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  1. ROADKILL666

    Best Florida Man Story I've Ever Heard

    Being from Florida even I found it gross
  2. ROADKILL666

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    I like to play with them and ask them what they are wearing and tell them that I am wearing a leather teddy.
  3. It’s a beer can race who cares if you have a cat 3.Are the rest of the people that insecure?
  4. ROADKILL666

    The truth is out there....

    How do you think Elvis got away
  5. ROADKILL666

    what is it?

    Is there a spot for a cooler? If not not interested.
  6. ROADKILL666

    Now they have gone to far!!

    Doesn’t matter how they did it it’s still a federal crime and a sick move.
  7. ROADKILL666

    Hallmark Cards Wants A Refund

    Good luck with that.
  8. ROADKILL666

    Now they have gone to far!! This is disturbing
  9. ROADKILL666


    Your not trying hard enough
  10. ROADKILL666

    what say you?

    Looks like a classic oh shit moment
  11. ROADKILL666

    RIB repair anarchy

    choose a weapon
  12. ROADKILL666

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    I use the diesel method
  13. ROADKILL666

    tohatsu 6

    Or just get a Yamaha
  14. My bad penn Dutch brewery