dust

    Looking for used Megabyte

    There is one up by Whidbey Island. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/megabyte-dinghy-14ft-of-fun/6607313128.html
  8. I picked up an old 5o5 on a trade last year. I normally crew on "Tigger," an FT10, up on the Puget Sound. I haven't rigged a boat before and the previous owner stripped the boat down and refinished the hull. I know these are technical boats and I'm probably in over my head. I have a couple friends who are willing to help me do the work who have rigged larger boats but the 5o5's seem to have a lot of nuances and a very class specific set up. I'm just wondering if there is anyone local who might be willing to give me some advice on rigging this thing. If I could drive it somewhere and bring a permanent marker and a notebook and just pick someone's brain for a bit I would beyond grateful. A little more about the boat, it's hull #5973. I have all the rigging that came off the boat minus lines, sheets, halyards. It came with two sets of sails, one of which hasn't been used. It came with a trailer with the removable dolly. If I can't get in contact with anyone local I'd appreciate any advice I can get to make this happen.