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  1. Thistle1678

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    32 knots downwind in the trades
  2. Thistle1678

    Not fun?!?

    EDIT: whole next level of autopilot... No TIllers on Boss...
  3. Thistle1678

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    When I was at the store they said the 14th was pretty much it for hardware/parts. It's over... Maybe some stuff on the sale rack still...
  4. Thistle1678

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    So basically no change then ...
  5. Thistle1678

    Barge much? (FP)

    Twas no leach line! It was the lazy runner!! Lucky the TP kept the rig upright!
  6. Thistle1678

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    People do realize that there are entire languages where most everything has a gender association?
  7. "The Sunfish Class is disappointed to hear the news from ILCA and wants to share with all Sunfish Class members that our Class is working with LP to strengthen our relationship with the builder whereby LP will more actively support ISCA and USSCA operations and the Class will work with and support LP to achieve their objectives of geographic expansion and greater participation within the Sunfish Class by youth and women sailors. Rich Chapman, President ISCA" Sounds like it's all peaches and cream now... Or Rich is being held hostage... :-P
  8. The Sunfish Class approved third party everything (in frustration) and send several unkind things about LPE it all disappeared last year at some point...
  9. Thistle1678

    Looking to Crew for Dinghy Racing -- Newbie

    I'm in south jersey, but have contacts all over for small boats, feel free to message and I'll give you a couple of contacts in your area.
  10. BTW, anyone know the resolution to the Sunfish class, I know the class association largely backed down and maintained their relationship, but I never heard details. Possibly the same road ILCA is on...
  11. I don't know about that I remember the campaigning "We must do this or we'll lose our builder!!!" LPE threatened to pull trademarks, support, charter boats and everything else to ram the change through... LPE moved production to China already so your going to get chopper gun Chinesium boats if you don't hold them to the construction manual, there's not much too it high tech mind you just basic layup. As stated before LPE wants to own the class, lock stock, and expensive carbon barrels....
  12. Oh yeah that was part of the WTF statement where they blamed the court battle with Kirby et. al. on the class after the class instituted a change in the fundamental rule, ostensibly at LP's request...
  13. I suspect A, B, and C were already demands LP made to the class before this blew up... LP has a habit of demanding more and more to maintain the status quo (some times less than the status quo....)
  14. Thistle1678

    Easy as a b c

    Wreath, Tsunami, Foxtrot? Actually I'm just disappointed that they couldn't find words for all of them :-)
  15. Don't forget the Unfucker (stuck that one on the cooler it didn't help it just made us care less) I think the "fucker" lables were a SA outgrowth, the company bet enough of us wouldn't request them and we did or some such