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  1. Running with Scissors

    Scissors for high tech lines

    Miller KS-1 kevlar scissors. Freaking amazing.
  2. Running with Scissors

    what is it?

    Star Eyed Stella used to race PHRF in San Diego back in the 80’s. They would walk us every race. Looks like CF has some work ahead of him. Which PC is that?
  3. Running with Scissors

    Dinghy I want vs what the club sails

    I have zero interest in trying to start a new fleet. I’ve tried in the past. Some of the comments from the paid professional staff: ”It will take two or three years to get your new fleet on the calendar.” ”If you want to buoy race just buy your own marks and feel free to set them yourself.” One of my friends at NHYC remarked that at his club the members were in charge, not the employees. Never again.
  4. Running with Scissors

    Dinghy I want vs what the club sails

    Is it better to buy the dinghy I'm interested in sailing, or go with the one of the two fleets that are active at my club? Kinda interested in RS Aero or Melges 14. Active club fleets are Finns, some Lehman 12's and Sabots. At 5' 8" and 150 lbs and 64 years old I probably have no business in a Finn. Lehman fleet is pretty dead. Sabots are very active for seniors. Probably the most races of any fleet at the club. Weekly Tuesday racing and once a month on Saturday. So do I go with a newer boat and sail alone, or join one of the fleets? Thanks in advance.
  5. Running with Scissors

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    San Diego Yacht Club cancelled next weekend’s NOOD Regatta.
  6. Running with Scissors

    Road Trailer for Melges 14?

    I bought a plain trailer (no bunks) from a local fabricator and attached the Dynamic Dollies Dolly Trailer Combo System ( on it. I got measurements from Ben Spiller at Dynamic Dollies and found a frame that fit. The San Diego trailer fabricator was FE Trailers and I bought what they called a "stock galvanized single axle." Here are some pictures. Sorry about the messy garage.
  7. Running with Scissors

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    We fly a delta flag which means “keep clear of me; I am difficult to maneuver “ That said, probably one in 10,000 knows what it means.
  8. Running with Scissors

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    IMHO the line handler on the tow boat needs to call all the shots. This would have saved my index finger from being amputated. The tow boat driver applied 400 hp before my hand was clear from the towline.
  9. Running with Scissors

    Winter book recommendations for sail trim

    The Gladstone book is probably the best ever. Also subscribe to Speed and Smarts by Dave Dellanbaugh (sp?). You can get all the back issues too.
  10. Running with Scissors

    Choosing first dinghy. Laser 2k?

    For singlehanding I’d check out Melges 14 or RS Aero.
  11. Running with Scissors

    Fast singlehander for 60 yo's for messsin' about

    I'm 64 and the Melges 14 checked all the boxes for me. 45 years newer than a Laser and 70 years newer than the Finn. Will plane to windward in 8 knots. No issues stepping the mast. Half the weight of a Finn or MC. No bailers to fiddle with. Comfortable hiking with rolled cockpit and gunwales. Check it out.
  12. Running with Scissors

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    That's the Jiffy Jib Jam!
  13. Running with Scissors

    Megabyte versus Melges 14

    The midwest is the sweet spot for M14 activities. Plus the blue rig might be right for your height and weight.
  14. Running with Scissors

    2024 Olympics - Finn Class is out. A new two-man keel boat is in.

    This is my favorite Olympic picture: Ole Berntsen sailing a Dragon in Tokyo where he won the Gold Medal.
  15. Running with Scissors

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    There was “Rocket” in San Diego in the 70’s - 90’s.