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  1. OutofOffice

    Finish question

    Unorthodox to be sure, but not sure why not. This would fall under the category of “why punish them further, they screwed themselves, no need for RC to as well.” Unless the RC just wants to show how much of an ass they can be.
  2. OutofOffice

    Dear ICOM....

    First drink goes in the cup. Then you have an empty cup and enough empty space in the bottle to add the coke to the bottle of rum. Problem solver, right here.
  3. OutofOffice

    Dear ICOM....

    Come on now. You're being ridiculous. Tin cans rust way too quickly. You have to go Red Solo.
  4. OutofOffice

    Todays Useless Fact

    take your damn upvote...
  5. OutofOffice

    I have found the solution

    These so-called Reputation points were irritating me. Sailing Anarchy was calling me a Kiss-ass or something like that. That just seemed wrong. Enter, the solution. Political Anarchy. One stop off in there and I'm back to being a Whiner! Since this is my new title, it only felt appropriate to whine. You're welcome.
  6. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    Ya happy, vultures? Trump signs order to end "separation". Not that we expect you to give him any damn credit. He fixed problems democrats started and never dealt with. Your welcome.
  7. OutofOffice

    Dear ICOM....

    Dude, seriously. We get it. They didn't think that far in advance. Buy a VHF that takes AAs. Uniden makes a VHF with a supplied 12V charger. ICOM makes a 12V charger you can buy as well. They still make badass radios that you'll want to buy when your cheapo 12V one frys. Pick your battles buddy.
  8. OutofOffice

    Dear ICOM....

    yeah...its been covered. Its not hard to wire up to charge it onboard. They produce them for the mass public, and the mass public are charging them at home and then going out with them. Don't you have a legitimate fixed VHF with DSC for the boat? You'll get better range...
  9. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    ...And you’ve said all you need to with that statement. My mistake for actually thinking there was any real discussion to be had here. Just downvotes and memes.
  10. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    Oh no! What shall I do about losing so many Rep points!?! You seriously think this is effective? You’re dumber than your screen name suggests. You guys start shit, get slapped around and then gang up and down vote someone for handing you your ass? Gee, sounds an awful lot like a bunch of middle school girls. You’re too immature to have conversations on politics. Keep playing grownup, maybe one day it’ll come true.
  11. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    Maybe you, Razr, fakenews and others can come toilet paper my house and key my car. Petty pricks dont worry, some of us are grown ups. Your rep points are safe
  12. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    You too? Fine. You can have one too. Now go back to bed, you have school in the morning.
  13. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    I figured you took your toys and went home. Way to not give up for once in your pathetic life.
  14. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    I figured you were jealous. Here, have an upvote.
  15. OutofOffice

    Immigrant Children

    You start shit and then get your panties in a wad? Whose the asshole again?