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  1. OutofOffice

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Way to go buddy. Now this whole thread is full blown PA. You did this.
  2. OutofOffice

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    I've been told repeatedly (nauseatingly so) that local weather does not equate to climate. Unless they say it does.
  3. OutofOffice

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    ??? I've lived on the Texas gulf coast all my life. Not sure what you're talking about. It's Texas, hot and humid is 95% of our weather. That's like saying it's particularly hot and humid in the damn Everglades. Yeah, it does that. Think it's miserable now? Wait 'til August when the wind shuts off. You want to know how I know that? It's because it does the same thing every damn year.
  4. OutofOffice

    Caption Contest

    God dammit. haha. Take the win for best comment.
  5. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    How do you know if said adult is a non-swimmer, aka brick? Is this like when I was 10 and when going to a new pool they made you tread water for 2 minutes before going off to have fun? I get the insurance concerns. It is ridiculous how litigious society is and the single greatest cost in almost anything. We have lost a number of events due to rising costs (insurance) and/or excessive requirements that suck the fun out. It's often a no win scenario, and when faced with a no win scenario you should err on the side that benefits you/the people you serve. I just think that people are going to quit attending a club, a regatta, etc when we create an atmosphere that is no longer enjoyable. People don't generally like being told what to do, even more so when they're paying already.
  6. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    Agreed. We should aim for equal mockery for all.
  7. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    Welp. Screw 'em then. Darwin will take it from here. Reminds me of the Louis CK bit "of course, but maybe"
  8. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    What is your view on the club providing lifejackets on the patio (or where ever is most visible) and putting up a simple sign that explains the hazard and that the lifejackets are free to use should the parents choose. Something along the lines of "The seawall is X feet away from here and is X feet deep. Soccer balls and toys have a tendency to fall in. If your kid is likely to follow, use one of these complimentary of the club." Run it through the lawyer language machine and there ya go.
  9. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    I want to be clear. I absolutely think we should encourage people to wear PFD's and that we should create a culture that can identify and address risks. I just don't think a rule mandating it is the same thing.
  10. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    I only assumed that because most every club around me has one, but then again I'm in Texas. It's freaking hot, so perhaps that the reason.
  11. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    ^^^ This is the point. Of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit marinas/clubs each year, very few are killed by falling in and drowning and to create rules that affect the 99.8% to mitigate the risks to the .2% is asinine. There's probably a bigger risk of electrocution once they fall in than there is of actually drowning. Take the seawall out of the equation. I assume you have a pool at the club, sans a fence would you create this same rule?
  12. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    It's SA. You're going to get people's unfiltered opinions and philosophies.
  13. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    I would prefer to see a few racks of PFD's made available to parents in an obvious place (near the hazard) with signage that explains the hazard. Nothing more. What if my kid isn't off playing and is just sitting with us on the patio? Rules have a way of painting with broad brushes.
  14. OutofOffice

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    I get it, but JFC your rules book is going to be issued to new members like a fucking encyclopedia Britannica if you try to create a rule for everything. I remember growing up 11 yrs old or so, we had a golf cart to run errands on the grounds of our marina, no brakes. My dad would regularly say "Go get me _____ from the truck, and hurry but remember....no brakes." and his tip for if I couldn't stop in time? "Aim for the empty slips." Never once wore a lifejacket on docks or grounds. Never once fell in. At some point, it's the, wait for it......parent's responsibility.
  15. OutofOffice

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    You know how many famous/historically significant vessels that were built to last (keyword) we have lost over the years? Hydroptere is just another name on the list. Her design is archived. That is the memory we cherish. (Christ, that sounds all soft and gushy...) Someone could theoretically rebuild her later as we have done with some of the previously mentioned vessels