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  1. OutofOffice

    Coach boat cut up ceremony

    My dad learned the hard way that burning fiberglass boats is frowned upon. Of course he lit his just off the highway, full of trash...'cause that's just the kind of classy man he was. Fire Department used it as a training exercise and put it out half burned. I laughed my ass off when I got the phone call from him ranting and raving. I would pass on burning it, especially if you can't get a proper fire hot enough with enough ventilation.
  2. OutofOffice

    Coach boat cut up ceremony

    "Like the real Dodo, your time has expired too."
  3. OutofOffice

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    ...this confuses you? This is one of the more simple rules.
  4. OutofOffice

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    Understand, I am not condoning reckless abandon. I would not suggest that any 'ol joe blow can grab his kayak and hit the inlet with 20 kids. I just happen to see a gap locally of people who cannot attend legit YC programs (only one around and the program is...a joke and cost prohibitive) and there is no shortage of highly experienced sailors eager to share their passion for sailing and help teach the next generation. Regulation and red-tape keep them at bay. Years ago a local group had businesses donate everything needed to build opti's (just the hulls), had dozens of kids join a building program, finished them all and then due to regulations and liabilities and all the BS that goes with it, the kids never got to use them. Some went out on their own, had a bad time and will likely never give sailing another chance.
  5. OutofOffice

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    Fair point.
  6. OutofOffice

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    I get it. It's all justifiable. Almost every regulation ever made is. It's also a huge burden and damaging to the growth of industry and sport. If my small club wants to have lessons in protected waters with other adults even, it becomes unnecessarily complicated. As for your questions, I wouldn't send my kid anywhere with anyone without personally getting to know them, their program, etc. The care of kids is a parental responsibility, not governmental. If you choose to have those strict standards, I think you should find a place that provides them.
  7. OutofOffice

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    This could not be better stated, in the US at least.
  8. OutofOffice

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    disagree. This may have been the case in the past, it is not in todays world. It does work for TV, just not the way they do it (did it). Make it fun and exciting to watch, focus on simplifying it for non-sailors and it will work.
  9. Ha. Fair. It's just always amazing to me how open people are to racing against "Pros" and how excited they are to even trade tacks with said boat. If they beat them, they will re-tell that story every chance they get, but the moment they get passed, "How unfair". Having been passed more times than I care admit, being passed by a better run boat gives you an amazing view into what they're doing that you're not.
  10. Now's a good time to bring up all the "Pros" onboard and whine and moan. That seems to be SOP anyways. Everyone's cool with it right up until they get passed.
  11. OutofOffice

    Boat on the Beach

    That escalated quickly...
  12. OutofOffice

    This should end well

    it would just be 45 minutes of Clean laughing. Hell, I was surprised how well he held it together during the Appel interview.
  13. OutofOffice

    This should end well

    Too soon...
  14. OutofOffice

    Commercial Sail

    Some artist with an overactive imagination and no one to bring them back to earth. Have fun with it. Maybe this guy can transplant this rig (these rigs?) on to Noah's ark 2.0