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    Interesting New Lifesaving Device

    I don't remember the price quoted (but it was and it was up there ) I just worried about bonking the person in the face with it at 15 knots if the operator was a little over zealous!
  2. Thistle1678

    Dark Side of the Clipper Ships Book

    Seriously impressed watching Pride sail over top of the windward mark of our college course! much better than you would think. (Last year, sadly no Pride this year)...
  3. Thistle1678

    Interesting New Lifesaving Device

    It was demoed in Newport at the VOR stopover, sits pretty low in the water so in may work in pretty lousy conditions. Limit is probably being able to see it to guide it to the PIW if they are further away! It works on either side once in the water, could be mounted and deployed like a MOM module. Kinda big for most boats though
  4. Thistle1678

    Dark Side of the Clipper Ships Book

    Article references both, easy there! Also probably depends on the angle of sail and if we can lose them amongst those shoals...
  5. Thistle1678

    from FP---rescue from sailboat in the Med

    Another perfectly good boat abandoned...
  6. Thistle1678

    Racing Rules of Sailing, poster

    Nope she still is leeward, and has right of way that hasn't changed, in this case she has taken more then her rights entitle her too (hard case to prove later). Another example would be a boat taking too much mark room, she is entitled only to room to sail to, and round the mark, if you take extra room, you are still the right of way boat, but you have exceeded your rights and can be protested again hard to prove later.
  7. Typically in the aluminum booms there is an 8:1(maybe 6:1) cascade for the outhaul needs a bit of fiddling so it works right if you are re-rigging from scratch so it doesn't jam and has enough travel. It's been too long since I looked at a wood boom, but you could set up a 4:1 external cascade pretty easy before the wire. There is typically no BOOM topping lift there is an externally rigged spinnaker pole topping lift on the front of the mast, only used if you sail with the spinnaker. Most boats have wood screws under the bungs in the rails attaching the grating to the rails, some are thu-bolted with machine screws to nuts underneath if the wood was older and needed the help. I wouldn't call it removable though the wood rails and gratings are integral to the stiffness of the boat, some makes do have screws through the transom to the aft grating, but not all..
  8. Thistle1678

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Making it official as I log in to VR-VOR for the last time! 2511th 687 Miles 1d 17h 28m 13s It has been a privilege being part of the SA fleet not sure I would have kept it up for all 11 legs otherwise! Thanks as always to the score keepers. I'm going to take a good while off from my virtual boat, time to play with the real toys again! -Thistle1678
  9. Thistle1678

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    And starting in the middle of a week! I guess it's better though my weekends are filled with actual instead of virtual sailing, hopefully we get this done before my racing Saturday :-)
  10. Thistle1678

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I made every kind of mistake this leg! , wrong sail up at the start, Closed the browser too soon, magic 180 at the end of a waypoint (why is this still happening?) Well I guess this is my throw out leg now! Thistle1678 7,855th 1583.7 NM 4d 3h 36m 41s Better luck on the next one I hope! Thanks again to our score keeping team for keeping it all straight!
  11. Thistle1678

    ECMWF Gribs

    You can also subscribe monthly via the iOS app (possibly android too never checked) It's the best option I've found..
  12. Thistle1678

    The requirement for SATELLITE PHONES is antiquated

    I really don't want to text back and forth for medical advice... -
  13. Thistle1678

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Almost forgot to report my finish! 1946 th 7d 23h 25m 09s 2986.6 miles sailed Getting harder as real sailing and summer activities set in here lost a bunch in the last two days over the US holiday weekend! Thanks again to the score keeping team. Thistle1678
  14. Thistle1678

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Well getting some rest during the stopover was nice, but back to work this week:
  15. Thistle1678

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I dunno I'm tempted to leave it on :-) Greatest navigator screw up ever "Weren't we just here??"