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  1. Big-wave

    @sir ranzalot

    You like to stroke dicks?
  2. Big-wave

    Just another shooting

    You are very triggered, where can we put you to be safe?
  3. Big-wave

    @sir ranzalot

    Your thumb isn't your duck as much as you want it to be that big.
  4. Big-wave

    Just another shooting

    You triggered snowflake? Find a safe space!
  5. Big-wave

    @sir ranzalot

    I'm sure you are sad with that little dick
  6. Big-wave

    Just another shooting

    Sounds like you are a libtard, sucks the U.S. Doesn't give out hand outs for that.
  7. Big-wave

    @a pretty face

    @A Pretty Face another sock of a loser
  8. Big-wave

    @sir ranzalot

    @Sir Rantzalot another guv sock to spam his looser ass
  9. Big-wave

    @SA'S Sock puppet Goddess

    @SA's sockpuppet is another sock to help upvote a looser
  10. Big-wave

    Just Another High School Shooting

    You sound like one of gouvtards socks but are too dumb
  11. Big-wave

    Just another shooting

    Gouvtard dumblat midisstillmad
  12. Big-wave

    The debate over assault weapons

    More fake news, those beautiful guns don't shot "bullets"
  13. Big-wave

    Just another shooting

    Did his ccw make you think it killed people? Or are you still a tard?
  14. Big-wave

    Just Another High School Shooting

    Good thing you are fake news because that is what this post is. More libtard lies because the truth doesn't fit their narrative.
  15. Big-wave

    Just another shooting

    1: false, ask any woman that has been rapped, or you know any police officer. 2: false, most police to hands on before drawing a weapon. Called escalation of force policy. 3: false, escalation of force policy dictates when any weapon is used and police use retention holsters to stop others from obtaining the firearm, and that is why it is uncommon for police weapons to be "grabbed" by others 4: false, most police around the world that are unarmed are due to police policy not their own choice 5: false, weapons are only deployed according to escalation of force policy not required due to "wrestling" 6: false, Eric garner case and 1000s of others 7: very false: from 2003-2011 only 4.2% of police deaths were from their own weapon. 8: the video doesn't show a beat cop or why a heavy trigger is needed or that this incident would have been prevented from a heavy trigger. Furthermore most beat cops don't have heavy triggers and fight against policy instituting them as most use factory spec weapons. 9: false, police don't have a game and use firearms for self defense just as normal citizens do. The distance in a situation starts at 21 feet per most police policy. 10: false most pistol owners train for self defense at 7 yards.c So @Mark K can you post any truthful information? Or just more made up lies from your feels?