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  1. Both have been re-powered, I think both (?) with 25hp Universal diesels. Ericson in 1999...400 hours, Catalina in 2001. I've owned and been frustrated by an A4...I'm done with them!
  2. working on getting back down to look at both boats the end of this week. Several times a day they switch priority in my head... Ugh.
  3. I've got to work out an actual, written pros and cons list. It's formed in my head...sort of...but seeing it in writing may help. The Ericson looks like it's almost new. The gelcoat is in remarkable shape, and I don't see any crazing on the topsides. Ports are rebedded, as is nearly every deck fitting. (Universal) motor (repowered in early Aughts?) only has 150 hours on it. Cushions need love, but otherwise the interior's in great shape. Galley's basic, with an Origo 2 burner cooktop. Electronics from the late 90s. No dodger or Bimini. Mack pack mainsail system. Sails only 4 years old. Catalina is a Catalina. Definitely well-maintained, and improved every year. Original cushions. Autopilot. 1999 reposer. Sails a couple of years old. Propane cooking. Defintely more spacious. Definitely not as nice. hm....
  4. Catalina 30 (1990) or Ericson 30 Plus (1984)? And why? Both boats are in comparable shape, well-maintained, invested owners, outfitted similarly... Use will be daysails in the Bay and occasional cruises up the coast...2-9. days. Stepping up from an O'Day 272. I know, Catalinas inspire little love - I've owned smaller ones. I've never sailed an Ericson, but people seem to really love them. I think I have a whole left brain/right brain thing going on with these two boats... Anyone own/sail either one? Or compared them before?