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  1. Starboard!!

    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    I’ve always thought of the “good programs” as the boats that I’m not good enough to sail on...
  2. Starboard!!

    Best way to Measure keel foil section?

    What would be the benefit of this design?
  3. Starboard!!

    Best way to Measure keel foil section?

    @12 metre. That’s genius, thatnk you! The middle of the keel is basically flat (lazy builders/casting) so I don’t expect it to match exactly with any NACA foils, and will require a lot of fairing build-up. Is there Any software or method you recommend for matching the points to the particular NACA foils?
  4. Trying to identify what foil section was used, any ideas on how to best take measurements of the keel?
  5. Starboard!!

    Annapolis YC Double handed distance race

    No, these safety requirements are not just “recommendations.” Each of these races will have a very specific SER list and often pre-race inspections, and winners should be prepared for a post-race inspection too. I don’t think you are going to find a one-size-fits-all answe her, you really need to examine the race NOR and see what safety & equipment is required — there will be a list. Do you really want to be that guy who gets DSQ’d for missing equipment in a post-race inspection, after spending days offshore and tens of thousands prepping the boat?
  6. Starboard!!

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    This is exactly what is happening in Annapolis... new ORC-optimized designs like the Italia are cleaning house, winning or in top 3 in most races. They have great crew too, which matters too of course. (And old phrf rule beaters are instead racing in the phrf division... which means smaller less competitive classes for both) (Also some interesting results with older boats suddenly are outperforming orc, maybe because that vpp rule has focused more on modern design features?)
  7. Starboard!!

    Chesapeake racing recovery

    After what looked like a pretty bleak season with covid, Chesapeake racing season has really turned around in the last few months. AYC’s Solomons distance race this weekend has 57 entries, up 20 from last year. Scratch sheet: And the NASS race two weeks ago had nearly a 100, and the new Doublehanded next week has twice the entries from last year. I’m missing all the post race the parties, but we have gotten in some good racing this year and drinking on the boat works too.
  8. Starboard!!

    I hate Yacht brokers

    @Jackett In either case though, the issue of the delivery captain getting stiffed is separate from the sales agreement. That liability lies with whoever actually hired him. The OP has been conspicuously silent on this matter, which makes me think that both sides were in communication with the skipper. In which case, the broker's offer to pay half seems reasonable.
  9. Starboard!!

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    Never had any problem with their rigging and don't know anyone else either, the only concern was that usually had a backlog, because they had the best selection of line and did the most business locally. I heard some of their riggers went over to Bacons when they were laid off last year.
  10. Starboard!!

    I hate Yacht brokers

    I wouldn't ever want to make boat enemies. Too many opportunities for someone to drop by the dock and slip the lines or open a seacock.
  11. Starboard!!

    Fake USCG Documentation Renewal Scam

    Rather than bitching about the [fake] USCG renewal scam, why don't we bitch about the [real] USCG renewal scam, which is why it takes 8 months to process a piece of paperwork? The system is so dorked, that it's primary purpose (to document boats and prevent fraud, changing names, etc...) is defeated because the USCG knows how long it takes, and for the first 8 or 9 months they will accept a bill of sale & the documentation application as "proof". And it's been this way for a very long time.
  12. Starboard!!

    I hate Yacht brokers

    @Cristoforo and @Slick470 Yeah my bad & I was just revising my post, I didn't realize this all happened in January and he already has the boat in-hand. That said... I think that @108 is perhaps conflating two separate issues. Unless the delivery captain was a party to original sales agreement, then whoever actually selected and made the delivery arrangements (i.e. hired him) is the one that he should seek payment from. If Mr @108 hired the guy, then he needs to pay up and seek compensation from the seller (good luck with that, per the sales agreement. But that's separate from the contract with the captain. I wonder if what really happened was that the seller or broker got some friend to agree for a short delivery for cash, and then when it took longer and cost twice as much (b/c of getting turned around at the border, etc...) they told him that the buyer would pay the difference. In any case, the delivery captain has learned a valuable lesson.
  13. Starboard!!

    what once was

    I think Trump already posts here regularly...
  14. Starboard!!

    I hate Yacht brokers

    I am not a lawyer, but it sounds like Mr. @108 managed to somehow write a term into the contract that the seller, broker AND delivery captain all overlooked. Bravo! ... only problem is they have your money AND your boat, and the boat's in Canada so you can't even go get it yourself. So unless the delivery captain's fee costs more than hiring a Canadian attorney and not seeing your boat until next summer... you're going to need to pay up. And I doubt the captain will take credit this time. Those marina fees are adding up too... This is a good lesson in the fact that contracts don't mean shit if you don't have the property in-hand and/or the means to enforce that contract. If you'd wanted to ensure delivery as part of the deal, you needed to escrow the balance on delivery. Though that would have also drawn their attention to that contract term, wouldn't it...
  15. Starboard!!

    I hate Yacht brokers

    Where the hell did you find a delivery skipper willing to work for no clear guarantee of payment? That’s a first.