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    SailTimer wind instrument

    Has anybody managed to get a unit working? I've been suckered into 2 now and neither will turn on. My second unit did work when it arrived and I was able to connect to it once. I put it out to charge before installing on the mast. I know I had more than the required hours of charging after receiving it. I was prepping to install and it would not turn on. Somehow I must have let it discharge was the "customer service" response. The first Unit was received in November (after 11 months) and was left in the box - not sure if it worked at that point, but definitely didn't work in April. I've been trying religiously for months to get the thing to charge and turn on. Absolutely screwed at this point. If anyone has any tricks - apparently these things only charge with sunlight and it has to be direct - I'm constantly being told that unit 2 must have discharged and isn't getting enough sunlight to charge. Apparently the battery chemistry must have gotten messed up on Unit 1 - I'm ready to sacrifice unit 1 and have a friend test it starting with the battery. Watch for the video.