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  1. Fakenews

    GOP Voter suppression

    Because the Trump Campaign and Dr Jr. are behind it https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/donald-trump-jr-biden-bus-texas-kamala-harris-campaign-b1482882.html Don Jr posted a video earlier this week ahead of Democratic VP candidate, Kamala Harris, holding an event in Texas and urged his father’s supporters to show up. He said: “It’d be great if you guys would all get together, head down to McAllen and give Kamala Harris a nice Trump Train welcome."
  2. I’m a little bitter about coke but I aged out of that, so it’s all good. Acid was great but 2 times was enough
  3. Actually the active compound is being studied as a cure for all kind of maladies including depression and alcoholism
  4. Fakenews

    College Football 2020

    BC to Clemson “You suck! Step back! 28-10 3rd Qtr.
  5. Nothing to say your life must go on. Hit a few Trump rallies to speed the process up.
  6. Just zoomed by 100k cases today. We’ve totally got this in the rear view mirror.
  7. Fakenews

    Missing Canine?

    Nah. He was lurking 7 hours ago.
  8. Fakenews

    College Football 2020

    If you can’t beat ND with a second string QB you don’t deserve to be a playoff contender
  9. Fakenews

    Bidens Laptop

    The absurdity of this story is neatly captured in a post from Reddit. I will have enough for an entire book before this “scandal” is done. Hunter, while living in California, decides to fly 3,000 miles to Delaware. All to drop off a laptop for repair, coincidentally at a huge MAGA fan shop. he decided to never pick up his own laptop. There’s security footage of it, but it got lost. Epstein style. But don’t worry- the MAGA man swears he saw him drop it off. Turns out he has a mental condition where he CANNOT RECOGNIZE FACES (I’m not joking) he knew it was hunters though, cause of the stickers on the laptop... MAGA man, naturally, didn’t just erase and resell the laptop, but did the totally normal thing of duplicating the hard drive and spending hours sorting through thousands of emails to find one that suggests Hunter might’ve tried to arrange a meeting with daddy Biden no evidence any meeting ever occurred, but who cares. In comes Rudy Giuliani, cyber security expert, and talking set of teeth -who was tricked by Borat, and periodically butt dials reporters on accident -he has ‘confirmed’ the info not even the FBI could. Rudy was so worried about the intel, he sat on the laptop for months until 3 weeks before the election. Naturally, it proves Hunter was into pedo devil sex too, but the proof is secret and for Rudy’s eyes only. there’s a video of said drug fueled sexcapades, but again, you just gotta trust rudy Rudy refuses to send any electronic proof of the emails to anyone. But it’s definitely real, and definitely exists Heh. Again- not a single news agency has actually seen any proof, except for photos of printed emails. This is why ThEY WoNT CoVeR iT He was ‘confirming’ it the same time Trump received an intel briefing that Rudy was unknowingly being used by Russian operatives to spread disinformation. Lmao. Rudy, tired of getting made fun of, tweets some more ‘source material’ text messages... except the text is in an app that didn’t exist at the time it supposedly happened, and...literally in Russia. Poor guy. This was all also investigated by a real Post reporter who refused to put their name on it, as no part of it could be verified. Several news outlets also passed on the story for the same reason, including FoxNews and WSJ. Ended up written by Sean Hannity’s producer. Lol. Now comes a guy named Bobulinski - alleging he, uhh met with Biden to discuss a Chinese business deal. He has proof, of course: ‘documents’ he says naturally, he actually hasn’t released anything. The WSJ opinion section finally publishes a Bobulinkski piece. Note: opinion section, not news, as they still couldn’t verify anything. It alleges the above Chinese deal. They very next day, the WSJ news section refutes the entire thing, using Bobulinksi’s own source material. Here comes Tucker Carlson. He is about to release a bombshell. All the emails. Proving everything. Unfortunately, these apparently only existed as single physical copies. The emails. Electronic mails. Only existed as one physical copy. (Got that?). Sadly, these printed non-electronic emails were lost (stolen!) in the mail, and no one ever made a copy , so we may never know which dog ate Tucker’s homework or who made-up this made-up story. Next up is Martin Aspen, Swiss intelligence operative. He is the basis for many of these allegations and brought it public in a dossier that the PRESIDENT received.. it turns out he is not real. Literally, they made his face on a face generator and gave him a cute linkedIn profile at a fake company. Probably just a cover for the deep state. I think I’ve got it all, but hard to say as they keep making new stuff up.
  10. Fakenews

    GOP Voter suppression

    The last line of GOP voter suppression in the SCOTUS AND Trump knows it. https://www.mediaite.com/trump/3am-tweet-trump-ominously-declares-joe-biden-will-only-win-white-house-if-supreme-court-fails-to-stop-it/
  11. Fakenews

    The Dog Ate Tucker's Homework

    Wait he got the flash drive back right. Odds that he says the flash drive was tampered with on tomorrow’s show?
  12. Fakenews

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    The Joke is worse. He still posts here but studiously ignores his own “Yoo Hoo” thread. Bullshiter coward that he is.
  13. Fakenews

    Does Secret Service extend to prison?

    I heard they were looking at OANN. The article I read suggested a bargain basement price of $300M. Even so Trump doesn’t have that kind of cash. Don’t know if anyone but Putin would finance him.
  14. Fakenews

    College Football 2020

    One person who won’t see prime time this weekend? Trevor Lawrence. Tested positive https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/clemson-qb-trevor-lawrence-tests-positive-for-covid-19-wont-play-against-boston-college-in-week-9/ No worries Clemson plays in the ACC