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  1. When I think of CoVID vectors I think of COVID deniers like Mikey.....
  2. Fakenews

    I think I love her!

    I have a vested interest. Kayleigh lives about a mile from me. I’d much rather have her sidle up to me at the bar than say Huckabilly. Maybe she’ll join my gym.....
  3. Fakenews

    College Football 2021

    But he knows what a midline is. So there’s that. Pro tip to UGA. Don’t schedule Georgia Southern.....
  4. Fakenews

    I think I love her!

    Without the hair and makeup it’s a little tougher call.
  5. Not surprising given that the Joke s wrong and stupid.
  6. Lots of violence in this world. Some good some had. Happens every second of the day. What you don’t see so very often is people trying to overthrow our democracy and hang the VP and Speaker of the House in front of the Capitol. I take offense to that and if I saw your sniveling rat face cunt that you are on that lawn it would not go well for you.
  7. Fortunately for you you’re past the point is time when being a sniveling little cunt means people would beat you on sight. I bet High School was tough for you though.
  8. Fakenews

    Regressive Lose Lose Lose and want compromise

    It appears he was only done in the other thread. Which is fine, he seems to have a lot of time on his hands but his posts don’t suck unlike say Mikey.
  9. Fakenews

    President Biden

    Finally no more “American carnage”
  10. Fakenews

    President Biden

    Your gasbaggery know no bounds. Do the America Cup next.
  11. Fakenews

    President Biden

    Hell of a celebration and fireworks display to cap it off. It’s been a tough 4 years but things are already looking up.
  12. Fakenews

    College Football 2021

    Glad to see you’re back after a conspicuous (and unwarranted) silent stretch after the UF debacle. Before you get too cocky UGA’s cheating ways might catch up to them in 2021. Will UGA ever beat the Gators? It’s an interesting question.
  13. Fakenews

    College Football 2021

    Gator Basketball trolls UT football after thumping #6 UT
  14. Fakenews

    Dow 50K or higher?

    Obviously the Dow isn’t the best barometer for the domestic equity markets but it’s something that is easy to reference. Anyway time to make some predictions for what’s going to happen wrt the economy and markets. I’m unabashedly bullish and shortly after Biden was elected I called S&P550 4.8K since then it’s “skyrocketed” upward by nearly 20%. This year after a tough Q1 comparison I see GDP growth at 3%. I believe we can also agree the COVID pandemic will be extinguished this year (tip of the hat to Biden for his initiative with Amazon in that regard). What say you?
  15. Fakenews

    President Biden

    Colin Powell. I heard him tell the story earlier this month. Apparently they’re buddies.